ENTP & INFJ (5 differences)


ENTP vs INFJ is very obvious on the surface because one is an extrovert and the other is an introvert, but they are both intuitive and it can be hard to differentiate between them. ENTPs and INFJs both tend to prefer thinking about things conceptually and solving complex problems. INFJs are introverted, empathetic, and organized, and ENTPs are more outspoken and think very logically. ENTPs also like to spend time around people, and like to stay out of strict schedules.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of ENTP and INFJ. Human beings are a combination of mixed traits.

One can be either emotional or practical, extrovert or introvert, shy or confident and all of these traits make us what we are. The intensity and decrease of these traits are due to the individual differences in people.

Briggs and Myers studied personality and came up with sixteen different personality traits. They explain all these types and then tell how these personalities are similar or different from one another.

ENTP and INFJ are two of the 16 personality types by Briggs and Myers. We’ll throw light on the different characteristics of ENTP and INFJ in this article and the relations of these two.

However, before moving towards deeper understanding of the relationship between ENTP and INFJ, we should learn what the characteristics of ENTP and INFJ are. 


The personality type is known as a debater and they are known to be one of the quick witted individuals.

They have accumulated a broad knowledge base over type and they have the ability to get most dispersed ideas into most connected ones when it comes to proving their point of view.

They are also known as the devil’s advocate because they are excellent and shredding arguments and beliefs and letting everyone know what is right and wrong.

The most amazing thing is the fact the debate and argument is not because they are trying to achieve a goal or a purpose.

They sometimes only do the arguments and debates because it is simply fun which is enough reason for them to get in an argument from time to time. 

What does ENTP stand for?

ENTP is the acronym which is used for one of the sixteen personality types of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers.

It stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.

Strengths of ENTPs

Every one of us has some qualities which they are proud of and a few qualities which we try to get rid of.

Similarly, ENTP personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The combination of these strengths and weaknesses is what makes them who they are.

Let’s find out what are the strengths of the ENTPs who are also known as debaters. 

  1. Quick Wit

Their quick wit is what they are most proud of.

They have amazingly flexible minds and they keep shifting their brains from one idea to another in no time and effortlessly.

This could be due to the reason for their accumulated knowledge.

They set an argument according to the caliber of their opponents which also makes them successful in arguments. 

  1. Accumulated Knowledge

They never give up on an opportunity to learn something new and especially abstract concepts are their favorite to learn.

They do not try to seek knowledge for any specific purpose or do it with dedicated studying.

They try to gain knowledge just because they find it fascinating to know almost everything. 

  1. Brainstorming

They are known to be excellent brainstormers because they try to look at a problem from every angle and try to apply every perspective.

Their accumulated knowledge also helps them here and they find out the best possible solution for the problem.

Their originality also helps them in this regard as they are irreplaceable when it comes to brainstorming.

  1. Energetic

They can be trusted with finding solutions to most difficult problems because they combine their qualities and work days and nights to find solutions to a problem.

They won’t give in to any related problem and do their best. 

  1. Originality

They are one of a kind and they try to put some of the best systems and methods in place even if it means to discard the old systems.

They try to bring originality in whatever work they do that’s because of their broad knowledge base and a little raw creativity. 

  1. Charisma

They have a way with words and wit which makes them intriguing to other people.

Their infectious energy, communication skills and confidence makes their personality really charismatic.

The debater’s personality and communication make them charming and informative at the same time.

Weaknesses of ENTPs 

Just like ENTPs strength, there are weaknesses which are given below.

  1. Insensitivity

They are highly logical and rational and that is the reason they often misjudge others’ feelings and sometimes they are inconsiderate of people’s feelings.

Moreover, they debate can also push past other people’s tolerance level.

  1. Arguments

They are always involved in debates and arguments and that’s what they enjoy which makes them argumentative than all the other personalities.

It is one of the qualities least appreciated by other personalities. 

  1. Intolerant

They are often intolerant of other people’s ideas and even to other people because of their ideas if the idea does not match their rational level. 

  1. Not Practical

They are more interested in what could be instead of what is.

They are more likely to discuss ideas and plans and when it comes to execution they lose interest because they are not made for a boring routine.

  1. Difficulty Focusing

Their flexibility towards new ideas also makes it difficult to focus on one thing and they constantly struggle with the flight of ideas.

They are easily bored and keep looking for fresh thoughts which makes it difficult to focus on one idea. 


The ‘advocate’ personalities are one of the rarely found personalities. They are born with a sense of decency and optimism but they are not idle dreamers which is an exceptional combination to find.

They take solid steps in order to make their dreams come true. They are also inclined towards helping others like charity work.

They are dogmatic and soft-spoken, with firm decision making powers and are determined. They work with originality, compassion and confidence.

Strengths of INFJ

INFJs are stronger in their imaginations and they have following strengths. 

  1. Passionate

Once they are determined to do something, there is no stopping them.

They always work for their goal with complete conviction and trust they don’t sit idly till their goal is achieved. 

  1. Insightful

They are excellent at seeing through people’s motives.

They will look at a person and will tell you about the dishonesty or disingenuous motives of him.

Mostly, they step past the manipulation of a person and evil motives and move towards an honest discussion. 

  1. Decision Making

They are the ones to follow their ideas with complete faith and willpower. They carefully plan about their decision and then execute them according to the best of the possibilities.

They always act on the insight and they don’t always see the way things should be. 

  1. Convincing

They are amazingly good orators and they speak with warmth and passion. They have an amazing writing style which is good for the idealist in their audience. 

Weaknesses of INFJs

INFJs have their strengths but they are also humans and have their weaknesses. Let’s take a look at the common weaknesses of INFJ personalities.

  1. Private about Life

They are extremely private about their personal lives and they take their own time to trust people around them. 

  1. Ultra Sensitive

They are more sensitive than anyone else. They feel criticism strongly and take challenges to their heart.

They are extremely vulnerable to a conflict or criticism. You are going to see them flip out once you criticize or question their motives.

  1. Easy Burn Out

They tend to exhaust themselves in order to find perfection, being sensitive and the urge to stay extremely private in their life.

It makes them feel burned out and they feel it difficult to find balance in their ideals and realities.


They can easily be defined by their pursuit of ideals. They are more likely to be perfectionists and sometimes it seems like a quality in a few fields like business and politics.

Why do ENTP and INFJ belong together?

ENTP and INFJ are known to be highly compatible with each other. Here are a few reasons why they belong to each other. 

  1. ENTP and INFJ are both creative types. 
  2. INFJ will appreciate quirks found in ENTP.
  3. Moral support to ENTP will be provided by INFJ.
  4. An ENTP and INFJ love match is great because they will be supportive towards each other.
  5. ENTP can pursue INFJ to try new things.
  6. An ENTP and INFJ friendship dynamic was told to be like Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan’s friendship in Rush Hour movies. 
  7. ENTP and INFJ discussions are really fruitful due to the fresh perspective presented by both.

FAQ about ENTP and INFJ 

How prevalent is ENTP as a personality?

ENTP is one of the rarest types of Briggs and Myers personality types.

It makes up 3% of the general population with 4% of men and 2% of women ENTPs.

How prevalent is INFJ as a personality?

INFJ is another rare type in the population. It is one of the rarest types of personality among men and third least common personality type found in women (ENTJ and INTJ are rarest).

According to estimates, 2% of the general population is INFJ and only 2% of women possess this personality type and only 1% of men fall under its category making it the rarest among them. 

What are the names of some of the famous INFJ personalities?

Some of the famous INJFS personalities are Jimmy Carter, Carl Jung, Shirley Mac Laine, Mohandas Gandhi, Florence Nightingale, Eleanor Roosevelt, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Edward Snowden and Emily Bronte.

What are the names of some of the famous INFJ personalities?

Some of the famous ENTPs are Conan O’Brien, Steve Jobs, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Walt Disney, Jon Stewart, Thomas Edison, John Stuart Mill, Benjamin Franklin, Niccolo Machiavelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Richard Feynman.

Are ENTP and INFJ personalities compatible with each other?

David Keirsey is a psychologist and according to him ENTP and INFJ personalities will make a great couple because they are highly compatible with each other.

The reason for their compatibility is the fact that the ENTPs extravert and think nature while INFJs are introverted and feeler who prefers structure.

According to Keirsey ENTP and INFJ are compatible in a relationship in terms of a romantic relationship or a friendship even though they are different function wise. 








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