ENTJ Career (7+Careers)

People with ENTJ personality types are thought to be natural leaders.

These people are full of charismatic traits and confidence, and come up with such projection of authority in such a way that has the potential to bring the attention of people and attract them for a shared goal.

However, it is said that the people with ENTJ personality type have been described as rational to a ruthless extent, through their desires, commitments, and sharp mindedness to their own goals they have set.

These people are found rarely in the world as they only make 3% of the total global population, just in case these people submerge the sensitive and timid personality types which are in the majority.

The ENTJs are commendable for what they are doing in the world about most of the things and businesses which we take for granted daily.

In this article, we will discuss ENTJ’s career. 

The people with ENTJ personality type extremely love to take on the challenges regardless of the size of it and these people have a lot of confidence and trust in themselves that by using available time and resources they can succeed in achieving their objectives.

These personality traits of ENTJ people allow them to be exceptional entrepreneurs and their strong capabilities to make strategic decisions and being focused for the long term while working on their plans with accuracy and determination enables them to be business leaders.

The strong will and commitment of ENTJs is mostly a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Because ENTJs are always on their toes to achieve their goals with a strong will where other people might lose hope and change their minds.

The extroverted traits will be pushing their colleagues as well with them in order to attain their objectives. 

When it comes to negotiation whether, in a corporate environment or purchasing a house, the people with ENTJ personality type dominate others, are relentless and unforgiving.

All these things are not because these people are not soft-hearted or brutal, essentially the people with ENTJ personality type tend to enjoy the challenges they face, they enjoy being among the intellectuals, the banter coming out of the environment and in case the rival party is not keeping up anymore, this is not a reason for ENTJ people to roll back everything and comprise on achieving their ultimate objectives.

The people with ENTJ personality type tend to always respect those people who are capable of standing up to them with intellect, who are capable of acting with accuracy, quality, and precision equal to the ENTJs.

The people with ENTJ personality type have this special ability to recognize the talent of other people which is helpful for them in building up their teams and restrict the ENTJs to show a lot of arrogant behavior and condescension.

However, people with ENTJ personality types do tend to have a special talent to call out the failure of other people with a chilling degree of compassionless, and this is the point at which ENTJs actually began to find themselves into troubles.

People with ENTJ personality types do not always deal with their emotions especially when it comes to public dealings and this is being directly felt by the people widely.

Particularly, the people with ENTJ personality type, while being in a professional setting, will set aside the compassions of other people they see as not enough, not competent and not too fast.

For the ENTJ people if anyone shows their emotions it is the weak point of them and it is not difficult to make opponents with this approach.

The people with ENTJ personality type will make every possible effort to make sure that they remember the fact they are dependent on a functional team not only to attain their objectives but also to get the feedback and validation as well, something about which the ENTJs are very curious and sensitive.

The people with ENTJ personality type are full of potential and tend to produce a picture of being larger than life and mostly enough they are.

The ENTJs also need to be aware of the fact their reputation is not only dependent on what they do but also is dependent on the actions of their teams and it is also vital to note the skills, requirements, contributions especially with an emotional point of view of their support network.

Even at a time when these people feel the need to adopt an attitude of fake it till you make it thinking, if the ENTJs can combine their strengths and an emotionally healthy focus, they’ll get the reward in form of deeply satisfying relationships every challenging victory they are able to manage.

Strengths & Weaknesses


The people with ENTJ personality type tend to look at inefficiencies, not as a problem but also something which tends to consume a lot of their energies and time from the future objectives they intend to achieve.

Those who have an ENTJ personality type usually tend to root out this behavior anywhere they go.


The people with ENTJ personality type are highly energetic and enthusiastic and they do not get rattled by taxing processes.

They tend to actually enjoy when leading their group in a direction to implement their plan of actions and attaining their objectives.


The people with ENTJ personality type won’t be able to achieve their objectives if they get to indulge in self-doubt.

Because these people always have confidence in their skills and try to create their own opinion and they trust their abilities to be a leader.

Weaknesses of ENTJs

Stubborn and Dominant

The confidence and will power of ENTJs sometimes reach to an extent where they create troubles for themselves on their own.

They will make every effort to win all debates, pushing their visions alone.


The people with ENTJ personality type are famous for being unsupportive to those concepts which distract them to achieve their primary goals and even further of those concepts which are based on emotional considerations.

ENTJs do not feel hesitant even for a while to make this thing clear to everyone around.


The people with ENTJ personality type admire the swift thinking and strong determination, their own qualities and watch out for those who do not match up.

This brings challenges in relationships for the people of other types of personality may not think of themselves as fearful but will look like this beside overbearing ENTJs. 

ENTJ Careers

When it comes to ENTJs careers, it where all their passion and hunger to be the best comes out with full potential.

Comparatively not any other type of personality is a good match as compared to the ENTJs, who have the potential of being respectable leaders in their professional settings and no people with no other type of personality tend to enjoy as much ENTJs do.

The ENTJs are always at intellect, vision and willpower in order to put their ideas into a practical form without even caring about the hindrances.

They will always be on the top. 

The personality of ENTJs may not be understood correctly.

As, the strength of these people lies in leading from the front and they have a capability of thriving and surviving in the situations where they meet challenges.

Their traits of dominance and stubbornness are visible in such situations. 

ENTJ career choices can be best made keeping in view the personality traits of being hard workers and efficient.

ENJT careers can possibly be the role of being a leader and in a management position. ENTJs careers are not those they had to be on sidelines.

Careers, where there is chaos and not structure involved, will not be suitable.

For instance, doing a night shift at a bar or going to a classroom to teach children are not the best choices for ENTJ careers. 

The following can be the best and suitable options for ENTJ careers:

Project Manager

In order to kick start a massive project successfully with higher expectations, the organization needs to have a person leading the project in every aspect of it including supervising and organizing, from having a minor detail to being aware of the bigger picture.

This is where ENTJs step forward. Project management, checking budget, and conducting meetings with their colleagues in order to keep everyone updated on the fresh agendas and developments and also the mishaps.

Their excellent communication skills and leadership qualities play an important role in ENTJ careers.

Financial Analysts

Another ENTJ career choice can be financial analysis.

The people who take on this role need to have a strategic approach as they have responsibilities of fiscal planning, analyzing, and projection for firms and companies.

This is an excellent choice for ENTJ careers. Their abilities to communicate effectively the complex fiscal details in a very simple and precise way is an important characteristic of being a financial analyst and this will be a good choice with the straight forward trait of their personality.

Network Administrator

Another ENTJ career choice can be a network administrator.

Financial analysis duty of a network administrator is to oversee the affairs of supporting and securing a wide and local area network.

The success of any organization or a company nowadays is highly dependent on the Internet.

Thus, an ENTJ who has a command of networking and is ready to be in charge and perform all the relevant tasks of overseeing and maintaining the work is highly valued.

The one who is the network administrator is also a supervisor and the leader of the teams who is keeping the network on the go. 

Construction Manager

ENTJ’s career choice may be a construction manager.

The one who is in charge of this area can think strategically and organize everything and perform the duties of hiring a suitable team of construction.

The ENTJ will be given the role of an individual in charge who is responsible for managing everything from ordering materials to maintenance tool issues.

The manager is responsible for making sure that every aspect of the project is finished and inspected properly.


ENTJ careers can flourish in an outdoor environment. Surveyors have to spend most of the time in an outdoor environment taking measurements.

This is known as fieldwork. The duties of a surveyor is to take the measurements of land accurately and precisely to measure the boundaries of the property for different kinds of projects.

The data provided by the surveyors are then utilized by engineers in construction projects.

The surveyor has to find the records of land and then survey those records and land titles to mark the accurate boundaries of properties of real estate.

Civil Engineers

Another ENTJ career choice can be civil engineering. The responsibility of the final planning of a project is on the shoulders of civil engineers.

These people look after the projects that construct roads, pipelines, buildings, and dams.

The personality of ENTH people is accurate to what it takes to be a civil engineer. ENTJ careers can flourish in this field where they need to design and develop larger plans.

The leadership qualities of ENTJs allow them to take on this role happily as they are good at mapping out the logistics and do the calculations to solve engineering problems. 

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FAQs about ENTJ career 

Q1. What is the ENTJ personality type? 

The people with ENTJ personality type are thought to be natural leaders.

These people are full of charismatic traits and confidence. 

Q2. What are the strengths of the ENTJ personality type? 

Following are the strengths of ENTJs:




Q3. What are the weaknesses of the ENTJ personality type? 

Following are the weaknesses of ENTJs:

Stubborn and Dominant 



Q4. What can be ENTJ career choices? 

Following can be the best possible choices for ENTJ careers depending on their personality characteristics:

Project Manager

Financial Analysts

Network Administrator

Construction Manager


Civil Engineers






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