15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

In this article, we will briefly talk about the ENTJ personality type, along with 15 famous ISTP anime characters.

The ENTJ personality type

For the ENTJ personality type relationships are very important. Since their great concern is to know things and use them for a useful purpose, they will try to see any experience as something useful, instructive. 

They appreciate most those relationships that make them learn more, that make them want to learn. Relationships that offer them no chance for self-development are of no interest to an ENTJ. 

Only these exchanges lead to affection and satisfaction for an ENTJ. They also like to be responsible for managing their relationships. Their partners should have many strengths, and for them, ENTJ has a lot to offer!

ENTJs are sociable, energetic, smart who are very interested in other people’s ideas, perspectives. I see nothing more successful for a friendly relationship than conversations and debates on various topics, sharing their views. They need friends to stimulate them, interesting, energetic, with high concerns.

ENTJ want to learn from others, that’s why they value friends who have something to share, who have something to provoke them with. They want to understand the many facets of the things that a conversation context would favour. It is also from such conversations that they get to know each other better.

 Those who cannot sustain a dialogue, a confrontation with the ENTJ, will not be kept as their very close friends. This is a bit embarrassing because there are so many people who would have something to offer, but who can’t have a dialogue in the combative style of the ENTJ. 

They admire people who like the debate even though they don’t agree with it. The closest friends will be the Extrovert Intuitives like ENTJ, ENFJ and ENFP. Extroverted Intuitives are the best friends because they share the same enthusiasm for ideas and to learn new things.

After you’ve gone through the anime characters list below, you can also take a look at ENFJ anime characters to visually see how one behaves.

Boa Hancock

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Boa Hancock is the Snake Princess of Amazon Lily and the Pirate Empress, as well as being the leader of the Kuja Tribe alongside her sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold.

Her name was first mentioned at the end of the Thriller Bark Saga when the Risky Brothers compared her beauty to that of Mermaids. She is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

Just like an ENTJ, Hancock is quite a complex woman, at first glance she seems to be selfish, cruel, spoiled and is capable of doing anything to get her way. She can also act arrogant and cruel, justifying her actions with her beauty.

At heart, Hancock is someone very sensitive and fragile, afraid of what people might think about the horrible past she lived with her sisters. She is also much softer and more compassionate with the people she talks to about her feelings. That part of her personality was shown for the first time when she spoke to Luffy about her past and whenever she was with him, becoming his friend since then (Khe sed), and Luffy was able to accept her as she was.


15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Sir Crocodile, a heartless pirate who was the leader of a criminal organization called the Baroque Works. It was a very intense arc and with the occasional filler chapter. However, the end of it was worth it because Sir Crocodile is one of the most remarkable villains in the series. His ability to turn into sand made him one of the most difficult enemies for Luffy. But finally, he found a way to defeat him.

Although he may not be the worst villain in One Piece, the truth is that it is impossible to forget his appearance and personality. Thanks to her arrogance and distrust towards Nico Robin, the archaeologist joins Luffy’s crew. 

 Madara Uchiha

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Madara was one of the greatest and perhaps the most powerful villains in the Naruto anime. Known as: Second Sage of the Six Paths; Savior of this World and Ghost of the Uchihas.

Madara was a legendary Shinobi and one of the founders of Konoha. His name has been passed down for generations bringing fear to the Ninja World. The Uchiha was the leader of his clan, being also Hashirama’s best friend (1st Hokage), however, he became his greatest enemy.

Madara just wanted to bring peace to the entire Shinobi World, so he tried to bring it the way he thought was most convenient, this being the Infinite Tsukuyomi. As this Genjutsu would be practically impossible to carry out in his normal life, Madara passed on all his knowledge to Obito, in addition to having trained him in the future, to cause a war and resurrect him.

 Olivia Armstrong

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Olivia Armstrong is the Major General heir of the Armstrong family, this being the first-born daughter of the same; She is the commander in chief of the protection of the Briggs wall, her motto is: “Survival of the fittest.” Her subordinates are loyal to her and are ordered to abandon her in danger, which does not affect her, as it would emphasize her ideology. She despises Colonel Roy Mustang and her younger brother Alex Louis Armstrong for seeing them as an insult to the military.

Olivia is a woman with a severe personality who commands respect and fear, like a true ENTJ, some would say. She is strict with her subordinates and colleagues. She acts coldly and mercilessly with her enemies. It is extremely combative. It is not tolerant of physical, psychological and emotional weakness. Take “The Law of Equivalent Exchange” as an irrelevant way of thinking.

It is very noticeable. She can coldly judge that a decision will bring her benefits or losses, she is also capable of thinking before acting in a situation. She is an expert in reading people and is aware of the importance and support of her subordinates to achieve her goals.

Because she commands respect, she has earned the trust and loyalty of her subordinates, having great leadership skills. It can be said that she has a “soft side”, being aware of the lives of her soldiers and her family, as well as concern for the people who have trusted her.

Emperor Pilaf

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Emperor Pilaf is a small imp who wishes to take over the world using the Dragon Balls. Its two most important and best members are henchmen Shu and Mai. It is implied early in the series that there are probably many more henchmen, but they have never been seen. One of the remarkable things about Pilaf is that it has an available amount of resources. The original base of his forces was his castle in the Devil’s Desert.

It is a short, blue looking monster. With Megalomaniac tendencies, vain, impatient, tricky, opportunistic, and Intelligent, with great knowledge in technology to design and control impressive vehicles, robots and powerful weapons, he is also a despot, capable of destroying anyone who tries to interfere in his evil plans. 

It is worth mentioning that he is also a coward and always runs away when everything is against him. Pilaf along with his two henchmen Mai and Shu will do whatever it takes to obtain the Dragon Balls to fulfil their desire for world domination.


15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Freezer is an Alien Leader of an Interplanetary Trade Organization alongside his Elder Brother Cooler (non-canon) and sometimes secretly with his father, King Cold. He is responsible for the death of almost all the Saiyans except some, among them the Prince and Kakaroto, for all the above he is one of the most remembered villains of the Dragon Ball saga.

Freezer has a manipulative and malevolent personality being a tyrant and the emperor of evil, this is shown in his initial saga, that of namek, where he kills many Namekians and destroys the same planet in his battle with Goku / Kakaroto transformed into Super Saiyan.

Although over time Freezer has been more neutral, this is seen in the saga of the tournament of power where he helps others to achieve victory as part of the universe 7 teams.

Shiki the Golden Lion

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

He was a famous pirate in the past and the captain of the famous golden lion pirate gang. He was also the first Impel Dawn inmate to escape from the great prison. He is the main antagonist of the movie Strong World.

Shiki possesses an extreme amount of patience as evidenced by the fact that he did not bother at all about having to wait twenty years before he could complete his plan. It has been shown that, when the moment calls for it, he can be utterly ruthless, as when dozens of Marines were sacrificed at Marineford, he shot one of his subordinates out of annoyance, destroyed the only town of Merveille just to show the strength of his Mutated animals to his allies, and tried to destroy the entire East Blue. 

A sea that he refers to as the weakest and that over the years he has started to hate because the man who defeated him came from there and died there. The facts stem from his anger, which causes him to do such reckless and ruthless actions. 

Roy Mustang

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Roy is a state alchemist who was rising from rank to rank within the army of Amestris, this was known nationally as “The Alchemist of Fire” or/and “The Hero of the Flames” for his great collaborations in the war of extermination of Ishval, this seeks to become the Führer or leader of the country to change the ideals of this and leave behind the bloody wars and corrupt system.

Mustang is someone audacious, he does not hesitate to go-to action when it comes to helping his teammates and he does not like being touched by his friends, he is also considered a strategist for having made a great attack against King Bradley. 

He is someone determined and mocking who speaks with a certain tone of superiority before the Elric brothers, he is also someone extremely intelligent because to manipulate alchemy you must have a great dialect for its understanding and more when it opened the portal of truth. 

Rin Tohsaka

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Rin Tohsaka, or Tohsaka Rin, is the master of the servant Archer during the fifth war of the Holy Grail of Fate Stay Night and the main heroine of the second route of Fate Stay Night (Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works).

Although she is admired at school as an applied student, for her this is just a facade that she puts on to prevent other people from intruding on her private life.

All for One

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

All For One (オ ー ル ・ フ ォ ー ・ ワ ン, Ōru Fō Wan) Is the true leader and founder of the League of Villains, he is the main antagonist of the Hideout Raid arc. He is also one of the main antagonists of the series, along with Tomura Shigaraki. He is the most powerful villain in Japan and the enemy of All Might, his true motives are unclear and his true identity is unknown. His current and primary goal is to instruct Shigaraki to become his successor.

All For One has a sinister, twisted and methodical personality, he can coordinate many plans to work together with the others. According to All Might, All For One is manipulative and exploits people; All For One also seems like a misanthrope, as All Might pointed out that he laughs and despises humanity for their continued difficulties. Perhaps due to his confidence, he has a calm and condescending demeanour, trusting even when frustrated.


15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Gilgamesh is a character from the Fate sagas, so it appears in several of them. He is an Archer-class Servant, whose identity is the Sumerian king Gilgamesh, who ruled Uruk in 2650 BC and is therefore considered one if not the most powerful of the entities in the fate universe.

Gilgamesh is an egocentric person, overpowered and conceited as well as dazzling, 100% sure of himself, very powerful and independent above all things. He can judge a person and his intentions just by looking at him, and this is due to his semi-divine side, which allows him in a certain way to see beyond what he is.

He also has a very persuasive side to such a degree that whatever he wants is done and that this king seeks mere amusement because he says that few things in the world are interesting and he sees the current world disgusting, saying that in the time where he reigned, things were better.

Gary Oak

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

He is arrogant and cocky, in the anime he can be seen making fun of Ash most of the time, he also had his cheerleaders and his red convertible. When losing the league in the Indigo Plateau, he realizes that his attitude is not the best and decides to change it.

In Johto, he looks less arrogant and his cheerleaders and his convertible no longer appear. In Sinnoh, he is very kind to help Ash to evolve Gligar into Gliscor and that he loses his fear.

Blue Oak

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Blue is Professor Oak’s grandson and a recurring supporting character and rival in the early Pokémon games (Red, Blue, and Yellow) as well as his Champion in these. In the Second Generation (three years after what happened in Kanto) he becomes the Gym Leader of Green City, having the title of “Strongest Leader” due to specializing in various types. En Negro y Blanco 2 participates in the Tournament of Champions.

Blue Oak is very arrogant and self-centred to the point of wanting to always go above you. Choose the strongest initial (in Yellow it even removes the Eevee you were going to choose) and is always ahead of the adventure. 

His goal is to be the best of all, although unfortunately, no matter how powerful his Pokémon are, they cannot deliver to the fullest since Blue and her Pokémon are not close enough since Blue is only obsessed with being the strongest without giving him the love and understanding that your Pokémon need to be able to go with everything.

Jessie from Pokemon

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Jessie is a member of team rocket, her first appearance in the anime was in the chapter “Operation Pokémon” along with Meowth and James (Kojiro) since then they have been following Ash everywhere to try to steal Pikachu although they have sometimes helped him.

Jessie is bad but not as bad as she believes more than once she has shown affection towards her Pokémon, sometimes she is mocking and has a little girl voice.

She started competing as a coordinator in the Hoenn region she did not have many followers but she never gave up and participated in all, sometimes she borrowed Pokémon from James (Kojiro) in Hoenn she never won a contest but she won twice in Sinnoh with the identity of Jessilina and the third one who obtained her had to be helped by James (Kojiro) and Meowth because she was ill.

 Her fourth victory was thanks to seviper and in the chapter Maya princess for a day! She lost but Princess Salvia who won by posing as Maya gave her the ribbon. In the great festival, she reached the semi-final losing against Maya.

Yuri Nakamura

15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

Yurippe is the leader of BattleFront, she is very intelligent, skilled in making quick decisions on how to defeat the enemy. When the team is on a mission or in the middle of an argument, Yuri is always very calm. She has a very special kind of laugh, like that of a villain.

Yuri blamed herself and God for not saving her family. How could she have lost everything in thirty minutes? She thought her life was unfair. It is not known whether she committed suicide, Otonashi asked her in chapter two and she denied it.

That is why he created the Afterlife War BattleFront and decided to fight God.


In this article, we briefly talked about the ENTJ personality type, along with 15 famous ISTP anime characters.

To summarize, ENTJs are sociable, energetic, smart who are very interested in other people’s ideas, perspectives. I see nothing more successful for a friendly relationship than conversations and debates on various topics, sharing their views. They need friends to stimulate them, interesting, energetic, with high concerns.

Do you know other ENTJ anime characters that are not in our list? Please let us know!








15 ENTJ Anime characters (with detailed explanations)

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