ENTJ and depression (+How they cope)

This article will explain how a person with an ENTJ personality can behave when they are depressed. Aside from that, it will show what can lead them to feel depressed, and the best way for them to cope with it.

ENTJ and depression 

Depression often changes the way people behave, and people with an ENTJ personality also experience that. They tend to be extremely active people that others can count on. But when depressed, they don’t have the energy to stay active as they were before.

It can also make them feel worthless. They can become shy, and won’t find the motivation to do things. And even though some will feel like they can’t deliver as well in their career as they did before, others may push themselves even harder, and can even become obsessed with it since it doesn’t leave them time to be sad.

When they are depressed, people with an ENTJ personality can often turn to risky behaviors because they feel like they are not able to control themselves anymore. 

Because they don’t deal well with emotions, depression can feel overwhelming to them, which can commonly lead them to depression. This inability to deal with emotions is also what causes them to become easily offended, which can lead to them becoming more emotionally reactive.

A person with an ENTJ personality will often get depressed when they feel they are not allowed to show their leadership skills. They are people that need to be recognized for how good they do things. So if they feel others are controlling them, it can take a toll on their emotions.

They are also people that demand too much of themselves, so feeling like they are not doing well enough can also lead to depression. In the same way as when they feel they have no goals to run towards. 

This doesn’t mean that they need to have high-power jobs all the time, it is more than they need to feel like they are going towards something they wish to achieve.

They are also people that like to stand out in the crowd, so when they feel they are seen as unimportant, or that they are just like all the other people, it can hurt them deeply, leading them to feel depressed. 

As for relationships with others, not having people they can rely on can lead them to depression. Especially when talking about a life partner. They want to rule the world, but they want to do that with someone by their side. Otherwise, it can lose its meaning and lead them to depression.

Dealing with people that are not honest and not loyal can also make them depressed. That is because they are trustworthy people, so when they realize they can’t trust others, it can lead to a lot of negative emotions. 

The same will happen if they see themselves surrounded by lazy people. They will feel like they are surrounded by unworthy people, which will not only make them depressed, but also angry.

If you are a person that has an ENTJ personality, and you have been dealing with depression, know that there are ways you can cope with it. Let’s discover what they are.

How can I cope with depression if I have an ENTJ personality? 

If you are an ENTJ and are struggling with depression, here is what you can do.

Accept your emotions 

The first thing you should do, when you have an ENTJ personality, is trying to accept your feelings. Everyone experiences them, even though it can be hard for people with an ENTJ personality to do. You may have trouble looking at that part of your life. 

As said before, neglecting those feelings can often be the reason why they will get depressed. So you should try to find a way to deal with them, even if they are hard to make sense of. Writing about what you feel, or even going to therapy may help you get a better understanding.

Try to remind yourself if your strengths 

When you are depressed, you may feel worthless. So fight that feeling, you can try to remember what your strengths are. When talking about coping with depression, it means you may use your analytical mind to understand all you can about this mental illness.

This may help you in the process of accepting your diagnosis, allowing you to think about what are the better tools to heal. Becoming aware of all of that information can be something that will make them feel hope, which is extremely important when someone is depressed.

Allow for people to help 

People with an ENTJ personality tend to push others away when they are struggling so they don’t discover they are in pain. Although this can seem like the best way to protect yourself, it doesn’t mean it is the healthiest one.

When we are depressed we need to connect with others. So try to be around people you trust, and that care for you. It is good to have people that won’t judge or patronize you, so you can feel like it is safe to open up about your feelings and all you have been going through.


When an ENTJ is going through depression, exercise can be extremely beneficial. It can be a way that they will get in touch with their bodies and take the focus away from all the tasks they need to do. 

Aside from that, exercising can become something of a focus for them, and keeping track of their improvement will surely help them cope with depression.

Look for professional help

In the same as with any other person, people with an ENTJ personality must look for professional help. As said before, going to a therapist may offer new insight into your emotions. It will also give you a space that is free of judgment, in which you can talk about how depression has been to you.

In that space, you might learn new strategies to cope, and may even understand the root of your depression. Aside from that, some people may also need medication when they are depressed. 

If that is the case, you should look for a psychiatrist, a doctor that specializes in mental health, and will prescribe you medication to improve your depressive symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): How will a person with an ENTJ personality behave when they are depressed? 

What are things that will make an ENTJ happy?

A person with an ENTJ personality type will be happier when they find a way to train themselves to be more patient and understanding. That is because since they are often leaders, they can be short-tempered and expect that others will act the same way as them. Which will most likely lead them to feel frustrated.

Aside from that, you may want to work on understanding other people’s feelings. This will surely help your relationship, especially with people that have more of a feeling trait. You usually like to debate too much and is not everyone open to that. 

It may also be important to learn there is a difference between being rational and being argumentative. If you don’t understand this, it can lead you to many conflicts, especially in your work environment.

Keep in mind to always use your natural strengths when dealing with things. Use your managing skills, and your “can-do” attitude to help you conquer what you want. And even though it may be hard for you, try to not lose track of your emotional needs. 

How can I talk about feelings with an ENTJ?

Although they may have trouble talking about their emotions, there are some ways you can talk to an ENTJ about feelings. It may be easier to do that if you plan to have the conversation, so you can find a better time and setting to do that.

And understand that they won’t completely open up about how they feel. It is most likely that they will open up gradually about what is on their mind. So remember to share how you feel little by little. Because if an ENTJ feels pressured, they will most likely close themselves up.

While you are thinking about having a conversation with them, remember that sometimes they can be blunt, and sometimes this can be painful. 

Aside from that, when you start to talk to them about their emotions, try to make a point of not assuming how they feel. They are very private people, and it is most likely that you won’t know how they feel.

That is why you need to be a good listener. So you will know more about how they feel, and you can show them that it is safe to open up with you. 

And finally, don’t be afraid, when talking to an ENTJ of sudden turns, and silences in conversations. Those can happen, and for an ENTJ it can be a sign of trust, that you don’t need to fill the silences all the time.

What are ways for ENTJ to cope with stress? 

When an ENTJ is feeling stressed, there are some things they can do to cope with it. One of the best ways for them to deal with stress is to exercise, which helps them focus more on the present. Having some alone time will also give them a chance to cool off, and gain some perspective on what is going on.

Aside from that, going for a walk and breathing fresh air will also help them a lot, in the same way as being physically intimate with someone. Venting about what is bothering them will also help them put their frustrations out.

And when they feel stressed because they are overwhelmed with all they need to do, breaking their projects into smaller ones will surely help them feel better.

Are ENTJ manipulative people?

No, they are not manipulative people. They are very straightforward people, which is the complete opposite of being manipulative. What they want is to have a greater understanding of the systems they are inserted, into and how they can improve them.

Do ENTJ get jealous?

Yes, people with an ENTJ personality can be jealous of friends or when in relationships. That is because they focus too much on loyalty, and can be afraid people close will betray them.


This article showed how people with an ENTJ personality will act when they are depressed. Aside from that, it explained the main reasons why they can get depressed, and ways they can cope.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.



How Do ENTJs Deal With Depression? (And How To Help Them)