Best Enneagram Type 4w3 Careers (+3 Worst Choices)

This article will look at what careers suit the type 4w3 enneagram and which don’t! Furthermore, this article will also introduce the enneagram under discussion and outline its strengths, weaknesses, fear and desire.

Enneagram Type 4w5 Careers: Best & Worst

Here is a list of the careers that suit the enneagram type 4w3:

  • Actor
  • Librarian
  • Artist
  • Architect
  • Musician
  • Graphic Designer
  • Musician
  • Chefs

Here are some jobs that are not suitable for the enneagram type 4w3:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Executive Assistant
  • Waiter/Server

Before we look at the reasons as to why these jobs either suit or do not suit a type 4w3 enneagram, let us introduce you to this interesting personality type!

What Is The Enneagram Type 4w3?

The enneagram type 4w3 is known as the ‘Aristocrat’ and even sometimes as the ‘Enthusiast’. They are one of the enneagram types that are known for their sensitivity and introspection. 

These individuals like to keep some distance between themselves and others not because of the reason that they dislike people but because they realize they are sensitive and vulnerable. As a result they may seem aloof or self centered but can be very expressive at times. Sometimes they may even seem dramatic or moody! However, they are usually very careful in their dealings with others and prefer to maintain a safe distance.

These enneagram types like to spend time in their head; they are pretty creative and come up with many unique and interesting ideas that can encourage new things or help solve problems. The aristocrat is also emotionally honest and realizes what they feel; they will be expressive but can sometimes be considered moody. However, the same enneagram type can engage in self pity and persistent feelings of sadness. They are also too indulged in their own selves and may not notice what is going on around them.

The Personality Of The Aristocrat!

In this section we will look at the basic fear and desire of the enneagram type 4w3 after which we will shine light on their major personality traits.

Basic Fear.

The basic fear of this enneagram is that they will have no identity and hence not be known by others, instead they will remain in the shadows where they are a ‘nobody’. They want to be somebody hence they perceive themselves as someone who is special or different from others and this compensates for their fear of being without an identity.

The aristocrat personality is scared they will be meaningless; this means they won’t have any purpose or identity with which they can define themselves. Their thoughts become so negative that they feel they will never live the life other people live because they have no importance in life; they look down upon themselves. Enneagrams of this type describe this feeling as if they are invisible and feel this feeling will always last.

Basic Desire.

It is now obvious what the desire is of the typical aristocrat personality; they want to possess an identity that they can be known or recognized by so that they hold some meaning in life. This will help them achieve what it is in life whether it is their dream job, the relationships they have always wanted or the lifestyle they wanted to adopt.

It is important to note that this enneagram type also wants to be unique and not just like everybody else. This is somewhat contradictory to the entire issue they face; they want to be like others to enjoy what they have but at the same time be different enough to be known individually. They will try to change their own selves or point out others for their mistakes. The aristocrat may also incorporate changes in their appearance to stand out.

What Are The Traits Of An Enthusiast?

  • Paradoxical Nature
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Self aware
  • Emotional

The Best & Worst Careers: Type 4w3 Enneagram

In this section, we will look at all the jobs that are either a best or worst fit for the type 4w3 enneagram and why!

Best Jobs

In this section we will look at jobs that suit the enneagram type 4w3!


This is one great job an enneagram type 4w3 should consider because they can be creative or expressive when it comes to acting, especially if the role is one that reflects their true personality!

Acting is an interesting role where the individual forms a deep bond with the character they play and tries their best to express it in the best manner possible. In this type of job, the enneagram type will get to be expressive and creative because they need to find ways in which they can allow the character to be expressed in the manner it was designed or created to be.

Hence, this is one job the type 4w3 enneagram should consider.


As we mentioned before, the type 4w3 enneagram is one that likes to keep a distance between themself and others. They tend to remain in their own creative world where they like to engage in their imagination. 

Being a librarian, not only can they add to their internal world of creativity and imagination through the endless world of books, but also can they get the time they need for themself!

A librarian is someone who manages the entire deck! They immerse themselves in a sea of books that they not only love but know very well to the extent that they can easily guide others. Furthermore, they help create the world of thought not only for themself but others too, especially those who need time to themself.


This is another profession that allows an enneagram type 4w3 to express their inner creativity as well as their desires, emotions and thoughts. An artist is someone who is in control of their own product and they can do as they wish!

Like other professions, this one also allows the type 4w3 enneagram to live in a world of their own where they do not necessarily always have to interact with others.


Architecture is indeed an interesting field that brings to life the dreams of people. Here, the enneagram type 4w3 can work their magic and bring it to life. They won’t be the ones building the masterpiece of a home but the brains behind designing it!


Another field where the enneagram type 4w3 can express themself is that of a musician! They can be the ones behind the music in your life and they can do so in a manner that pleases them and allows them to express themself!


Being a chef is indeed a fun job but one that requires a lot of dedication, hard work and of course creativity. The chef is the one who is behind the artwork taking place in the kitchen. It is not only a great way to interact with people by keeping at a distance but also a way to express your taste and creativity in food!

Worst Jobs

Here are a few examples of jobs that do not suit the enneagram type 4w3 and why!

Financial Analyst

A desk job that does not entail much creativity but more of a research oriented approach is definitely not what an enneagram type 4w3 wants! They will get bored with the numbers and may even get irritated by the framework of finance that they have to work within!

Executive Assistant

The enneagram type 4w3 is the one who wants to be where the magic happens and this is because of the creativity they have within them! They want to bring things to life instead of manage them or help people work. Being an executive assistance may seem like an attractive opportunity but not one for the enneagram type under discussion.


Although waiters have an interesting job where they meet people everyday, this one is not for the enneagram type. It is obvious! They do not want to be the ones serving the products but the ones creating them! Hence, this is not a job for an enneagram type 4w3 because they do not get much chance to be creative here and of course they have to interact with people a lot which is something they may not want to do all the time!


The article introduced the type 4w3 enneagram to the audience by outlining its personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, fear and desire! The article then focused on the jobs that are suitable or not suitable for the enneagram type and why.


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