Enneagram 9 (A Comprehensive Guide)

A person’s combination of different traits is called his personality and different people around use have different personality types.

Some of them are shy and introverts while others are outspoken extroverts.

In order to know what kind of personality a person has, we need to do some personality testing.

Personality testing has gone a little too far because almost every field requires people who are dedicated to the job and also they are totally fit for the job given.

Even if a job doesn’t require rigorous personality testing, people should know what kind of personalities they possess and then use the type of personality to their advantage.

With an increasing requirement of personality testing, there are a number of personality tests available for people to know about their personalities. In this article, we will discuss enneagram 9. 

Most of the people are stuck at Myers and Briggs personality assessment which is fine but they should also know that there are a lot of alternatives available.

For instance, Enneagram has been around for quite some time but it was not that popular but it is now advancement in the field of personality testing.

It is a remarkable test that categorizes people in 9 different personality types.

It might remind some of you to be in a geometry class in high school because its shape is like a geometry figure. However, it is efficient and provides a clear description of one’s personality.

This article will throw light on enneagram 9. We’ll discuss a little about what enneagram is and then will discuss its last personality type which is enneagram 9.

So, before discussing enneagram 9 in detail we shall first discuss what an enneagram is. 

  • What is an enneagram?

George Gurdjieff who was a philosopher and teacher introduced enneagram in 1915 as a human development system.

It is defined as a system of nine personality types that has a combination of traditional wisdom and a touch of modern psychology.

It has emerged as a strong tool when it comes to the understanding of us and about the people in our lives.

It has three major implications as of 

  • successful relationships both at work and at home
  • helps in personal and spiritual growth
  • Team building
  • Improved communication skills
  • Leadership development 

Ennea is a Greek word for nine and an enneagram is shown in a nine-pointed diagram.

Some people are not aware of it but it has been used for almost centuries in esoteric Christian and Sufi traditions.

An enneagram is mostly used as a map to trace back archetypes and human consciousness.

The enneagram concept of personality division has divided personalities in 9 different types.

Here are those 9 types of personality which are used in an enneagram.

  • Enneagram 1: The Reformer
  • Enneagram 2: The Helper
  • Enneagram 3: The Achiever
  • Enneagram 4: The Individualist
  • Enneagram 5: The Investigator
  • Enneagram 6: The Loyalist
  • Enneagram 7: The Enthusiast
  • Enneagram 8: The Challenger
  • Enneagram 9: The Peacemaker

These names are given to the personalities for their most notable characteristics.

For example, if a person has taken the online enneagram test and he has found out that his personality is enneagram 2 which is ‘the helper’.

The helper personalities are the ones who live for others. They can sacrifice their own needs in order to provide for other people’s needs.

Similarly, other Enneagram types have names according to their most notable and prominent characteristics.

We are going to discuss enneagram 9 in this article which is for the people who love to make peace.

Now let’s discuss the enneagram 9 which is the last of enneagram people of enneagram 9 are also known as the peacemakers. 

  • Enneagram 9

Enneagram 9 is the easygoing and self-effacing type and they are also receptive, complacent, and reassuringly agreeable.

They are known to be accepting, stable, and trusting. Enneagram 9 people are also very supportive, optimistic, and creative usually but they can be willing to go along with other people as well in order to keep the peace.

They are known to be ‘peacemakers’ for a reason because they always want to take things smoothly instead of getting into a conflict.

They can sometimes be complacent as they simplify problems and minimize things that can be otherwise upsetting.

They often feel troubled with stubbornness and inertia.

They are all-embracing and indomitable when they are at their best and they can also bring people together and remove all conflicts.

  • Defining Characteristics of Enneagram 9

Enneagram 9 people who are also known as the peacemakers are obviously in love with going smooth.

They want to live in harmony and want to live a life free of conflicts and smooth life.

There are many characteristics that are found in these mediators but some of the most commonly found characteristics of enneagram 9 people are given below. 

  • They have the presence of a zen-like personality.
  • They want to stay mixed up in people and that’s why they have a wide circle of acquaintances.
  • They have the ability to diffuse any kind of conflict with ease.
  • Enneagram 9 people are mostly liked by most of the people around them.
  • They have generally collected demeanor and are calm.
  • Enneagram 9 people have mostly this soothing and mellow voice making them calming for other people around them. 
  • They have this graceful personality with such fluid movements and slow gestures which make them amazingly influential in their circle. 
  • Explaining Enneagram 9

The peacemakers are the ones who do not want much and just want to live in unity with this world.

They are generally well-wishing and idealistic. They are like the glue that holds the entire group together, whether they are with their friends or their family or even at their workplace.

They can be befriended easily if their contributions are acknowledged and make them realize that their contributions are important.

They are strong believers in the importance of forgiveness and unconditional acceptance of others. They have a personality where inner balance and external comfort is paired up in one package.

They are also able to create a similar atmosphere in every aspect of their lives. 

Every personality of enneagram has its own strengths and areas of improvement.

We can take these strengths and use these to amplify our performance in the workplace if these strengths are used in a positive manner.

Strengths that are usually linked to enneagram 9 include the following. 

  • They are able to remain calm in almost every type of situation.
  • They are highly adaptable.
  • Mediators in different conflicts among others.
  • They are able to see different perspectives.
  • They are supportive and acknowledging others.
  • They are not judgmental and most open-minded.
  • Weaknesses of Enneagram 9

Usually, enneagram 9 people have a lot of strengths and positive points but there are a few certain areas of improvement for them which are given below. 

  • They have a tendency of minimizing problems.
  • They are mostly passive-aggressive rather than actively addressing conflicts. 
  • They tend to avoid upsetting situations.
  • They have difficulty facing personal conflicts with others. 

Based on these strengths and weaknesses, you can look for Enneagram type 9 career options and choose the job you like.

  • How can enneagram 9 people grow out of their weak points?

The otherwise perfect personalities can be even more successful if hey overcome their above-mentioned weaknesses.

If they overcome these areas of improvements they can have tons of growth opportunities.

However, some of the growth opportunities linked with enneagram 9 are the following. 

  • They should face negative emotions and try to work with these emotions. 
  • Getting exercise or engaging in physical activities can be really helpful.
  • Accepting conflicts as a necessary part of human life.
  • Try to address upsetting issues directly instead of being passive-aggressive. 
  • Some of the Core Beliefs of Enneagram 9

It is an important question of why a person acts the way they act or thinks or behaves or talks.

It is due to the core beliefs in their system and some of the main core characteristics which make them who they are.

Enneagram 9 core beliefs and things related to them are given below.

  • Core Fear

They can get attached to their loved ones and that’s why their core fear is loss and separation and their actions are mostly driven by this too.

  • Core Desire

Their every action is representative of the peace they crave. They always strive for inner stability and peace of mind and that is their core desire.

They keep on looking for peace of mind and that’s why they behave a certain way. 

  • Motivation

Another important aspect of behaving the way they do is their motivation. The core motivation of their actions is the harmony they seek in their environment.

They want to avoid conflicts and tensions around them. They want to preserve things the way they are and they would like to resist things which are upsetting or disturbing for them. 

  • Examples of Enneagram 9 Personalities

It is an important personality type and people of enneagram 9 can be really helpful in making peace in a world filled with chaos and anarchy.

Some of the most famous enneagram 9 personalities who left their mark on the world are given below.

  • Princess Grace of Monaco
  • Carl Jung
  • John F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Carl Rogers
  • Claude Monet
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Geena Davis
  • Walt Disney
  • Janet Jackson
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • W. Harrelson
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Abraham Lincoln 
  • George W. Bush
  • George Lucas
  • Sophia Loren
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Lisa Kudrow
  • Toby McGuire

FAQ about Enneagram 9 

What are some famous addictions for enneagram 9 people?

They tend to over or under-eat because of repressed anger and lack of self-awareness.

So, they can be addicted to psychotropic drugs including antidepressants, narcotics so they can feel less loneliness and anxiety, marijuana. 

What are common career choices for enneagram 9 personalities?

Some most common careers chosen by enneagram 9 personality types are human resource manager, psychiatrist, diplomat, social worker, religious worker, counselor, librarian, veterinarian, and editor.

What is the self-image of an enneagram 9 personality type?

Their self-image goes like this ‘I’m an easygoing and peaceful person’.

They emphasize on their own stability, harmony, unity, and peace. 

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