Enneagram 5 (A Comprehensive Guide)

Enneagram 5 is very attentive, a quest to know, and understanding.

They are capable enough to maintain their attention and generate unique ideas, self-governing, and focused but sometimes they feel anxious due to their frequent thoughts and invented theories.

Although they are perceived at times as detached but in reality, they are very concentrated and joyful and also hate some situations like isolation, oddness, and negativity.

They have the ability to look forward from the present time that made them visionary pioneers.

Enneagram Five core personality characteristics are described below

·         They have a basic fear of being not worthy enough, abandoned, and powerless.

·         Enneagram 5 has a core desire to be knowledgeable and skillful.

·         Enneagram 5 with a capacity of four-wing usually known as “the Revolutionary”

·         Enneagram 5 as a Six-Wing known as “the hero in problem-solving”

Enneagram Five Overview

Enneagram 5 symbolizes the Investigator because they frequently search the logic behind the things we perceive in daily life.

They often seem confused and want to know about the world that either the world exists in their imagination or it is the reality of the universe where we see the animals, humans, vegetables, and crystal empires.

They have the ability to study things deeply which helps them while searching the answer to their questions.

They prefer to test the truth rather than be living and obeying others’ opinions.

Enneagram Five tries to learn something every day in their life such as to understand the meaning of life, the things that happen with them, and most importantly the purpose behind everything that makes them confident and deep-thinkers.

They lead their life happily by living and understanding it. 

Enneagram Five believes that their frequent attempts to gain knowledge sometimes create anxieties in their thoughts which affect their ability to perform well in their life and feel inferior from others instead of taking part in those skills that might lift their confidence.

Enneagram Five chooses to focus their attention on their ideas so that they can understand the logic behind the reality of the world so that they may return to it.   

Enneagram 5 usually consumes their time while planning and observing their ideas such as giving attention to the sound of the breeze.

Enneagram Five instigates to undertake the knowledge and share their knowledge with others that gives them the feeling of self-confidence such as when they come across exciting new things such as creating new combinations of various sounds.

Enneagram Five fulfills their need to be admired when they came to know that their hypotheses proved right and others also agree with them they feel competent.

Enneagram 5 is highly appreciated by their respected qualities of information, consideration and vision about different perspectives; these characteristics actually make the Enneagram Five rare and insightful.

Enneagram Five is not curious to investigate those things which are already clear for them instead of they prefer to investigate the unfamiliar zone that attracts the attention such as the underground, hidden, eccentric, impossible zones.

It gives Enneagram Five a role that no one else experienced and also enhances their ability for confidence and freedom.  

For the personal protection and self-assurance Enneagram, 5 must have some proficiency in a part that connects them with others.

Enneagram Five believes that they must focus their attention and prefer those skills that help them to deal with the problems in life such as choosing the profession of music, teacher, engineering, science fiction.

It is not said that all Enneagram 5 would be great scholars or Ph.D. holders because the qualification depends on either intelligence or the available resources but they focus their attention on those things that attract their attention and solve the puzzle.

Enneagram 5 does not wait for the approval of their ideas from others instead of if others abruptly show their willingness toward their ideas they feel confused and feel the fear that their ideas are predictable.

We can see the number of examples based on Enneagram Five in histories such as Darwin, Einstein, and Nietzsche.

Enneagram Five sometimes becomes unconventional and isolated when they lose in their complex thought process.

Enneagram 5 often known as making extraordinary creations and inventions but more focused Enneagram Five also generates the problems linked with self-defeat because their attention actually distracts them from their personal problems in reality.

Enneagram Five anxieties have many causes such as interpersonal relationships, physical weakness, and unemployment.

Average Enneagram Five have a tendency to deal effectively with their problems instead of depending on others.

Enneagram Five sarcasm is that although they achieve mastery in their skills they are still not capable enough to solve their basic life problem which is the basic reason for their insecurities.

Such as an Enneagram Five may be able to know everything about their ideas due to their curious nature but at the same time cannot control their anxieties to manage the household.  

Enneagram Five often feels discouraged while dealing with their physical matters such as they happily avoid physical activities i.e. climb the robes, active participation in sports or join the gym for sports because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

But at the same time, they could be a highly intelligent student in their class. Enneagram Five spends most of their time in generating ideas and gaining those skills that make them comfortable and confident.

Enneagram Five remembers every skill they learn and use it also they forget to engage with others while practicing the skills also consume their time in generating ideas and learning skills that they forget their practical needs.  

Enneagram 5main’s challenge is to maintain a balance between the problems in their real-life in interpersonal relationships and their solution and working on their imagination and uniqueness also prefer those things that create a healthy lifestyle.


Enneagram 5 Levels of Development

Healthy Levels

Three levels of healthy development are as follows.

Level 1 (On Their Greatest): 

Enneagram 5 could be great thinkers, largely and deeply understand the worldwide phenomenons, flexible in thoughts, acknowledge things based on their true context, and also have the ability to do groundbreaking interventions and select the totally unique ways of observing and analyzing the phenomena.

Level 2: 

Enneagram Five perceives the things that attract their attention with their strange ability of insightfulness and vision.

Enneagram 5 symbolizes as mentally vigilant, interested to know and discover, searching for knowledge that increases their intellectual ability, sharp ability to notice every minor detail, forethought, and estimate about things.

Enneagram Five are able to maintain their attention in an idea and become so absorbed in it.

Level 3:

 Enneagram 5 gains clever mastery of various skills that attract their attention.

Always seems to be eager about information, an expert in their profession, generates groundbreaking and creative things that are based on originality, and has a personality characteristic of independence and imagination.

Average Levels

Level 4: 

Enneagram 5 always assumes things in their minds by actively imagining the situation and its outcome, also making modifications in it rather than working on it directly such as procedure building i.e., they prefer to observe it by different sides and collect new information about it.  

 Level 5:

 Enneagram 5 gradually removed themselves from their fantasy and thoughtfulness as they started to get involved in it.

Enneagram 5 also feels anxiety from their imaginary world instead of reality. They are curious about those topics that have the core characteristics of being mysterious, hidden, and troubling.

They sometimes disconnect themselves from the real world by using their ability of “ghostly focus” on a phenomenon.

Level 6: 

Enneagram five maintain an aggressive attitude, become pessimistic and challenging toward the things that create hindrance in their imaginary world.

Unhealthy Levels

Level 7:

 Enneagram 5 often becomes detached from reality and sometimes odd and negative too.

Showing the unbalance of aggression and fear also turns away from their social circle.

Level 8:

 Enneagram 5 becomes so addictive with their fantasy which makes them the victim of phobia and misinterpretation.

Level 9: 

Enneagram 5 at their worse often tries to commit suicide due to their mental breakdown such as they become unbalanced and self-destructive just like schizophrenics.

Sometimes it resembles schizoid and schizotypal personality disorder. 

Personal Growth Recommendations for Enneagram Fives

  • Enneagram 5 must know that their abilities can be a precious gift from GOD or maybe a punishment. It depends on the way they use it such as they never forget their closeness with their experience and reality, maintain a balance between reality and fantasy and also never ignore them just to maintain your contacts.
  • Enneagram 5 must know that they need to be calm down in a healthy way rather than using alternatives such as stimulants and alcohol to relax your mind. Although sometimes you become intense and highly nervous at that time you should try biofeedback techniques that make you enable to discharge your energy and feel relaxation such as by mediation, yoga and dancing
  • They lack the sense of perspective that makes them unable to decide the opportunity they should grab which would be highly beneficial for them. Enneagram 5 must seek advice in such conditions from the trustable people and also show their personal choice which helps you to stay connected with the world and enhance the element of trust.  
  • They have an overlook about their plans and avoid those that cause damage to their self-esteem, confidence, and relationships. Although you may chase many phenomenons that are full of curiosity, such as games and others, at the same time they can cause disconnection from reality too. Enneagram 5 must be aware that your actions as a result of problems gives you confidence instead of learning those skills that you are not going to use.
  • They are unable to share their personal things with others such as their emotions and past experiences that make it difficult to approach them. They have a tendency to use their prediction in becoming aware of any conflict in relationships but they should also accept the fact that they must use this ability to work on themselves because fighting is not healthy rather than avoiding people and staying isolated. It doesn’t mean that you open up to everyone, you just need two or three friends with whom you can share your emotions that will help you grow in life.

FAQabout enneagram 5

What is an Enneagram 5?

Enneagram Five could be great thinkers, largely and deeply understand the worldwide phenomenons, flexible in thoughts, acknowledge things based on their true context, and also have the ability to do groundbreaking interventions.

What is the rarest Enneagram 5 type?

Enneagram Four is the type that cannot be found easily because they have a tendency to stay in their world because they are introverts.

You may have a chance of meeting in a face to face conversation or in a small group circle.

Where does Enneagram 5 go in stress?

They act in the same way as type seven while they feel distressed but they also have the ability of rich thoughts that sometimes are unable to track and also use humor for protection.