Best Traits of an Enneagram 4w3 (+3 Odd Weaknesses)

Enneagram is a system of typology which describes the personality of an individual as a number of interconnected personality types.

This has become popular in the spiritual and business domain but it is not widely accepted in evidence-based psychology as it lacks empirical research.  

Enneagram personality is defined with the help of the enneagram structure. It consists of a circle with nine distinct personalities.

The outer circle has an equilateral triangle inside which connects three of the nine points of the circle.

The rest of the points in the circle are connected through irregular hexagons.

In this article, we will discuss 4w3 Enneagram. 

Overview of Personality type 4:

Personality type 4 is usually known as ‘The individualist’.  They are named so as they establish their identities by seeing themselves as different from others.

They believe that they are different from others having specific and unique qualities. Not only their qualities have also considered their flaws to be different from others too.

Because of their tendency to believe that they are different from others, they feel that they cannot be understood by others and are not loved adequately for themselves.

Unlike other subtypes, they are well aware of their qualities as well as their deficiencies. 

In a healthy state, type 4 has this ability to be aware of their own emotions. They can identify their internal motivations, conflicts and contradictions existing inside of them.

In their journey of discovering themselves, they might encounter certain things that they do not like but it is not likely that they will try to rationalize it.

They accept their inner self wholly and completely as it is.

They are not afraid to share their shameful and personal things just in order to know the truth about their experience. 

There are different wing types for the enngearam type 4 for example, 4w2, 4w3 or 4w5.

4w3 is mentioned later in the blog in detail.

Overview of Personality type 3:

This personality type 3, has been named as The Achiever as when the people with this type of personality are generally feeling healthy and they are capable of making big differences and they have the potential to attain the great things in the world.

People with this personality type are thought to be the stars of human nature. The other people around them seek their help and support as they are gracious and have personal achievements in their lives.

These people are aware of the fact that how good are the feelings which are related to their development and contribution to their skills and abilities to the world.

These people find it joyful to help and motivate others to benefit them and make them able to do greater personal achievements and inculcate a sense of confidence among them which was diminished by the other people who didn’t consider them capable of doing this.

These people generally get acknowledged and become famous among their social circles. 

Enneagram 4w3:

Enneagram 4w3 are a blend of characteristics of personality type 4 and personality type 3.

They have basic personality type 4 with the influence of personality type 4.

Because of the basic personality type 4, enneagram 4w3 are more inclined to highlight their physical appearance and put a lot of effort to maintain their attractiveness and style.

They want to be perceived by others as wealthy, educated, successful, classy and elegant. Enneagram 4w3 is also known as enthusiasts. 

Basic Fear of enneagram 4w3:

The basic fear of enneagram 4w3 is that they are of value in this world.

They most like to overcome this fear by alienating themselves from others. They think that they are different from others.

Basic desires of enneagram 4w3:

The basic desire of enneagram 4w3 emerges from their basic fear. They want to be seen as unique and have their own personal identity.

For this purpose they are likely to have their own authentic expression and they are more likely to be creative. 

Characteristics of enneagram 4w3:

Both personality type 3 and personality 4 are driven by their fear of rejection but they cope with this fear very differently.

Personality type 4 tries to overcome this fear by being unique and different from others while personality type 3 is inclined to think that they can get validation by being loving and successful thus they try to portray themselves as elegant, successful, and loving.

The creativity of personality type 4 and the ambitiousness of personality type 3 make 4w3 to be accomplished and successful in their lives.

They are great painters, artists, and writers. 

According to enneagram institute, enneagram 4w3 personality types are really creative, intelligent, and curious, having great ideas.

The influence of wing 3 on personality type 4 makes them take a step ahead of their fantasies and work them out practically.

Because of the influence of personality type 3, potential in them increases exponentially. This practicality accompanying the influence of 3 lets them to set aside their melancholic and dramatic tendencies.

They set their goals and their priorities right and influence of wing 3 gives them the confidence to achieve those goals.

Personality types are usually introverted but the influence of type 3 renders them more sociable.

They enjoy social activities and interacting with others. Thus they become detached to their emotional world and step more into reality. 

In stress or in disintegration enneagram 4w3 depicts the unhealthy qualities of both personality types. A major issue concerning both personality types has to do with the identity crisis.

Thus in disintegration 4w3 struggles a great deal to cope with the shame.

They also go through the relational crisis and tend to find the meaning in the outside world or in their work rather than within themselves.

They put in a lot of effort to get the job done effectively and efficiently which serves to enhance their self-esteem.

They seek validation from others and this purpose they try to be seen as unique and intelligent. The disintegration influence of personality type 3 gives 4w3 bouts of competitiveness and anger.

They have this grandiose image of themselves where they throw modesty out of the window.

This exacerbates the sense of uniqueness of personality type 4 where they are inclined to believe that they are higher than others.

This also takes a toll on their financial stability, where they tend to spend a lot to portray the right image, usually higher than others. 

Enneagram 4w3 personality type has this tendency to know the reaction of their audience.

Because of this ability, they usually organize their work according to the taste of their audience which leads to their work being recognized and appreciated.

They are usually financially stable as they know what people want of them but they tend to spend a lot as they are likely to spend a luxurious life. 

As enneagram 4w3 have basic personality type 4, they deal with the basic issues of personality type 4 which are as follow:

  1. They are extremely sensitive to criticism. Negative criticism can affect their psychological health badly. 
  2. They are unlikely to expose themselves in front of others. This can be driven by their fear of rejection. They think that if they let others know who they are like they might be rejected for this. 
  3. Because of their fear of rejection and their sensitivity towards criticism, they are deeply concerned that they might get judged for their work.
  4. Despite their strong outer exterior, they are very emotional and vulnerable.
  5. They are likely to deal with esteem issues. 

Few qualities of enneagram 4w3 are as follow:

  • Intense
  • Expressive
  • Goal-oriented
  • Productive
  • Authentic
  • Artistic
  • Creative
  • Competitive
  • Hardworking
  • Restless
  • Romantic

Strengths of Enneagram 4w3:

According to the Enneagram Institute, certain strengths are associated with each personality subtype which can help them to be effective and efficient in their lives.

The strengths associated with 4w3 are as follow:

  1. Enneagram 4w3 are deeply connected to their inner selves. In their journey to be unique to tend to self-reflective and know what they are. 
  2. Enneagram 4w3 has this ability that they can understand the emotions and desires of others. This helps them to be successful as they can organize their work in a way that is recognized and appreciated by others. 
  3. As they alienate themselves from others they are least likely to be affected by the thought process of others. They have their own original thoughts which have been proven effective at many times. 

Weaknesses of Enneagram 4w3:

According to the Enneagram Institute, each personality subtype has certain weaknesses which can become a hindrance in their way to success.

These weaknesses should be recognized and work on to be effective in their lives. Weaknesses associated with 4w3 are as follow:

  1. In stress or in disintegration, they are likely to act out and act emotionally. This can lead to constrained relations with others.
  2. They spend a lot of their time maintaining their image which can sometimes become dysfunctional for them. 
  3. Their basic fear emerges from their ingrained insecurity. They also struggle with self-doubt which led them to believe that they are not good enough. 
  4. To overcome their fear of rejection, enneagram 4w3 are likely to seek validation from others and in doing so they waste their energies which can rather be consumed in useful ways. 

Stressors for Enneagram 4w3:

Every individual enjoys certain behaviors while trying to avoid others. If a person is forced to perform those acts it becomes stressful for them.

The behaviors which become a stressor for enneagram 4w3 are as follow:

  1. When enneagram 4w3 personality types are unable to accomplish the task they wanted to, it becomes a major stressor for them. Failure and disappointment work as monsters for them.
  2. Because of the influence of 3, introverted nature of personality type 4 is suppressed and spending too much time alone can be stressful for them
  3. They are uncomfortable in a situation where they are not given enough space to express themselves.
  4. Enneagram 4w3 is deeply drained by their interpersonal conflicts. 

Enneagram 4w3 Careers

Here are some great Enneagram 4w3 careers:

  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Interior designer
  • Writer
  • Cosmetologist
  • Researcher
  • Psychologist
  • Doctor
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Performer
  • Dance Instructor
  • Journalist
  • Music Teacher
  • Personal Trainer
  • Photographer

The Enneagram 4w3 personality is likely to use their wing 3 traits to propel their romantic notions of work and career forward and as a result they are likely to want to get into a career that helps them achieve their idealistic goals but in a professional and successful manner.

The Enneagram 4w3 personality is also relatively more extroverted than the typical type 4, which makes them even more likely to get into careers that involve more interaction with other people, which is something the type 4 personality might not want to do.

Enneagram 4w3 careers may also be influenced by the fact that they are energetic, enthusiastic about the achievement of goals, and not quite as individualistic as pure type fours maybe, or even as introverted as the subtype 4w5.

Enneagram 4w3 vs 4w5

The primary difference between enneagram 4w3 vs 4w5 is that while the 4w3 might focus more on their careers than anything else and may often chase lofty goals and ambitions, the 4w5 might be more concerned with introspection and investigation, through which they seek to create a unique self-identity.

The most significant difference between enneagram 4w3 vs 4w5 is that the 4w3 is more likely to be an extrovert, and their focus may be more on the external goals, people and environment, whereas the 4w5 may focus more on the internal, in terms of goals, identity and information for further decision making processes.

Another key feature of the comparison of the enneagram 4w3 vs 4w5 is that the 4w3 is an intelligent, curious, creative person who has a million ideas and the typical Three wing ambition and ability to execute them, and on the other hand the enneagram 4w5 seeks to immerse themselves in all the feelings they hold inside themselves, creating a person who can empathize and understand the outer world far better. 

Enneagram 4w3 vs 4s5 debate can be approached from the perspective of their wings as well, and where the Three Wing helps the Four in the 4w3 to move from the fantasy in their head to actual physical projects and businesses, the 5  wing in 4w5 lends wisdom through intellectual analysis that leads to insights, but not in the tangible, material sense like actual results.

The 4w3 may be able to balance out the melancholic and dramatic tendencies of the type 4 personality, and this also forms a major part of the difference between 4w3 vs 4w5, because the introspective tendency of the 4w5 might get somewhat emotionally charged at times, but unlike the 4w3 who deals with it by focusing outward, the 4w5 might do so by being objective and practical, owing to their investigative nature.

Enneagram 4w3 celebrities

Here are some Enneagram 4w3 celebrities:

  • Alanis morrisette
  • Michael Jackson
  • George Michael
  • Sarah Mclachlan
  • Dido
  • Winona Ryder
  • Elton John
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Walt Whitman
  • Albert Camus
  • James Dean

Enneagram 4w3 vs 3w4

The primary distinction between enneagram 4w3 vs 3w4 is that 4w3 tends to be quieter and more creative than ambitious or bent on achieving things, whereas the 3w4 might be more about achieving things using their creative and somewhat romantic notions of the world.

The main difference between enneagram 4w3 vs 3w4 likes in the fact that while the 4w3 is ruled by the core traits of the individualist Enneagram type 4 with some traits of type 3, the 3w4 is ruled by the core traits of the Ambitious Enneagram type 3 with some core traits of type 4.

Another feature that differentiates the enneagram 4w3 vs 3w4, is that 3w4 is much more ambitious than the 4w3, but this does not mean that they are in any way malicious, manipulative, or boisterous, it just means that they like to put on the mask of who they really are or how they feel, while the 4w3 may be more open and honest because they may be too concerned about their unique sense of identity to bother with any masks.

One might also find, when trying to distinguish between enneagram 4w3 vs 3w4, that the 3w4 personality is likely to be always putting on a show for other people around, trying to grasp attention or making things happen for them, and they tend to be more externally motivated than the 4w3, who may pay more attention to their inner world and try to do things that fit into this world instead of dealing with the outside.

Lastly, one may also find that the enneagram 4w3 vs 3w4 difference is also that the 3w4 may find it easier to be more assertive and dominant, and they may not necessarily have the typical individualistic traits of the type 4 personality, but the 4w3 will be more introspective and imaginative because they have the classical traits of the Enneagram 4 personality which may also make them somewhat moody and withdrawn at times.

Enneagram 4w3 Jobs

Some Enneagram 4w3 jobs are as follows:

  • Poet
  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Museum Curator
  • Psychologist 
  • Scientist
  • Artist 
  • Music Producer
  • Singer
  • Lyricist
  • Director/Producer
  • Graphic Designer 

Most enneagram 4w3 jobs will contain significant possibilities for growth because these individuals are likely to be fairly ambitious, and they may often want to be involved in something that truly makes them progress in the right direction over time.

Enneagram 4w3 jobs are also likely to be ones that allow for the possibility of enough alone time because while these people may be fairly extroverted due to the wing 3 traits, they can often have tendencies to want time to themselves at the end of challenging days.

Enneagram 4w3 Relationships

Enneagram 4w3 relationships are likely to be full of energy, growth and attention to the partner, because these individuals are capable of great things and they are driven to make everything they are involved in spectacular, and that includes relationships.

Enneagram 4w3 relationships may often be best with partners who are understanding of the drive these individuals have for everything, and they may flourish when they are with someone who understands their need to create their unique identity.

Another thing any partner must remember is that an enneagram 4w3 relationship is always likely to be focused on the achievement of goals and these individuals may not like the idea of constantly having to compromise or make adjustments without really getting anything in return.

On the other hand, an enneagram 4w3 relationship is also going to be a heady experience because of the romantic and energetic tendencies of these people, and their capacity for sentimentality will likely make for a very lovely companionship.

Enneagram 4w3 MBTI

The enneagram 4w3 MBTI is most likely to be INFJ or INTJ, which are both introverted personality types in the MBTI and they are based on the person prioritizing feeling and beliefs over thinking and planning, which usually matches with the type 4 romantic tendencies.

Enneagram 4w3 MBTI is most often considered to be INFP, more so than INFJ, because these individuals may be highly likely to focus on the present than constantly plan for or think about the future, and this may lead to them being rather feeling based in their judgments or decisions.

Furthemore, the Enneagram 4w3 MBTI is also thought to be INFP in most cases because INFPs are considered to be more efficient at crafting images and using their imagination to conjure up an image, which is something that the type 4 might do often as well.

Also, the dominant function of the INFP is introverted feeling, which means that it is only natural for them to be the aristocrats or enthusiasts, while the INFJs are introverted intuitives, which means they are more ponderers and philosophers, something that appeals more to the 4w5 description, rather than the 4w3, which is why one might find that the Enneagram 4w3 MBTI is rarely INFJ.


Enneagram 4w3 personality is a blend of characteristics of personality type 3 and personality type 4.

They have basic personality type 4 with the influence of 3.

The characteristics of both personalities reinforce each other as both personalities are driven by their fear of rejection but the way in which they deal with this basic fear is different.

Enneagram 4w3 personality type is highly creative and likely to be very successful in their lives as they can anticipate the expectations of others.

They are extroverted and enjoy the company of others. They want to be unique and authentic thus not much affected by the other people’s ideas. 

FAQs about 4w3 Personality

What is 4w3 Enneagram?

Enneagram 4w3 has basic personality type 4 with the influence of its adjacent personality type 3 known as its wing.

They are highly creative and intelligent individuals with the courage to execute their goals.

Influence of personality type 3 makes personality type 4 to get out of their head and execute their goals. 

Where does Enneagram 4 go in stress?

According to enneagram institute, every personality type tends to move towards a healthy state when happy and in disintegration when in stress.

In stress enneagram 4 suffers from grandiosity.

They throw humbleness out of the window and tend to think of themselves as completely different from others. 

How do I know my Enneagram type?

Enneagram is a set of nine personality types.

Each individual can find a little of himself in all personality types but is closest to one type which constitutes its core personality type.

A person can know about his enneagram type by simply taking the online test available at the enneagram institute website. 


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