Enneagram 2 (A Comprehensive Guide)

Where almost everyone is fascinated by the concept introduced through Katherine Myers and Briggs personality test, there are some other tests that have proven to be of advantage.

Have you heard of an enneagram? It is another personality-test that categorizes human personalities into nine different types and it can also identify the strengths and weaknesses of a person.

If you know about your personality you are able to discover yourself and your self-knowledge will be increased.

This article will help you learn about personality type two of the enneagram and the strength and weaknesses of this personality.

It is important to know about the concept of enneagram before we move towards knowing the concept of type two of the enneagram. 

What is an Enneagram?

Personality testing has become a major subfield of psychology and almost everyone is interested in knowing what type of personality they possess.

According to experts, the enneagram helps you see the person at a deeper level and make them understand his strengths and weaknesses.

It makes you walk to a path of self-knowledge. It is also defined as circumference with nine points and it can be pretty complex because it will remind you of your geometry class in high school.

There are a number of tests online which will let you know what your enneagram type is.

If you haven’t ever used an enneagram personality test then we shall tell you about its basic idea.

The enneagram has divided personalities of human beings into nine basic enneagram types.

The names of these types of personalities are given below.

  • Enneagram 1: The Reformer
  • Enneagram 2: The Helper
  • Enneagram 3: The Achiever
  • Enneagram 4: The Individualist
  • Enneagram 5: The Investigator
  • Enneagram 6: The Loyalist
  • Enneagram 7: The Enthusiast
  • Enneagram 8: The Challenger
  • Enneagram 9: The Peacemaker

For example, if you have taken the free online test and you have found out that your personality is of enneagram 8 which is an investigator it means the person needs to know everything about everything.

Now let’s move forward and come to our main topic which is enneagram 2. We’ll discuss what enneagram 2 is and how it is different from other personality types.

You can also look at the characteristics and know if you fall into this category or not. 

Enneagram 2

Enneagram 2 personalities are simply defined by their empathetic nature. They are genuinely caring people who are also interpersonal.

They tend to be very generous, people-pleasing, demonstrative, and generally very possessive.

Enneagram 2 people are warm-hearted and they are sincere to the people around them.

You will find enneagram 2 people to be friendly and generous and self-sacrificing most of the time. They can be people-pleasing, sentimental, and flattering types when needs are.

Their presence generally gives you a sense of warmth as they are driven to be close to other people.

They also seem to be doing things that make other people like them. 

Defining Characteristics of Enneagram 2

Some of the most common traits of enneagram 2 people are given below.

They are known as ‘the givers’ or ‘the helper’ type and that’s why you will find them generous towards others.

Here are some of the most commonly found and most defining characteristics of enneagram 2.

  • They are caring and gentle.
  • They have smooth, flowing movements while they walk or talk or just move.
  • They have proven to be excellent members while working in teams or groups.
  • They are nurturing and patient towards people around them.
  • They have bright eyes with a sense of warmth in them and they also have big warm smiles. 
  • Enneagram 2 people are mostly very vocal about their volunteer activities and they are mostly activists or work as volunteers.
  • They are most approachable and they exude kindness and generosity.

Explaining Enneagram 2 

Enneagram 2 personality is also known as ‘the givers’ or ‘the helpers’. They are labeled as givers because of their highly caring and empathetic nature.

They always put others’ needs above them.

Enneagram 2 people are really good at sensing the emotional gaps of people around them and then they try to support those people who need them.

They are really happy to be a shoulder to cry on for others.

They find great joy in just being there for people and are seen as a source of encouragement.

They are known to be ride or die companions in every situation. They are mostly extroverts and they tend to be friends with different groups and they are liked by many.

People from almost all stages of life are their friends because of their supportive, friendly, and encouraging nature.

They mostly find problems with possessiveness and lack of acknowledgment for their own needs.

They are mostly altruistic and unselfish and they love others unconditionally. 

Some of the Core Beliefs of Enneagram 2

You might be wondering about what makes an enneagram 2 to behave, think, feel or do things in a certain way.

Here are some of the important core beliefs which shape the life of an enneagram 2 person.

  • Core Desire

They want to be loved, appreciated, and wanted from the people around them. 

  • What do they long for?

They long for someone to say to them that they are loved and wanted. 

  • Core Weakness

An enneagram 2 person is most likely to deny his or her own needs and emotions while they are taking care of other people’s needs and emotions.

They are so focused on other people’s emotions and needs that they forget about themselves only to hear from other people that they are appreciated. 

They have their pride intact which can be a problem at times. 

  • Core Fear

Enneagram 2 people are terrified of being thought worthless or being unwanted, inconsequential, needy, unworthy of love, or even dispensable. 

  • Core Values

Enneagram 2 people have following core values and they tend to follow them and move their life around these values.

They have a strong sense of meaning, emotional intimacy, acknowledgment from loved ones and these are grounding principles of the givers. 

Altruism has a strong place in their hearts and they like to be known as altruistic personalities.

They volunteer and make time and give the energy to pick others up.

Generosity and reciprocity is another core value of enneagram 2 people. Their decisions are guided by the principles of kindness and reciprocity. 

Their shared experience of a quality time spent with their loved ones is the most precious feeling for enneagram 2 people.

They are more drawn to improve someone’s mood in less time than helping themselves as it means the world to them. 

How can enneagram 2 be recognized?

If you want to look at yourself for signs of being an enneagram 2 or you want to know if someone else is enneagram 2 or not then you should look for some of these characteristics in them. 

  1. When in public, enneagram 2 or the gives who directly draw strangers’ attention towards them because strangers like to ask for directions from enneagram 2 people.
  2. They have great approachability.
  3. An enneagram 2 person can be seen as a father figure (or mother figure) in a group because of their high sensitivity towards the needs of others.
  4. They always try to stay in touch with their loved ones, ways can be different as it can be only tender words or surprise gifts or even homemade dishes, they just love to show their love to people who mean so much to them. 

If a friend or a family member of yours has the above-mentioned qualities then they are definitely a giver or an enneagram 2.

You should be extra careful towards an enneagram 2 because of their higher tendency towards love and affection. 

  • How do enneagram 2 react under different levels of health?

The givers are defined at every level of their health and how they perform or act under those levels.

  • At unhealthy Level

There are tons of thousands of problems if God forbid an enneagram 2 falls sick. They will fall into despair and criticism and negative self-talking.

They keep looking for other faults and wrongdoing.

They seek the same control which they have before illness and in doing so they become overly clingy and needy which makes them unbearable for others. 

  • An a healthy level

When they are healthy they are their best self and they are selfless caregivers who only get satisfaction and fulfillment by giving unconditional love to others.

They like to acknowledge others’ efforts and doings in a relationship and they also accept and understand the fact that other people need distance in the relationship too.

They know their self-worth and guide others to find their own self-respect as well.

They become their ideal self when they are at a healthy level. 

FAQ about enneagram 2

What does Enneagram 2 go to in stress?

An enneagram 2, when he or she is stressed, can get a little pushy so they can secure some love and warmth from the person.

They become so much controlling and tyrannical that people around them are actually afraid of talking to them or being with them.

It is important to understand the givers’ feelings and treat them with respect.

How should I communicate with enneagram 2?

– Appreciation goes a long way while communicating with an enneagram 2.

– Use a second-person perspective.

– If you are texting, do use a lot of heart eyes emojis.

– Acknowledgment of enneagram 2’s feelings is also of utmost importance.

– Be kind and always give encouraging feedback to them.

– Positive reinforcements

Who are some of the most famous Enneagram 2 personalities?

Some of the most famous ‘givers’ personalities are given below.

– Pope John XXIII

– Nancy Reagan

– Lionel Richie

– Monica Lewinsky

– Eve Harrington (All about Eve)

– Eleanor Roosevelt

– Elizabeth Taylor

– Stevie Wonder

– Kenny G

– Dr. McCoy (Star Trek)

– Ann Landers

– Kenny G

– Leo Buscaglia

– Paula Abdul

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