ENFP Function (A Comprehensive Guide)

People who fall under the personality type of ENFP are warmer and enthusiasts who are very intelligent and are loaded with potential.

These people always strive to find new chances, possibilities, and may show excitement and passion about things.

These people motivate and inspire other people because of their enthusiasm more than the people of any other type.

These people have the ability to talk about anything. These people see life as a special gift, that’s why they love their lives and always work hard to get the most out of everything.

In this article, we will discuss the ENFP Function

People of this personality type have an unbelievably wider range of talent and skill.

These people show good results in those things in which they are interested.

These people can choose various career fields in their life.

To many many, these people can look without any direction and purposeless but in reality, these are persistent about their sense of values which they hold throughout their lives.

Their values come first to them in everything they do. 

A person of this personality type is required to think and perceive the sense of their lives as their true self and following whatever they think to be right.

These people look for meaningfulness in everything they do and continue to have a wish for adapting to their values to attain internal peace.

These people are afraid of losing their connection with themselves.

People of this personality type are highly involved in their values because they have a focus on being themselves.

People of this personality type are required to concentrate on following through what they are working on.

This may cause issues for a few of these people.

ENFPs are required to spend some time with themselves to make it possible that they are going in a positive direction which is in line with their value system.

These people who remain in line are likely to be successful in their ventures.

There is a possibility that other people may adopt this habit to drop a project in the middle when they get to have a new chance.

Thus, they never become successful in achieving their objectives which they have the capability of accomplishing.

Strengths of ENFP

These people have good skills in communicating with others and they understand the process of using these skills.

They have the ability to start the conversation with anyone with ease and they know how to have the attention of other people to keep the flow of discussion in order.

People of this personality type give a lot of energy which keeps the conversation healthy and alive.

They are also good at collaborating with other people in professional settings.


The people of this personality type are imaginative.

They can solve problems easily and do not agree with executing plans on the basis of traditional methods.

These people believe that in every situation adopting a genuine approach is possible and they do not surrender to their habits or routines.

They perceive resistance as a challenge and try to find opportunities in each challenge. These people tend to face all the challenges happily. 

Natural Leaders

People of this personality type are considered as natural leaders.

These people are always found in the front lines to take on the charge of being a leader and a top position instinctively and readily.

They have trust and confidence in their abilities to take on responsibilities that demand skills and passion and most people are scared to take on these challenges.

Leaders of this personality type can build consensus by working hard to get the trust of their coworkers by listening to them and their ideas patiently and show an enthusiastic reaction to their good recommendations.

Their positive attitude of assertiveness motivates people to take action.

Strong Social Conscience

These people are mostly involved in social movements actively.

These people take a stand about those things which they believe in without any apology.

Few of them can talk about being compassionate but in actuality, their actions do not reflect their thoughts but the case of ENFPs is entirely different.

They believe that it is very important to reflect on actions that we say through our words.

In spite of having a friendly nature, these people can be very anguished when they will be treated with unjust behavior.

Their people can show assertiveness and may get louder if it is required to make their opinions and suggestions clear to others.

ENFP Weaknesses


These people are thought to be hypersensitive.

These people can sometimes allow their thoughts to go wild and mostly have bad intentions that do not have any existence in this world.

Their hypersensitivity and awareness of it is helpful for them to bring improvements in their social comprehension.

But thoroughly going through can only bring results when there exists something in actuality.

If it is not so then it can give rise to misunderstandings and may arise feelings of hurt and can have negative impacts on relationships

Lack of focus and follow-through

People with this personality type have charismatic characteristics to be creative and make their everyday life filled with new ideas.

These people mostly only get excited and passionate initially and by relying on these elements but do not demonstrate a necessary will that is required to convert their ideas into reality.

These people have the capability to begin new ventures before they complete the previous one and failing to observe things through is where these people lack.


The ENFPs are also considered thinkers.

These people can see the slights, hostilities, and resentment which are actually nonexistent.

These people also over analyze others’ behavior and this habit can cause conflicts and anger unnecessarily.

If the people of this type are not getting praise as they expect it from other people around them they can trigger their insecurities and it may lead them to feel unvalued and unappreciated.

Overemotional and approval-seeking

While expressing emotions is a primary factor of the identity of ENFPs they can emerge out to be strong.

Their style of being bubbly and energetic at the time does not match with their partners and introverts, especially, may feel steamrolled in their presence.

People with this personality type also seek approvals from others and in search of getting acknowledgement and praise they can go hard to create their good impression which means they talk a lot and we listen very little.

ENFP Functions

Personality types explored by Myers-Brigg have four various cognitive functions.

Language is put in by these cognitive functions to a way in which the information is processed and decisions are made.

Their order depends on personal preferences. The functions of feelings and thinking are utilized for decision making while sensing and intuition are utilized in information processing.

The top two functions denote each type.

Those functions which take place in minds are internal functions and those functions used to communicate and relate to the world outside are known as external functions.

Following are the ENFP functions

Extroverted iNtuition

Extroverted iNtuition is the main ENFP function.

The people with ENFP personality type utilize this function to look for and core principles, so that they can see upcoming opportunities, to build conceptions and a work plan, and to build relativity as they are talking, writing or creating.

For the people of other personality types, extroverted iNtuition means that ENFPs are seen always in a higher spirit, the flow of thoughts, and conceptions which make them seem entirely irrelevant to what is happening in reality.

The ENFP functions described below are considered at the service of extroverted iNtuition. It implies that doing things in the way of extroverted iNtuition is prioritized every single time.

 introverted Feeling

Another ENFP function is introverted feeling. Although this ENFP function is termed as feeling this isn’t an eternal emotion, instead, it gives value to internal emotions.

The people with ENFP personality type may experience emotion in-depth but it isn’t the core of introverted feeling.

this is rather a process of making decisions which turn them to show interest in measuring their ethical codes and what is being told by their gut feelings to them is right, this mostly is based on how these people want to get treatment for them.

These people are always thinking about other people and also have the knowledge and understanding of the way they feel they are being seen by others.

This may be challenging and a time taking task to comprehend their beliefs to ensure that they feel right.

This process of refining value may be lengthy and time taking and requiring one’s solitude of mind.

This can turn ENFPs to look like introverts in such a time period. Authenticity is placed in high esteem by introverted feelings and gets repulsed by the things which are not genuine.

Introverted Feeling is another ENFP function.

Extroverted Thinking

The third ENFP function is extroverted thinking. Extroverted thinking is a logical approach to solve problems.

This ENFP function is naturally inclined toward finding a suitable solution, creating betterment inefficiency, and criticizing or refining the things already there.

The ENFPs mostly keep the balance among this fast, effective approach of decision making and considering the process of decision making of their extroverted thinking.

These people tend to take a necessary interval of time while making any decision until or unless it is not defying their beliefs they may utilize their extroverted thinking to ensure that the decision is made when it should be.

internal Sensing

The final ENFP function is internal sensing. Internal sensing is not considered as stronger in comparison with other functions.

This function mostly works subconsciously and has the capability of storing user information and knowledge gathered by them in a systematic manner for use in the future.

Those who have internal sensing are actually good at applying, following the process, and continue to run a system uninterruptedly for a longer interval of time.

As internal sensing is not focused on ENFP, this can make it difficult for them to show consistency, reliability, and actual implementation of the ideas.

With the passage of time, ENFP function of internal sensing develops and grows and thus they understand how to minimize their shortcomings.

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FAQ about ENFP function

Q1. What is the ENFP personality type?

People who fall under the personality type of ENFP are warmer and enthusiasts who are very intelligent and are loaded with potential.

These people always strive to find new chances, possibilities, and may show excitement and passion about things.

Q2. What are the strengths of the ENFP personality type?

Following are the strengths of ENFP people:



Energetic and Enthusiastic

Excellent Communicators

Know-How to Relax

Very Popular and Friendly

Q3. What are the weaknesses of ENFP personality types?

Following are the few weaknesses of ENFP people:

Poor Practical Skills

Find it Difficult to Focus

Find it Difficult to Focus

Get Stressed Easily

Highly Emotional

Independent to a Fault

Q4. List down the ENFP functions.

Following are the ENFP functions:

Extroverted iNtuition

introverted feeling

Extroverted thinking

Internal sensing


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