ENFP Careers (5 great paths )

Psychologists have been studying human personalities for many decades so that they might understand the basic nature of humans.

Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers revealed 16 types of personalities including ENFP. In this article, we will discuss the ENFP career.  

People with ENFP personality symbolize as fantastic, warmer, intelligent, full of motivation, and hope.

These people always try their best to look at all the possibilities and also have a desire and enthusiasm to know about things. ENTPs inspire others with their talent and skills and live their lives fully.

ENFP always gives priority to their moral standards and has high internal peace and also feels scared about losing their true self that’s why they stay focused.

They prefer to talk themselves to be certain that they are working in the right direction according to their moral standards.  They work on their project until they accomplish it rather than drop it in the middle.

Strengths of ENFP

ENFPs have good communication skills and utilize them fully in their social environment.

Due to their good communication power, they maintain the flow of conversation in a healthy way.

They also perform well in teamwork in professional settings.

1.      Imaginative

People with ENFP personality symbolize as creative and inspired with a belief that using the exclusive methods while solving the difficulties is better than relying on their old habits and procedure.

They perceive every situation as a challenge and overcome it in a successful way.   

2.                  Natural Leaders

These people are full of confidence in their ability to lead anything, listen to their colleagues in a comfortable way, and receive their recommendation while working together.

They prefer to take any challenge in the front line and use their passion and skills to make things in the right way. 

3.                  Strong Social Conscience

ENFP believes in high social morality. They take actions without any regret for the things which they believe are right.

They believe that our actions show our intentions and think wisely before taking actions.

Although they are a bit friendly when it comes to putting their opinion in front of others they can be very loud instead of remaining calm.   

ENFP Weaknesses

1.      Hypersensitivity

Their great weakness is that people with ENFP personalities are quick to take offense. They may create their imaginary problems that actually don’t exist in the real world and directly affect their relationships.

Although their quick offense and overthinking sometimes help them to take a look at themselves and perform better in social situations.

2. Lack of focus and follow-through

These people have a pleasant physical appearance and the ability of creativity that fill their minds with new ideas.

These people at first seem to be very excited and motivated about their ideas but not capable enough to maintain their focus and implement these ideas into reality.

Due to a number of ideas, they find it difficult to have patience and complete the tasks from side to side

3. Overthinking

These people often overgeneralize a simple situation and consider a simple joke as an insult and offense for themselves that leads to a conflicting relationship with others.

They often breathe on others’ opinions and consider themselves as unworthy if people do not appreciate their efforts.

4. Overemotional and approval-seeking

These personalities are full of emotions and have less control over their emotions which causes them damage also they frequently search for others’ approval as a nice person and work hard for it, however, they repeatedly talk a lot and consume time to listen to others.

Now. we will discuss the best  ENFP career below: 

What are the best for ENFP careers?

ENF choose those jobs that vary from daily routine jobs and offer new challenges and tasks so that they can use their creativity and help them to enhance their skills.

ENFPs prefer those jobs that need free-association of ideas and openness rather than stick to completing daily projects before the deadline. Theses personalities choose to help others when they need it.  

1.    ENFP career1:  Entrepreneur

ENFPs’ personalities have the ability to be a businessman as they prefer to take a risk and never afraid of challenges.

They are determined toward their goals and motivated to achieve it.

They play a role as a gambler in their professional settings due to their nature of risk-taking.

Such as these personalities have an idea related to a product and use their intellectual ability to make it as a world-known creation.

2.      ENFP career2: Social Worker

ENFPs also succeed as social work due to their native attitude of helping others and encourage them to fight back toward their difficulties, face all the challenges in life with a positive attitude rather than playing the role of submissive one.

Social workers have the ability to work on different cases at once that provide variation in their daily life that is necessary for them too to maintain their attention.  

3.      ENFP career 3: Human Resources

Some people with ENFP personalities work happily in the interpersonal area of any organization due to their people-oriented nature.

Instead of working in the human resources department and dealing with papers every day.

They feel motivated in the process of recruitment in any organization and prefer to conduct interviews and trained the employees.

While other ENFPs enjoy working in the HR department because it gives them satisfaction in guiding the new people, thinking about the new strategies of hiring employees, and resolving conflicts occurring among employees.

4.     ENFP career 4:  Sales

working as a sale person is really tough job because it requires specific skills such as well-informed about a product, friendly and open-minded.

ENFP has all these skills naturally that’s why this is well suited for ENFPs they can work as a manager, sales assistance, and legislative body for the organization.

They can easily engage others due to their good communication skills and increase the rate of a sale product.

This career also fulfills their need to help others.

5.    ENFP career 5:   Brand Manager

People with ENFP personality also work as a brand manager even become the representative of a brand.

It fulfil their need to campaign for a real-world motive and also they use their creativity to engage the customers and increase the customers.

In this way, they can use their intellect to work as a team and appreciate new ideas for the brand.  

6.      ENFP career 6: EMT

ENFPs can also work as emergency medical technicians. EMTs repeatedly deal with the life and death decisions of human beings.

They are the ones that work as a front line person in an emergency by providing medical services at the time of any injury or accident.

Those ENFPs who want to help people in difficult situations and reckless enough to provide that service are best for this career

7.    ENFP career 7: Actor

People with ENFP personality are good observers. Which is the necessary requirement to become an actor to observe the situation and act accordingly?

Their observing ability helps them to focus each and every detail of the characters that gives them insight while performing the act. 

Those who are extrovert, look for the approval of others, and wanted to be appreciated are best for this career.

8.      ENFP career 8: Server

ENFPs are naturally calm and relaxed under any kind of stressful situation that makes them more kind and attentive.

That helps them to become a food server if they are waiting for a break in acting career because it’s a classic job, for now, days.

9.      ENFP career: Teacher

ENFPs are not afraid of kids that are unruly and noisy instead of they might prove as a goof teacher in the early education of the children.

Because the basic requirement for this career is enthusiasm and it exists naturally in ENFPs.

Teachers should appreciate the children in doing a good task, must be flexible in thoughts, focus on all the students, and listen to their views about a topic also need to have a motivation to teach new things rather than relying on old methods of teaching.

All of these qualities can be easily find in an ENFP personality.  

  ENFP career: Three Jobs to Avoid

Although there are number of ENFP career, there are also some careers that are not for the people who have the traits of ENFP personality because these careers are not going to make them happy and relaxed rather than they may feel anxious and exhausted  

1. Engineer

Engineering is a career that required some qualities that can be seen in ENFPs such as it required creativity, ability to face challenges and tackle them, and uniqueness in their ideas.

But at the same time engineering required the more focus on every single detail of the project, always remember the facts and figures, work in a required time span and meet the deadlines and also work in a highly structured environment. 

Engineers hold a heavy responsibility to strictly follow all the safety measures and project conditions.

ENFPs avoid to focus on the details and working in a structural environment.

They perceive it as a burden rather than a happy working environment.

2. Financial Advisor

ENFPs have the ability to fight back in an inflexible and repetitive environment that makes them suitable as a financial advisor for different companies but at the same time being a financial advisory also demand some other capabilities such as a clear focus on the financial detail make it a regular job whereas ENFPs prefer to enhance and use their creative ability in any kind of job that helps them to maintain focus working as a financial advisor not only limit their focus but also make it boring.

3. Lab Analyst/Scientist

ENFPs are the ones who prefer to work in a free and lively environment that is free from conflicts and personal issues so that they can receive more positive energy in the working place.

But working as a lab analyst will make them isolated in a laboratory setting and have a feeling of dissatisfaction although they may doing good as a lab analyst.  

Final Thoughts

ENFPs are the personalities that flourished in an open environment so that they can use their creative skills and express their ideas They have good communication skills that make them socially acceptable they enjoy to work as a team ENPFs are the Personalities that are ready to help others So if they are working in an environment that allows all of these facilities they will be satisfied from their job.

FAQs about ENFP Career

What is the ENFP personality type?

People who fall under the category of ENFP personality have the characteristics of kind and warmth.

They are overloaded with their potential and also gain benefit from their skills.

These personalities are very intellectual and show their support to others as well

What are the strengths of the ENFP personality type?

Although ENFPs have a number of positive skills that are mentioned above one of the crucial skills is that they have good communication skills which makes them very understanding and inspiring also they have the ability to use their skills effectively.

3.                  What are the weaknesses of the ENFP personality type?

People with ENFP personalities have a tendency of oversensitivity towards criticism, lives on others approval, easily lose their focus, and full of emotions that cause harm for them



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