ENFJ Relationships (A Complete Guide)


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Page last updated: 28/08/2022

ENFJ Relationships

In this article we will discuss ENFJ Relationships. Different types of personalities are found in the world.

Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers tried and created sixteen different personality types. ENFJ personality type is one of those personality types and it is found in both men and women.

Every single personality type has its own way of dealing with different matters of everyday life. 

Similarly, ENFJ personalities have their own unique ways of dealing with their personal and professional issues and that’s what makes them who they really are.

Moreover, ENFJ relationships are also unique because they have been treated differently and have different styles of communication in varying spheres of life.

We’ll discuss ENFJ relationships in this article and how they deal with those relationships. Before moving towards the deeper understanding of ENFJ relationships we should first know a little about ENFJ personalities.

After understanding what ENFJ personality is, we can move towards understanding ENFJ relationships. Let’s take a look at ENFJ personality.

  • ENFJ Personality

These personalities are known as ‘the givers’. They are always concerned about giving back to humanity.

They are driven by the motive of implementing what is best for mankind in their vision and they are known as idealist organizers.

They are very good at finding potential in others and then persuading them to do something with their potential.

They are always excited about the opportunities available for other people and they are focused on values and visions. They are enthusiastic and energetic while having a lot on their plate.

They are mostly aware of human suffering while being optimistic and forward thinkers. They are also intuitively looking for opportunities for others in order for them to improve.

The most interesting thing about their altruistic and ambitious nature is that they do not want much for themselves but they feel that they are personally responsible for making this world a better place to live in. 

  • What does ENFJ stand for?

ENFJ is one of the sixteen types of personalities by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers. ENFJ stands for 

  • E: Extraverted (they are energized by spending time alone rather than being around people)
  • N: iNtuitive (they are more focused on facts and details rather than being focused on concepts and ideas)
  • F: Feeling (their decisions are based on values and feelings)
  • J: Judging (they like to be spontaneous and flexible rather than being organized and planned)

They are sometimes referred to as ‘teachers’ in all the other personalities because of their concern and interest towards helping others in their growth and development.

  • Some of Famous ENFJ personalities

Here is a list of some famous ENFJ personalities who you also might know.

  • Ralph Nader
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Abraham Maslow
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Dr. Phil McGraw
  • Margaret Mead
  • Pope John Paul II
  • Barack Obama
  • Elizabeth Bennet (character in Pride and Prejudice)
  • How prevalent is ENFJ personality type?

It is one of the rarely found personality types of Briggs and Myers and it is the second rarest type in men.

ENFJ is also rarely found in women but ENFJ men are least common. This personality type makes 

  • 3% of women
  • 2% of men
  • 3% of general population 
  • What are the interests and hobbies of ENFJ?

Just like their rare personalities, ENFJs also have unique interests in their life.

Some of the most popular hobbies for ENFJs are the arts, listening to music, gourmet cooking, organizing social events, museums and writing. 

ENFJ Personality Type Development & Functional Stack

A person with ENFJ personality type has the following functions’ pattern of functional stack. They have different dominant, inferior, auxiliary and tertiary cognitive functions.

This hierarchical stack represents how much a person interacts with the world.

This functional stack also shows how the person receives information from the world and how this information is used in order to make different decisions.

Their personality is under the influence of following cognitive functions.

  • Inferior: Introverted Thinking (Ti) (It means that they like to plan rather than being spontaneous because planning and organizing gives them a sense of control.)
  • Tertiary: Extraverted Sensing (Se) (This makes them gather sensory information and concrete details about surrounding and their environment, and they take in the present moment.) 
  • Auxiliary: Introverted Intuition (Ni) (They also like to think about the future rather than thinking about the present due to this function.)
  •  Dominant: Extraverted Feeling (Fe) (They have harmonious social relationships and they engage in social relationships by expressing this cognitive function making them extroverts in nature.)
  • ENFJ Relationships

They are the givers, which mean they are likely to be more giving in their relationships too.

They are highly invested in their relationships because they define themselves in the influence of the closeness and authenticity of ENFJ relationships.

They are people’s champions and with great people skills they can easily be the champion of their own relationships. They are affectionate, warm, considerate and nurturing and that’s what makes them very supportive people.

They are great at bringing the best in people and being warmly affirming. They also want the same affirmation in ENFJ relationships but have difficulty asking it.

They can also smother their loved ones with their overly protective and warm nature. ENFJ relationships are generally fun, full of inspiration and affectionate.

They are often well-loved no matter where they go and they are also very concerned and dedicated to finding the right person for a long term relationship. 

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  • ENFJ Relationships Strengths 

ENFJ relationships have their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s talk about ENFJ strengths in their relationship first. An ENFJ has the following strengths in a relationship.

  • They are known to be very sensitive when it comes to motives and thoughts of other people.
  • They have excellent verbal communication skills.
  • They have good money skills which mean they can manage their finances well.
  • They are driven to work for the betterment of people and that’s why they are also driven to meet other people’s needs.
  • They are optimistic, dramatic with a lively sense of humor and are always energetic.
  • They are fun to be around.
  • They are loyal and committed and you don’t have to worry about infidelity if you are in a relationship with an ENFJ. 
  • They are in for a lifelong relationship.
  • They are affirming and warmly affectionate. 
  • They try to have a ‘win-win’ situation when it comes to resolving conflicts.
  • They are able to get over a broken relationship even if it means blaming themselves. 
  • ENFJs are able to bring out the best in others because of their motivational and inspirational nature. 
  • ENFJ Weaknesses

Most ENFJ relationships fail because of the following weaknesses on and ENFJs part.

  • They are sometimes unyielding in some areas due to their sharply defined values.
  • They can be really overprotective which can be smothering for the other person at times.
  • ENFJs mostly blame themselves when things go wrong and they do not tend to give credit to themselves for things they have done right. 
  • They can be manipulative and controlling for their partner.
  • They sometimes are not attentive to their own needs.
  • They are more concerned about what is socially accepted in their circle rather than being concerned about what is actually ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. 
  • They are not always aware of social protocol and appropriateness.
  • They are often critical of attitudes and opinions which are not in line with their own opinions. 
  • They often use avoidance tactics of sweeping things under the rug because they are extremely sensitive to conflict. 

Despite all these strengths and weaknesses ENFJs are known to be often successful in their relationships because of their caring, affectionate and giving nature.

Now we’ll discuss their nature in different types of relationships. 

  • ENFJ Relationships as Parents

They are very serious in their parenting roles; they have following characteristics when it comes to ENFJ being parents.

  • Pass on their values to their children
  • Responsible of their children turning out well
  • Warm and affectionate towards children
  • Supporting and affirming towards their children
  • ENFJ Relationships as Lovers

ENFJs are one of the most committed lovers and they go on any length for their lovers if they know they have found the right companion.

They have the following characteristics as lovers.

  • Dedicated in a relationship
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Put a lot of effort in a relationship
  • ENFJ Relationships as Professionals

They are able to teach business minded and focused people to understand the importance of personal connections in professional life as well.

They have the following characteristics as professionals.

  • They are tend to be leaders
  • They don’t like criticism of their actions
  • They work well if their work is appreciated
  • ENFJ Relationships as Friends

They are most loved by their friends because of their people skills and extroverted nature.

They have the following characteristics as friends.

  • They are warm and sociable 
  • They are interested in all types of people
  • They get along with everyone really well
  • They are more carefree ‘living in the moment’ type of people

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know my personality type?

There are a number of online tests available which give results instantly.

You can take the help of these tests or you can take help of a professional.

What kind of a professional can help me in assessing my personality type?

You should consult a personality psychologist or any psychologist can help you in this regard.

What personality type goes best with ENFJ?

INFPs are considered to be the natural partner of ENFJs.