ENFJ Compatibility (A Comprehensive Guide)

People with ENFJ personality types are born with leadership qualities. They are charismatic and passionate people.

These people are two percent of the total global population.

The people ENFJ personality type mostly found in politics, coaches, teachers reaching to people, and motivating them to attain their objectives and do good in the world.

These people are naturally confident, influencing other people, finding it joyful and feel proud to help and guide other people by working in collaboration and improving themselves and their communities.

In this article, we will discuss ENFJ compatibility with other relationships. 

The people with ENFJ/protagonist personality type tend to show genuine concern about others and when they have trust in a person they will get too involved in his issues, placing a lot of confidence in him. 

These people can easily fall into the trap spread by other people.

These people are blessed with an unbelievable power of analyzing their feelings and reflecting on them, but in case they get stuck into the problem of another person, they will likely to develop an emotional hypochondria, means they will start seeing the difficulties of other people in themselves and will try to make things right in themselves which is not wrong.

If these people reach to an extent where they get stuck by the hindrances experienced by the other people, it may hinder the ability of ENFJs’ capability of seeing the dilemma related to their past and can not help at all.

When these people come across such things, it becomes vital for them to stay back and start using self-reflection to differentiate among what are their feelings and issues that are not theirs which requires to be viewed from another angle.

The people with ENFJ personality types have a lot of passion and are selfless, even to an extent sometimes that they will probably not be afraid to take sling and arrow when they take a stand for others and concepts they believe in.

It’s not surprising that most of the notorious figures who are ENFJs are politically and culturally prominent. The people with ENFJ have a desire to lead people to a brighter future.

They will do so whether by leading the country to a prosperous future or taking their football team to the final and winning the title for them. 

Strengths of ENFJs


The people with EFNJs personality type are famous for being unsupportive to those concepts which distract them to achieve their primary goals and even further of those concepts which are based on emotional considerations.

ENFJs do not hesitate even for a while to make this thing clear to everyone around.


The ENFJ gets resented most by one thing and that is thinking about letting someone down or a cause in which they believe.

If it is possible, the ENFJs may always be included to see it through.


People with ENFJ personality types are popular and charming.

These people are well aware of the techniques to get the attention of the audience and they know how to lift the mood and motivate others in a way to communicate with reasoning, emotions, passions, restrain, and whatever the demand of the situation is.

These people know how to understand the need and mood of the audience and thus they are able to change the way they communicate with them. 

Weaknesses of ENFJ

Too Selfless 

The ENFJ personality type will get buried under their own commitments, feeling what other people feel and working hard to fulfill their commitments.

If these people remain careless they will spread too thin and will not be able to help people anymore.

Too Sensitive

When being friendly to criticism, looking at it as a means to lead a good team, it is easier for ENFJs to receive it to their heart.

These people are so sensitive even to an extent that they start to feel the issues that are not theirs and will strive to sort out those problems which they cannot, being worried about what they do is enough or not.

Fluctuating Self-Esteem

The self-esteem of ENFJs is defined by if they can comply with their principles and seldom ask for criticism way much from insecurities that come from confidence.

They are always in search of what they are able to do better.

If they do not meet the expectations of someone or fail to achieve their objectives they will get very low on their self-confidence.

ENFJ Compatibility 

ENFJ compatibility with INFJ

When both ENFJs and INFJs get to know each other they share some common characteristics.

When an ENFJ will get to know the INFJ he will try to keep such issues in his head. 

Communicating with others can be a difficult task and thus there is no exception for ENFJs and INFJs.

By getting to know the problems which can mostly show up when ENFJs and INFJs tend to meet and communicate, one can easily get to know how an understanding can be made more quickly.

Two persons tend to have an abstract fashion of communicating with each other.

The conversation they will have will be focused on their ideas, impressions, theories, and opinions.

One can see them while they discuss philosophy, arts, the upcoming advancements in science or even the discussion on how this world can be made a good place to live.

You might as well enjoy knowing about INFJ compatibility with other personality types.

ENFJ compatibility with ENFJ

When both ENFJs and ENFJs get to know each other they share some common characteristics.

When an ENFJ will get to know the ENFJ he will try to keep such issues in his head.

The pair of ENFJs full of energy and productivity can find it interesting and joyful to plan together about their future.

They will support each other and they will not feel any insecurity as they tend to have trust and confidence in each other.

On the other hand, the ENTJs may come across some problems because these people tend to be stubborn and have very strong feelings about things. 

ENFJ compatibility with INTJ

ENFJ compatibility with INTJs can be seen in different ways:

The people with ENFJ and INTJ personality types prefer intellectual stimulation.

These people prefer to observe and see their environment and get to know the reasons why things are the way they are and try to work out less as compared to apparent links among things.

The people with INTJ might not be able to pay attention to ENFJ as much as they require.

This will make things difficult for them and may leave their ENFJ counterpart in dismay and bitterness.

ENFJ compatibility ESTP

The ENFJ compatibility with ESTP can be seen through the following points:

The people with ENFJ personality types who are very expressive and energetic are the first choice for people with ESTP personality type. 

The people with ESTP personality type tend to look at their partners as being friendly with them.

They want their partner to be someone with whom they can do activities and can repel away their negative thoughts to a possible extent. 

The people with ENFJ personality types like the outgoing style of ENTPs.

People with both these personality types tend to be social and also these people may spend their life being active socially as couples.

ENFJ compatibility with ISTP

The ENFJ compatibility with ISTPs is not seen as a good thing because people of these personality types do not share many things and this is exactly what actually reason for them to be attractive to each other. 

The people with ISTP personality types prefer those people who are optimistic and do not tend to put life in more difficult situations.

The people with ENFJ can fall for ISTPs too. 

If the people with these personality types come together and share some hobbies and interests, there is a chance for them to get married soon. 

Something which is very important to note is that the communication style of these people is entirely different.

The people with ENFJ are expressive in their feelings and also verbal and the ISTPs only tend to think that their spouse must simply be aware that they are loved. 

ENFJ compatibility with ENTJ 

The ENFJ compatibility with ENTJ is very future-oriented. 

These people like to be part of planning, setting goals, and achieving these goals.

While the people with ENFJ particularly are focused on developing relationships with people of ENTJ personality type.

The focus of ENTJs is to advance in their careers and businesses. 

The people with ENTJ personality type find a partner who is stable and is able to care about the family, their relationship, and the people with ENFJ are very good at doing this.

On the other hand, the ENFJ personality type tends to appreciate the loyalty of ENTJ people, their strengths, trust, energies, and leadership qualities. 

ENFJ compatibility with INFP

The ENFJ compatibility with INFP people is considered as a good match as these people are both focused on their relationships. 

These people with ENFJ and INFP tend to be warm and tend to give value to authenticity and avoid playing games. 

On either side, the people with ENFJ personality type being energetic and active can sometimes become too much to deal with for INFP people who require space and time for themselves.

The people with ENFJ personality type may think about the INFPs that they are somehow lazy and may feel resented for being given a lot of responsibilities and household chores.

ENFJ compatibility with ENTP

The people with ENFJ people type and ENTP personality type are a lot alike to each other. These people love being energetic, outgoing, spontaneous and having fun.

But, the ENTP people require to spend time alone because they are introverted extraverted.

These people may have very interesting conversations with each other and tend to show support for the pursuits of each other. 

 These people may find themselves in trouble as their preferences are different when they are planning.

The people with ENTP personality type want to keep their opinion open and the ENTJs want to do planning for everything in advance.

ENFJ compatibility with ESTJ 

ESTJs are the ones who is able to provide the ENFJs with a secure and stable relationship which they look for. 

The ESTJs will not continue to hand being unaware of the direction of their relationship. 

These people will go to any extent to do what their culture asks them to do.

Whether it’s flowers, weddings, providing and protecting, and making food for the family. These people will always be ready for it.

FAQs about ENFJ compatibility 

Q1 . What is the ENFJ personality type? 

People with ENFJ personality types are born with leadership qualities.

They are charismatic and passionate people.

Q2. What are the strengths of ENFJ? 

Their communication skills are very good. 

These people are perceptive about what people think. 

These people inspire and motivate others to get the best out of them.

Q3. What are the weaknesses of ENFJ?

These people are sometimes overly protective and smothering. 

These people can become manipulative or controlling. 

These people do not focus on their needs. 






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