ENFJ Careers (A Comprehensive Guide)

People with ENFJ personality types are born with leadership qualities. They are charismatic and passionate people.

These people are two percent of the total global population.

The people ENFJ personality type mostly found in politics, coaches, teachers reaching to people, and motivating them to attain their objectives and do good in the world.

These people are naturally confident, influencing other people, finding it joyful and feel proud to help and guide other people by working in collaboration and improving themselves and their communities. In this article, we will discuss the best ENFJ careers.

The people with ENFJ personality type tend to show genuine concern about others and when they have trust in a person they will get too involved in his issues, placing a lot of confidence in him. 

These people can easily fall into the trap spread by other people.

These people are blessed with an unbelievable power of analyzing their feelings and reflecting on them, but in case they get stuck into the problem of another person, they will likely to develop an emotional hypochondria, means they will start seeing the difficulties of other people in themselves and will try to make things right in themselves which is not wrong.

If these people reach to an extent where they get stuck by the hindrances experienced by the other people, it may hinder the ability of ENFJs’ capability of seeing the dilemma related to their past and can not help at all.

When these people come across such things, it becomes vital for them to stay back and start using self-reflection to differentiate among what are their feelings and issues that are not theirs which requires to be viewed from another angle.

The people with ENFJ personality types have a lot of passion and are selfless, even to an extent sometimes that they will probably not be afraid to take sling and arrow when they take a stand for others and concepts they believe in.

It’s not surprising that most of the notorious figures who are ENFJs are politically and culturally prominent.

The people with ENFJ have a desire to lead people to a brighter future.

They will do so whether by leading the country to a prosperous future or taking their football team to the final and winning the title for them. 

If you’re not ENFJ but INFJ personality type, you should then look for career options suitable for your type of personality.

Therefore, you should be aware of INFJ careers.

Strengths of ENFJs


The people with EFNJs personality type are famous for being unsupportive to those concepts which distract them to achieve their primary goals and even further of those concepts which are based on emotional considerations.

ENFJs do not feel hesitant even for a while to make this thing clear to everyone around.


The ENFJ gets resented most by one thing and that is thinking about letting someone down or a cause in which they believe.

If it is possible, the ENFJs may always be included to see it through.


People with ENFJ personality types are popular and charming.

These people are well aware of the techniques to get the attention of the audience and they know how to lift the mood and motivate others in a way to communicate with reasoning, emotions, passions, restrain, and whatever the demand of the situation is.

These people know how to understand the need and mood of the audience and thus they are able to change the way they communicate with them. 

Weaknesses of ENFJ

Too Selfless 

The ENFJ personality type will get buried under their own commitments, feeling what other people feel and working hard to fulfill their commitments.

If these people remain careless they will spread too thin and will not be able to help people anymore.

Too Sensitive

When being friendly to criticism, looking at it as a means to lead a good team, it is easier for ENFJs to receive it to their heart.

These people are so sensitive even to an extent that they start to feel the issues that are not theirs and will strive to sort out those problems which they cannot, being worried about what they do is enough or not.

Fluctuating Self-Esteem

The self-esteem of ENFJs is defined by if they can comply with their principles and seldom ask for criticism way much from insecurities that from confidence.

They are always in search of what they are able to do better.

If they do not meet the expectations of someone or fail to achieve their objectives they will get very low on their self-confidence.

Now we will discuss the best ENFJ careers. 

ENFJ Careers

The people with ENFJ personality types are born with the natural potential to be leaders who value other people and tend to create harmony in their professional settings. 

The ENFJs want to implement their own ideas to better the world around them.

In this article, you will find the best occupations for the ENFJ personality type.

Following are best suited ENFJ Careers:

Advertising and Promotions Manager

The quest, passion, and love of ENFJ for making strategies and leading the teams is best suitable for ENFJ careers.

The above-mentioned qualities make them to perfectly get fit into the job of promotional or advertising managers.

With this job, the people with ENFJ personality type tend to make an analysis of the ongoing trend of the industry to take measures about making suitable moves for their firm to grow and develop its business.

ENFJ careers can flourish in this field as they are good at communication which is a vital element for the job of promotional and advertising manager.

This ability of communication helps them to send out a strong message to their team and the general public.

A person in charge of an advertising campaign executes the plan and gives directives to tum the advertisement drive in order for the organization to earn revenue.

The ENFJs tend to help the salesperson, director of arts and financial managers to assist them in executing these drives.


The ENFJ career choice to be a photographer can prove to be beneficial for them.

The desire of ENFJs to be expressive and to get in touch with the world outside is mandatory in the world of photography.

Leading the team and communicating with them is an important part of the photography and the photographer must be good at communicating the tasks to assistants along with he must be able to address the needs of clients.


The ENFJ career choice can be to be a producer as a producer is required to be the head of the production team, looking after the completion of projects and making sure that all the financial goals of the project are met conveniently.

The ENFJ can become a producer as he tends to be the encouragement of self-expression.

Moreover, ENFJ’s career choice to be a producer can be a good one due to its ability to work with different people and being able to find the solution to complex problems that benefit the whole.

Executive Assistant

This, being detail-oriented, can be an effective choice for ENFJ careers.

The one at the designation of executive assistant is required to keep the records, maintain documents, forward emails and mails, watch for the grammatical and spelling mistakes, attending calls, and giving their support according to the needs of the organization.

Their wish to assist people in improving their lives is the best choice for this job, provided the fact that an executive assistant is considered as a crucial and important designation at any organization.

Sales Manager

The ENFJ career choice for being a sales manager can possibly boost their career.

In this role of leading a passionate, dedicated person with good strategic and communication skills and with the ability of team building is highly regarded as he is able to bring the absolutely best efforts out of the members of a sales team.

The sales manager is responsible for addressing the queries and complaints of the customer, planning and preparing the budget, projecting sales and profits, determining the promotional offers which attract customers more, planning for the customer’s acquisition, setting the goals of sales and making the training program for the employees of the organization.


The ENFJ career choice to be an editor can ideally suit their personal type as their quest of encouraging self-expression is ideal for this job.

The role of an editor is never to overrule the suggestions of the writer but instead, he is there to offer his help for the better interests of the organizational goals.

This role requires a person to read the material and remove the punctuation, grammatical and spelling mistakes and sometimes edit and rewrite the copy of the content so that it is easy to access for the audience.

An editor is also expected to do the verification of the facts and sources, make decisions about which content to publish, assist the writers in making and developing a story for the targeted audience, and give approval to the submissions by the staff.


Being a reporter is also the best match for the ENFJ careers.

The position of a reporter demands communication skills and this is what ENFJs are good at.

A reporter is required to do research on the topic given to him by the editor, conduct interviews, write content or other media, review articles for mistake-free, and attract affinity with experts in their corresponding areas to support the reputation of the article.

Art Director

Being an art director for the ENFJ career choice can be suitable according to their personality traits.

Because they are creative, good communication skills, leadership qualities, encouraging attitude, and strategic planning are all that it takes to be an art director.

Being an art director you are required to demonstrate content and dispatch information visually, determining the design elements to use, developing the outlook for the advertisement drive, branding, publishing, and working closely with other people in the firm.

Athletic Trainer

Being an athletic trainer is a great choice for ENFJs’ career as it satisfies their dire wish to help our other people.

The results acquired in this field are not intangible most of the time, thus, this job is rewarding beyond money.

Evaluating injuries, giving emergency first aid, developing rehabilitation programs for injuries related to athletics, and maintaining the record of treatment and injuries is all an athletic trainer is required to do.

FAQs about ENFJ career 

Q1. What is the ENFJ personality type?

People with ENFJ personality types are born with leadership qualities.

They are charismatic and passionate people.

Q2. What are the strengths of the ENFJ personality type?

Their communication skills are very good. 

These people are perceptive about what people think. 

These people inspire and motivate others to get the best out of them.

Q3. What are the weaknesses of the ENFJ personality type?

These people are sometimes overly protective and smothering. 

These people can become manipulative or controlling. 

These people do not focus on their needs.

Q4. What can be ENFJ career choices?

The following can be the ENFJ career choices:

Athletic Trainer

Art Director


Sales Manager


Executive Assistant


Advertising and Promotions Manager





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