13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

In this blog post, we will talk about the ENFJ personality type. We will also briefly describe 14 ENFJ anime characters. 

The ENFJ personality type

The ENFJ type is a people-centred one. People characterized by this type live in a world of possibilities. More than other personality types, they have excellent skills in relationships with others, being called specialists in relationships with people. 

The ENFJ type is especially interested in offering love, understanding, support, encouragement to others and spending a pleasant time with them. Their greatest satisfaction is to help others.

Because the ENFJ type has such well-developed communication and relationship skills, they can persuade others to do exactly what they want them to do. People of this type know how to get under people’s skin and know how to make themselves wanted. Usually, their motives are not selfish, but those less principled people are known to use their gift to manipulate others.

The ENFJ type is so outward-oriented, out-of-self, that it is especially important to spend time alone with themselves. This can be difficult for some ENFJs because they tend to be harsh with themselves and have pessimistic thoughts when they are alone. 

That is why they will avoid loneliness as much as possible and will fill their existence with activities that will include others. They tend to define their purpose in life and priorities according to the needs of others, which does not give them a chance to realize what their personal needs are.

 It is natural for this type of personality to give priority to the desires of others and less to personal desires. It is therefore very important that ENFJ people are aware of what they want and not sacrifice themselves continuously just to help those around them.

After having a look at the anime characters listed below, you can also see ENTJ anime characters to see the difference between ENFJ and ENTJ personalities visually.

Shouta Kazehaya (Kimi Ni Todoke)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

Kazehaya is the male protagonist of Kimi ni Todoke. He is in love with a girl named Sawako Kuronuma so he wants to turn the school life of Sawako into one where she can smile with friends since this is the opposite because of the rumours about her.

Kazehaya is a kind, respectful and above all cheerful boy. He usually worries about his friends but especially more about Sawako since he is in love with her and of course he gets nervous easily when he is with her. They have a complicated, but interesting relationship.

Maybe at some point, someone can give up, but it is not the case because Sawako and Kazehaya persisted until they could finally clarify what they felt for each other, things are sometimes not easy, but who said that everything is easy?

Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

Asuna is one of the main characters in the series. She was one of the 10,000 players caught in the game of death Sword Art Online. In the real world, her name is Asuna Yuuki, being the only known user to use her real name.

Initially, the only thing Asuna wanted after getting caught in SAO was to get out of the game no matter what happened to the others. Her attitude before meeting Kirito was to advance in the game, find a way to escape rather than give up and stay in the first tavern she saw. The encounter with the protagonist drastically changed Asuna’s personality and attitude towards life.

Yaegashi Taichi (Kokoro Connect)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

He is the main protagonist. He likes wrestling. He and the others create the cultural research club because the high school did not have a club where he wanted to enter. He is generally selfless and usually tries to help others, especially when they are in trouble. He cares for Inaba despite being in love with Iori. After Kokoro Connect: Michi randomly, he ends up dating Inaba upon realizing that he hadn’t fallen in love with the real Iori.

Mizugaki Tsukasa (Plastic Memories)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

Tsukasa Mizugaki is the protagonist of Plastic Memories, being a good-natured and sociable 18-year-old. When he attended high school, he tried to enter the job market but did not achieve the desired results due to his health problems, which caused him to miss the entrance exams. 

Tsukasa is a very cheerful and sociable person, he is also a little quiet, but fun, just like a true ENFJ Anime character. He worries a lot about others, always trying to cheer them up, as when Giftias are taken, as he tries to make a friendly farewell for both parties, however, always feeling guilty. 

The young man was able to confess his feelings for Isla, even though he was aware of the fact that the girl was a Giftia. He strives in everything he does, trying to face his obstacles with a contagious smile on his face. He seeks to encourage his partner at all times, seeking to help and cheer her whenever possible until his last day.

Jack Vessalius (Pandora Heart)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

The Personality of Jack at first is like that of Oz (Protagonist), since apparently he is always happy and is usually too optimistic, and usually he is very active, cheerful, kind and simple, but in reality, Jack is very intelligent and manipulator, so manipulative is a character that will fool you throughout the series.

Another thing to keep in mind about Jack, in particular, is that he can give a sharp look that appears as if he is looking through someone and seeing his true self.

Apart from this, he harbours a grudge against his family because of his difficult years of growing up, but he hides these feelings in front of other people, and it is also possible that Jack is something like a sociopath (or at least something similar to one).

Osono (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

The story tells us about Kiki, a little witch who has just turned 13 years old and who by tradition when she reaches that age, must leave her home and look for a city where her services are required to stay there for a year, and thus dominate his style of magic.

After Kiki helps her return a baby pacifier and Osono finds out that Kiki has no place to stay, Osono offers Kiki shelter and food, which makes her very happy. Osono is the owner of the bakery and she is pregnant, she is a very friendly and outgoing person, a true ENFJ anime character.

Zeniba (Spirited Away)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

She is the twin sister and rival of Yubaba. Although they look identical, their personalities are contrary. At first, she appears even meaner than Yubaba, when she enrages Haku for having stolen her magic seal. Hoping to win Zeniba’s forgiveness, Chihiro travels to her hut to return the seal and to apologize.

It is then that Zeniba reveals her true character, which is sweet and caring.

She forgives Haku for stealing her seal and tells Chihiro not to worry.

All Might (Boku No Hero Academia)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

All Might seems to be the best character in history, from my point of view. Both its design and personality are to my total liking. I love his sheer sense of justice and the way he relates to people.

All Might always shows himself with a big smile in the face of adversity that comes his way as a hero. You can tell that people fully trust him because of all the reputation he has cultivated over the years.

It can be seen that, in any battle, he becomes self-assured and instils fear in the villains who face him; seeing him as an immutable and powerful person.

Himawari Uzumaki (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

She is a curious and considerate girl, asking her mother if Nenjile would like the sunflowers they brought her. She also seems to be very fond of her older brother, Boruto. 

However, despite this tender, cute and calm appearance, hides a more terrifying and tetric personality, this cute girl when getting angry is capable of unleashing such fury that her older brother, Boruto, considered an elite genius, feels intimidated Having lost her most beloved teddy bear to her brother.

Her rage leads her to awaken the Byakugan and strike her father blinded by anger with the Soft Fist. Boruto was so scared when she saw how terrifying her angry little sister was that she had to hide full of dread and fear.

Kiyoshi Teppei (Kuroko no Basket)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

Teppei Kiyoshi (木 吉 鉄 平), is the founder of the Seirin basketball team and its former star player. He is known as Iron Heart, in Spanish, Corazón de Hierro (鉄 心, Tesshin) and is one of the Kings without a crown.

Teppei seems ridiculous and stupid at times, despite his superficial appearance, he is very smart and almost always finds himself up to something. In the game, he takes it easy at first, but when his playing instincts kick in, he is relentless and very professional. His catchphrase before a game starts is “Let’s Have Fun!” According to Hyūga, he is a very honest player.

Kiyoshi is also aware of his team, being the founder of the team he has great affection for his teammates and friends. He is willing to support them when they are in trouble and will protect them if they feel threatened in any way, even at the expense of himself.

Arata Kaizaki (ReLIFE)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

Arata Kaizaki, Main Protagonist of the Anime ReLife this He is a 28-year-old man (27 years old at the beginning of the series) who is the second test subject of the ReLIFE process.

He likes to help others and cares for everyone rather than worrying about himself, but many times he stopped being with his friends so as not to interfere in their future. He is a friendly and optimistic person, and many times he underestimates his classmates for the mere fact that they are ten years younger than he, however, he esteems them and wants to make the student life of his friends as pleasant as possible.

While at the company, he had a Sempai named Michiru Saiki. She was constantly harassed by her co-workers, so Kaizaki told her that he would defend her but she told him to learn to be an “adult” and to limit his actions; When defending her, the harassment worsened, causing the suicide of her boss. Seeing that no one felt regretful, Kaizaki decided to quit his job, which would mark part of his life.

Hashirama Senju (Naruto Shippuden)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

Ninja is recognized for being a member and leader of the famous Senju Clan of the forest, in addition to having a Kekkei Genka called Wood Element. This along with Madara Uchiha were the main founders of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Hashirama was known as a calm and collected person, as well as kind and caring, who was characterized mainly by his loyalty, bravery, charisma and negotiation skills. He had the idea that all the citizens of Konoha were part of his family. 

He also proved to be a very wise and insightful man, as the main of his teachings were passed on to Hiruzen. He was the first to believe that all Leaf Ninjas have great loyalty to their people and that they will always want to protect it, and that a Kage is willing to put his own life at risk for others. This belief is called by all as the Will of Fire

Emma (The Promised Wonderland)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

Emma is the protagonist of Yakusoku no Neverland (約束 の ネ バ ー ラ ン ド), written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Demizu Posuka. Loved by many, she is the oldest girl in the house and is seen by other children as an older sister, Emma loves all her brothers very much. She is 11 years old and alongside Ray and Norman, her best friends, get the best grades in daily tests. 

As an ENFJ anime character, she was always an optimistic, lively and outgoing girl, loves all her brothers very much and is like an older sister to all of them, takes good care of everyone with patience, animation and especially affection. 

Emma loved Grace Field House and Mama so much that I have already said that I would never want to leave there, it is said that she is very athletic and can compete for level with Norman and Ray, but she also has her intelligence, can put together great plans, make important decisions and easily memorize information.

Daichi Sawamura (Haikyuu!!)

13+ ENFJ Anime characters (A definitive guide)

Sawamura Daichi is the captain of the Karasuno High School volleyball team. It is in its third year.

Daichi is a great captain for the team, he knows when to take charge of things and when he has to put an order, he is a kind and sociable person, in general everyone likes him, but when he gets serious or angry he is very scary, is respected by all members of his team, responsible, serious, generous, patient. And feared by his enemies.


In this blog post, we talked about the ENFJ personality type. We also briefly described 14 ENFJ anime characters. 

The ENFJ type is especially interested in offering love, understanding, support, encouragement to others and spending a pleasant time with them. Their greatest satisfaction is to help others.

It is natural for this type of personality to give priority to the desires of others and less to personal desires. It is therefore very important that ENFJ people are aware of what they want and not sacrifice themselves continuously just to help those around them.

If you know other ENFJ anime characters that you think should be on this list, please let us know!








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