Encourager ( A Comprehensive Guide)

IS personality types are normally known as the Encourager and are usually light-hearted, cheerful, warm, and supportive people.

They try to be positive and joyful most of the time and also great at supporting and cheering up others.

Because of their positive attitude and cheerful nature, other people around them are always open to appreciate them.

In this article, we will discuss the Encourager Personality Type. 

DISC Type Encorger Personality Traits

IS personality type occupies the far top right corner in the DISC Diagram.

IS personality types and the Encouragers are not only cheerful but they are also aware of the fact that other people approve of them and accept them openly because of their nature and attitude.

This is the reason most IS type people are most comfortable when they are in a group or engaging with different people. 

IS personality type of DISC can be summarised using the following characteristic:

  • Making others feel accepted and belonging 
  • Have fun interacting with other people
  • Avoid confrontation and criticism
  • Have a light-hearted and outgoing approach, enjoying life at every moment
  • Feel comfortable in groups
  • Like to help people

DISC Type Is Personality Strengths

Each and every personality type has its own weaknesses and strengths which can be often seen in the workplace or professional setting where the different types of people are grouped together with various backgrounds and value systems.

The basic strengths of IS personality type in the DISC system can be described as: 

  • Help in the development of others by verbally encouraging them
  • Prioritizing personal relationships and interactions
  • Motivating people, especially when they are nervous, to take action
  • Evaluate the capabilities of others optimistically
  • Bringing warmth and positive energy with a feeling of joy to the team
  • Communicating with the team regularly and frequently
  • Using friendly, casual language with co-workers
  • Seeking other’s advice, idea, and experience when solving problems

DISC Type Is Personality Weaknesses

Alongside strengths, every personality type also has its own blind spots or weaknesses.

Some of the weaknesses associated with IS personality type or the Encourager are:

  • Rather than going for a detailed plan, relying mostly on gut feelings
  • Losing the main objective of the task by becoming involved and friendly with others
  • Due to optimistic expectations from people, failure to evaluate problems realistically
  • Spending too much time with people might result in the avoidance of important tasks
  • Overly focused on not looking bad or not losing approval
  • Trying to appease people who are resisting
  • Facing troubles with steady, consistent routines without much stimulation for them
  • Having an emotional, personal approach to problems that might hinder them from making rational decisions

DISC Type Is Personality Growth

Some of the growth opportunities which are associated with the Encourager or IS personality type of DISC system are: 

  • Putting effort towards a plan for more important decisions and tasks
  • Avoid losing objective, in case you feel like you have lost your objective try to include someone who is more objective in making important decisions
  • Try to make realistic expectations of people or situation by recognizing the weaknesses and issues that may arise
  • Awareness of making unpopular decisions from personal and team growth whenever necessary

DISC Type Is Personality Motivations

Some of the experiences faced by people in life can be energy-draining ones like stress, pain, or dissatisfaction.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to know which are the activities that can be done to energize yourself back.

The motivational activities associated with IS personality type of DISC system are: 

  • Working in collaboration with other people instead of in isolation
  • Pursuing new opportunities and going out on adventures
  • Explaining and understanding the impact of an organizational decision on human
  • Using emotional, expressive anecdotes to tell a story
  • Telling interesting stories and providing verbal encouragement to other people
  • Coaching, advising and teaching others
  • Brainstorming with others and discussing issues within a group
  • Discussing and thinking of multiple ideas simultaneously

DISC Type Is Personality Stress

As there are specific activities to energize IS personality types, there are also some activities that will drain their energy.

Some of these activities are listed below:

  • Setting clear rules and guidelines for others
  • Development of a more efficient process
  • Being the primary owner of different timelines in a project
  • Spending more time to research the root cause of a problem
  • Focusing on specific details of what needs to be done and by whom
  • Doing a thorough analysis of existing data to solve a problem
  • Working independently and reporting the results
  • Navigation of complex, large systems

DISC Type Is Personality Careers

The careers that fit well with the encouragers is the one where they can work closely with other people and can deploy their skills in diplomacy or interaction with others to the maximum.

Some of the characteristics where they will love their work are given below: 

  • They are asked to get acquainted with their colleagues
  • When they are appreciated by their peers because of their contributions
  • When they are welcomed and encouraged by their boss based on new ideas
  • When their direct reports are hard-working and cooperative

Some of the characteristics at work which will result in IS personality type draining their energy are: 

  • They are spending too much time doing work alone
  • They are pushed to work on data-driven, analytical projects
  • They are working with serious peers, whose sole focus is on work
  • The direct reports submitted by them are skeptical of their leadership

Encouragers are usually open to work in an environment that is conducive to harmony, group cooperation, and positivity.

They are more comfortable with roles where they are asked to make new relationships and can brainstorm ideas and bring a lot of information and new challenges to the table.

Some of the common jobs taken up by IS personalities of DISC type are: 

  • Teacher
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Public Relations Director
  • Management Consultant
  • Executive Coach
  • Trainer
  • Minister
  • Professor
  • Financial Advisor
  • Client Services Manager
  • Client Services Director
  • Director of Partnerships

DISC Type Is Personality Relationships (Professional)

Encouragers can help people who are analytical and logical and can appreciate the importance of new ideas.

When they are working with another I-type, it is always important for them to find a way to accomplish their goal and finish their task.

In a professional environment Encourager personality type usually works well with others when they have the following characteristics:

  • The other person spend some time getting to know them better
  • Helps in brainstorming exciting, new ideas
  • Always open to go for adventures and fun events outside of work

IS personality in DISC type may hit obstacles in a relationship when they are :

  • Neglected when asked important questions
  • Tends to overcrowd people who likes to work in isolation
  • Using humor improperly around serious people

DISC Type Is Personality Relationships (Romantic)

Encouragers are usually very caring and attentive partners in their relationship.

Hence, it is also important for them to distribute responsibilities when they are in a relationship with another influential personality so as to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

IS personality type bring strengths to the following qualities in a relationship:

  • Sharing verbal encouragement with their partner frequently
  • Backing and supporting their partners in their own personal endeavors
  • Always keeps lines of communication open

Whereas, the following things might create troubles for IS personality types in a relationship:

  • Trying to work through problems with a balanced, logical mindset
  • Planning long-term relationship goals
  • Communicating feelings or thoughts that might result in conflict

What is the ENFP personality type (The Encourager)?

People who come under the personality type ENFP are usually enthusiastic and warm, they are also smart, intelligent, and are full of potential to achieve greater heights.

They are always open to looking for new possibilities, chances, and are always open to trying new things.

They also show passion and excitement about things that are new to them and always there to inspire and motivate other people through their enthusiasm and excitement.

These people are usually knowledgeable and are able to talk about anything. They consider life as a gift that is of utmost importance and live every moment of it.

They try to get the best out of every second and enjoy their life to the fullest.

Encourager personality types have a wide range of skills and talents and they are always open to learning new things.

They are always showing results if things that they are interested in and can choose from different fields to start a career in according to their interests.

Usually, these people look like enjoying life to the fullest without a certain direction or purpose in life but in reality, they have their own sense of values and direction in life to which they hold true throughout their whole lives.

They always prioritize their values and perceive the sense of life as their true purpose in life and keep doing whatever they think is right.

They are always focused on things they do and continue to adapt to their values so that they can attain inner peace.

The only thing these people are afraid of is losing their connection with themselves, as they are more focused on being themselves and stay true to their values. 

ENTP is required to spend some time alone with themselves so they can evaluate the direction they are going in based on their value system and be sure that they are heading in the right direction.

The ones who remain true to themselves and keep going their self-evaluations are more likely to be successful in their ventures.

ENTP who diverts from their path and does not remain true to a single line of work might end up being messy without any major successful venture. 

Strengths of ENFP

ENFP personality types can communicate well with others and comprehend in full the process of utilizing these skills.

They have the ability and capacity to start a conversation with any person they want to and can keep the attention of a group of people on themselves with ease.

They can also direct the flow of a discussion and make things interesting for other people while brainstorming for new ideas or discussing some issues in a group.

They are full of energy and positive attitude towards others and are known as good collaborators in professional settings.

FAQ about Encourager personality 

What is the I personality type?

I personality types are not afraid of being the center of attention.

They are usually talkative, persuasive, emotional, and enthusiastic.

They usually enjoy being in the company of others and trust others naturally.

What is a Champion personality?

ENFP is also considered as a champion personality and is one of the sixteen personality types described by Myers and Briggs.

It stands for perceiving, feelings, extraverted, intuitive.

They are usually considered as champions because of their positive attitude towards life and others and their enthusiasm and compassion for helping others in realizing their dreams.



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