Emotionally Overwhelmed (A Comprehensive Guide)

As a human being a state is found between us when we experience something which is not in our control, and the others who observed us often say that we are fully emotionally overwhelmed.

Thus an emotionally overwhelmed is a state in which human beings feel an intense emotional state which is difficult to manage.

In this state an individual is affected by both in the thinking process and doesn’t behave or think depending upon reality.

It has many side effects which show in the human, not for the sake of outwards behaviors but internally also affect the human being.

Any experience through which we are affected and effect in our daily activities due to an emotionally overwhelmed situation is called the distressing situation for any human being.

The individual is affected by any of these types of emotions which prevents them from performing daily activities or necessary tasks.

There are different types of emotionally overwhelmed situations in which any individual can suffer.

The different situations are stress, traumatic life experiences, relationship issues, and the other triggering events which are not in the control of any human.

The emotionally overwhelmed might be the demand for any specific situation for anyone or any specific individual who is facing any traumatic event.

The problem if extended and the situation prolongs and the problem continuously becomes the cause of suppression of daily activities that need to be consulted from the mental health professionals.

Signs of emotionally overwhelmed

There are different types of emotionally overwhelmed situations.

These feelings are very intensive which matches the situation or ability to be overwhelmed.

The individual feels difficult to manage the situation any ourselves as well.

It has been also observed that an individual when emotionally overwhelmed it became the cause of intensive negative emotional inexperience.

The individual reacts in any situation most of the way negatively such as anger, fear, or guilt.

Thus it can also analyze from different situations like in bipolar disorder, the individual often overwhelmed with the emotions of depression and often overwhelmed with the situation of mania.

If an individual feels overwhelmed from any emotion due to the specific situation and does not perform better.

This is a difficult situation in which an individual cannot identify why they are reacting too much.

The individual often recognizes after the situation why they are reacting in the specific situation over.

Often individuals feel ashamed and feel sorry about the situation and apologies for the certain behavior.

The recognition of the specific situation is still not recognizable and unable to explore the specific situation.

There are different stressors that are very badly affecting the daily routine.

Furthermore, it is observed that one particular event cannot affect a certain situation.

These emotionally overwhelmed situations became the cause of bleed which seemed unrelated to the parts of life, although they are not connected with the other parts of life.

But these emotionally overwhelmed situations are interrelated with each other.

There are some common signs in which an individual can analyze of being overwhelmed with your emotions:

  • An individual can seem a disproportionately big reaction to seemingly insignificant situations and this reaction is not specific with anyone else. For example, the individual feels panic and does not find the keys to the traumatic event.
  • The individual feels physically ill and exhausted, the individual feels fatigued and is not able to do anything. Furthermore an individual cannot know the reason for a situation in which they are not able to perform any activity which is related to the physical.
  • An individual has the problem to focus on a specific situation. The inability to deal with completing even simple tasks rather than dealing with the multiple tasks which they normally perform.
  • The individual might decrease the activity of socialization and withdraw from friends and family. This is the symptom of lack of socialization which also converted into it.
  • The individual might affect the situation of emotional color to see the world. Everything seems to be sad and in the problem. Thus the intense grief situation in which they feel sad even during pleasant occasions. They remain stuck in the problems of the past.

Causes of emotionally overwhelmed

There are different states of emotional overwhelmedness at certain points in life.

Due to different stressors and life events this thing became the cause of one’s life and big stressors.

The individuals who are the survivors of any traumatic event develop that stressor and whenever they face any situation which is related to that specific event also become the cause of the trigger and when they face any related or associated event they feel the situation is the same and react less or same as they reacted in the previous event.

There are different scenarios such as if someone feels emotionally overwhelmed after surviving a traumatic event or losing a loved one.

Then this reaction is being natural to himself. 

Different researches proved that due to the smaller stressors often individuals react emotionally overwhelmed in those situations.

These smaller stressors affect our daily life.

For example: if in the daily routine you missed your bus you may not feel like too big of a deal by itself.

But if you’ve been fighting with your family, having trouble sleeping, and are hungry from skipping breakfast, a missed bus can be the well-known “last straw” of the day. 

There are some specific emotions that may be overwhelmed which are analyzed more easily than others.

There are different reasons why individuals thought it easier to manage their negative emotions such as anger than to tolerate extreme fear or sadness.

If an individual has many conflicting feelings at once, being emotionally overwhelmed can be especially likely. 

There are different mental health conditions that are also highly associated with emotionally overwhelmed and show symptoms of disorders such as anxiety, depression.

Emotionally overwhelmed consequences

Sometimes, emotional outburst affects an individual as compared to his/her surroundings such as, when you feel emotionally overwhelmed you forget the tasks of your daily routine activities like skipping breakfasts, forget to eat dinner and often feel disturbed while sleeping.

All of these behaviors have harmful consequences i.e. directly affect your logical thinking, feeling of inferiority, or guilt due to their emotionally overwhelmed situations.

Other than that, these emotional powers directly affect the individual’s physical health such as people often suffer from physical pain which is caused by fatigue although there is no apparent reason for such tiredness.

Moreover, when the negative emotions control an individual mind and feel it decreases the body’s capability to fight against harmful diseases.

Except that, this situation also affects individuals’ social life such as people may experience anger outbursts in minor teasing situations such as they behave in a very negative and arrogant way while dealing with others that weakened their relationship with the people in their social circle.

Emotionally overwhelmed therapy

There are different therapies that became the cause of relief from emotionally overwhelmed situations.

There are different helpful techniques which are useful to deal with the emotional overwhelmed situations.

The different psychological therapies helped to deal with the stress or trauma.

After psychological treatment can help to deal with

  • To understand the roots of your emotionally overwhelmed by an individual
  • It can help to explore ways to self-soothe, such as meditation
  • The treatment can help to address recurring stressors that contribute to overwhelming, such as marital conflict
  • The individual can learn to deal with the coping skills to deal with the life stressors which cannot be prevented
  • The individual can treat all mental health issues contributing to overwhelmed

After an individual after each concern is resolved, an individual will likely find that dealing with other stressors becomes easier.

Even focusing on one or two issues can significantly reduce individual distress.

It has been often observed that problems seem endless, but psychological therapy can help you manage your life one step at a time.

Case example of therapy for emotionally overwhelmed

Emotional overwhelm after a car accident:

For an accident, the patient aged 48 years, seeks help from a therapist to help her sort through and cope with the significant stress, anxiety, and worry she is experiencing.

The patient explains that her husband was recently involved in a serious car accident.

She at first felt extreme relief that his husband one survived, but his recovery was slow, which made her worry.

As more time passed, she began to be concerned about financial issues as well.

She spends evenings and weekends in the hospital with her husband, and when she is not there, she cannot help but worry about him.

The therapist acknowledges that she is likely unable to prevent herself from worrying but helps to see that she needs to develop effective coping strategies so that she does not completely withdraw from life.

The therapist encourages her to turn to family for help and to take some time each day for herself.

She also begins to keep a daily journal and finds that writing down her thoughts and feelings helps eliminate some of her stress after verbalizing her emotions, she is less overwhelmed by them.

Her husband’s recovery remains slow, but the coping methods helped her to learn to remain positive. Both her mood and performance at work begin to improve.

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The good therapy for the emotionally overwhelmed is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, medical treatment, medication, or therapy.

The problem always seeks the advice of any doctor who is qualified and has experience of mental health.

Good mental health treatment is not authorized to make recommendations about medication or serve as a substitute for professional advice.

Never disregard professional psychological or medical advice or delay in seeking professional advice or treatment because of something you have read on about the internet.


1.      What does it mean to be emotionally overwhelmed?

Emotionally overwhelmed is a state of being beset by intense emotion that is difficult to manage.

It can affect your ability to think and act rationally. It could also prevent you from performing daily tasks.

Emotional overwhelm may be caused by stress, traumatic life experiences, relationship issues, and much more

Why does an individual start crying when he or she is emotionally overwhelmed?

The desire to cry may be related to the way your body is reacting to that system, where the intense emotions and stress during that time overwhelm the body.

Fear is scary, and your “flight” mode may be triggering your body to produce large amounts of tears as a way to let out that stress.

3.      What does it feel like to be overwhelmed?

This combination causes the intense feeling of total despair associated with being emotionally overwhelmed.

Emotionally overwhelmed is as uncomfortable as it is uncontrollable.

It became the cause of anxiety, anger, or significant irritability and worry.

Doubt and helplessness also make their way into a person’s normal thought process.


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