Emotional Regulation Worksheets (7+)

This page provides you with emotional regulation worksheets. Emotional regulation worksheets help individuals regulate their emotions efficiently.

These worksheets enable individuals to figure out when to express your emotions and when to control them.

These emotional regulation worksheets are some of the most effective worksheets that can help individuals understand and express their emotions in the most effective way.

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

Emotional Regulation Worksheet- Emotion Regulation 

Emotion regulation is defined as an ability to regulate emotions with respect to the situation.

It involves expressing, changing and controlling emotions according to the situation. 

Emotion regulation is essential to maintain the well-being of an individual. It enables an individual to express his emotions in the most effective way and at the proper time.

Emotion regulation is helpful for maintaining good relations with others and improves overall health.

All the emotions need to be expressed. Some emotions like anger, anxiety, jealousy etcetera, can harm an individual in various ways.

Therefore such emotions need to be managed, controlled and dealt properly to eliminate their negative effects.

On its contrary, emotions like gratitude, love, hope, pride etcetera, must be expressed openly, as they improve the mental and physical health of an individual.

Emotional Regulation Worksheet- Emotions Behind Emotions

An individual’s behavior is not always the response of his immediate emotions. Often emotions are shielded by other emotions.

The immediate emotions are a result of those emotions.

There are two types of emotions, primary and secondary.

Primary emotions are the basic emotions experienced by an individual whereas secondary emotions emerge from primary emotions.

Secondary emotions are more complex in nature than the primary emotions. These are the reactions to primary emotions. 

For example, if an individual is anxious about the incoming test, he would feel shameful for being anxious.

Here anxiety is his primary emotions while shame is his secondary emotion.

It is important to distinguish between primary and secondary emotions so an individual can work on identifying and regulating primary emotions, the root cause of secondary emotions. 

Emotional Regulation Worksheet- Expression of Emotions

There are plenty of ways of expressing emotions.

Emotions can be expressed through words, tone of voice, bodily expressions, gestures,  body posture, facial expression and so on.

Each type of emotion has its own characteristics and their way of expression also differs from other emotions.

For example, when an individual is angry, he shouts, moves his hands, throws things etcetera whereas if he is frightened, his eye movement increases, he shudders and so forth.

Expression of emotions could be healthy or unhealthy.

Unhealthy expression of emotions includes banging doors, shouting, hurting oneself whereas healthy expression of emotions includes talking assertively, becoming silent, engaging oneself in other tasks and so on.

Emotional Regulation Worksheet- DBT Emotion Regulation Skills

Emotional regulation is a technique followed by dialectical behavioral therapy, for helping individuals regulate their emotions effectively.

Emotion regulation helps individuals deal with their emotions in a better and healthy way.

DBT emotional regulation skills worksheet aims to help individuals regulate their emotions by accepting the situation and thinking positive aspects of the change.

This worksheet is made by considering four effective methods of emotion regulation.

These include the opposite action, checking the facts, PLEASE and focusing on the positive events methods.

It is a great resource that enables individuals to deal with their troubling, intense emotions effectively, in a healthy way by adopting these four effective DBT techniques.

To download this worksheet in the form of pdf, visit this site.

Emotional Regulation Worksheet- Emotion Regulation Skills: PLEASE

PLEASE is a DBT skill for helping the individual cope with uncomfortable emotions.

Life confronts us to various difficult situations in which we experience intense, uncomfortable, frustrating emotions and feel helpless when it comes to controlling those emotions.

PLEASE help an individual manage these emotions in a healthy way.

The acronym PLEASE refers to physical illness, eating, mood-altering substances, sleep, and exercise.

This skill helps an individual focus on these six factors to stay positive, healthy and relaxed to increase the ability to regulate his emotions effectively.

In this worksheet, the individuals are directed to focus on each of these six factors one by one and write down how they can improve in these domains of life.

This worksheet helps an individual to figure out his unhealthy, negative habits or thinking patterns and replace them with healthy and positive ones.

You can download this worksheet in the form of pdf from this site.

Emotional Regulation Worksheet- Six-Step Emotional Regulation Process Worksheet

The six-step emotional regulation process worksheet is a brief yet effective source of coping with troubling emotions in a healthy, effective way.

This worksheet consists of six questions that help explore the distressing event in detail.

The answers to these six questions allow the individual to determine whether his response to the situation was justified, healthy and a good solution to the issue or not.

In addition to it, the worksheet also directs the individual to stress on the effectiveness of his response to that particular situation by considering the outcomes of his reaction.

This worksheet is simple but it enables the individual to explore the triggering event, his reaction and outcomes of his reaction in detail to help him regulate his emotions effectively. 

This worksheet is available on the internet and can be download in the form of pdf through this link.

Emotional Regulation Worksheet- Emotional Control

Emotional regulation is a challenging task as the individual experiencing intense emotions feels helpless when it comes to controlling his emotions.

The emotional control worksheet is a helpful resource for allowing an individual to identify how good he is in controlling his emotions.

This worksheet encourages an individual to gain control over his emotions by asking him to recall events when he was successful in managing his emotions.

Recalling previous achievements is a good way of motivating oneself to do a certain thing.

Similarly, recalling the events when the individuals did not let his emotions control him helps him acknowledge that he can control his emotions effectively. 

This worksheet also enables an individual to brainstorm the ways by which he can successfully manage his emotions.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet. You can get it from this site.

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This page displays some of the most effective emotional regulation worksheets.

Some of these worksheets were created by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party websites. 

These emotional regulation worksheets aim to aid individuals in managing their emotions in a healthy and effective way to prevent them from the adverse effects of emotional dysregulation. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments, we will be glad to assist you.

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