List of Eminem’s Songs About Depression (9+ Interesting FAQs)

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A list of the most depressing songs by Eminem:


About the song 

 It is a song sung by the American rapper, the rap God, Eminem featuring vocals of Dido. 

It was released as a single from the album The Marshall Mathers LP


 It ranked number one in twelve countries including UK, Germany and Australia. 

It was nominated for multiple awards too : as the best song as MTV Europe Music, Best Cinematography at the MTV Video Music Awards. It won Best International Artist Video at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

Basic information  

  • Released: October 2000
  • Genre : Horrorcore[1]
  • Length 6:44 (album version)
  • Label : AftermathInterscope
  • Songwriter(s): Marshall MathersDido ArmstrongPaul Herman
  • Producer(s) :The 45 KingEminem (co.)
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

The song meaning  

The song itself talks about an obsessed fan whose name is Stan. He looks up to Eminem and becomes agitated when he receives no reply to his fan mail. In the song there are references to other Eminem songs, as well as his nickname Slim Shady. The storyline is powerfully written, at the end Stan kills himself and his girlfriend, homage to the violent nature of songs like Kim, written by Eminem as well.

Going Through Changes

Basic info

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: William Ward / Marshall B. Mathers Iii / Terence Butler / Anthony Iommi / John Michael Osbourne

Artist: Eminem

Album: Recovery

Released: 2010

Genres: Rap rock, Hip-Hop/Rap

Song Meaning 

In the Song ‘Going through Changes” Eminem is reflecting on the death of his best friend Proof, who was shot and killed by Mario Etheridge. In the song, Eminem dedicates this song to his three daughters, Hailey, Whitney and Alaina, and says that he will do anything for their mother, Kim. ‘Going Through Changes’ is now one of Eminem’s Biggest Hits and would be one of the best songs on his 2010 album ‘Recovery’. Recovery had sold 5.7 million copies world wide by the end of 2010.

Rock Bottom

About the song

 Eminem was inspired to write “Rock Bottom” after being fired from his cooking job at a restaurant days before his daughter’s birthday.

Basic infos 

Song meaning

As Eminem himself explains the origins of the song in Angry Blonde:

“Rock Bottom” was (sigh) another song done between the EP and LP. I didn’t know when I wrote it that it was going to come out that sad. I had actually meant it to be an uplifting song, but when we were sitting around making the track, Head had a sample that we played the beat and it was just so sad. I said fuck it, let’s go with this one. Not surprisingly, I wrote it while I was going through a fucked-up time. The night I recorded the song, I had taken a bunch of pills, thrown up, and was just real fucking depressed. So I took a bunch of codeine tablets. Problem was, I took too many of them shits and got real sick. When I wrote the song, it was right before the Rap Olympics happened. It was during the week when I had gotten evicted from my house. I was stayin’ across the street from where I used to live. It was a street called Novara out in Detroit. I was staying with these two roommates, and this dude told me that he had cheaper rent for me and I should come live with him. We said, “Okay, he’s got cheaper rent, then fuck it, we’ll move in his house.” So me and my boy went across the street to live with him. We were paying out rent to him, but the s.o.b. was keeping our rent and wasn’t paying the landlord. He took the rent, saved up his own money, and bounced on us. So one day we come home and all our shit’s on the fuckin’ front lawn. We never could catch the motherfucker. Till this day, we haven’t caught him. It was a real fucked period in my life (no surprise there), and I felt like I had hit “rock bottom”.

Space Bound

About the song 

 “Space Bound” is a song by American rapper Eminem. It was released on June 18, 2011 as the fourth and final single from his seventh album Recovery

Basic info

  • Released: June 18, 2011
  • Studio : Parkland Playhouse, Parkland, Florida

54 Sound, Effigy Studios, Ferndale, Michigan

  • Genre :   Hip hop
  • Length   :   4:38
  • Label :  ShadyAftermathInterscope
  • Songwriter(s) :  Marshall MathersJim JonsinSteve McEwan
  • Producer(s) :Jim Jonsin

Song meaning

Everything that is said in the lyrics are just thoughts about getting in an emotional relationship. People, who believe in extreme love but were hurt badly because of this, sometimes take the decision to remain cold all their lives and not show emotions, because if feelings are involved things can get ugly and dangerous. The song is a fight between him and his subconscious for not opening up. The lyrics represent the subconscious, who is reminding him how love is evil. He meets someone new that wakes up his feelings and the subconscious wants to threaten her to stay away, his falling in love and it’s exactly how he thought it will be and he needs her help to end it. He tries to explain to himself how much love is in him and how badly it’s going to end if things are moving further.

The only way he would open up for her is if she will convince him and promise him that it’s not going to hurt him, but nobody can make such a commitment and he knows it. Although he will remain cold because of love’s nature, he wants to be remembered by her that he exists, their love cannot be saved because it’s too late, someone hurt him badly before and he cannot be the same. He compares himself with a racket ship which can go far into space. She is very close to him, (Earth — Moon) and from all the stars from a clear night sky he aims at her (The Moon). Telling her somehow what sacrifice she is considering his potential, but still, he “aims” at her.

Stronger Than I Was

About the song 

 The song was released from the the eighth studio album by American rapper Eminem. It was released on November 5, 2013 by Aftermath Entertainment, Shady Records, and Interscope Records. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling more than 792,000 copies in its first week. In March 2017, it was certified quadruple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Basic Info

Song meaning 

This song is talking about his relationship with his ex wife Kim. If you are a true Stan you’ll remember his old songs about his ex Kim, and in every album he has a couple songs about his relationship with her. But, this song is more depressing then all of the other, although it is showing how Marshall is getting over her.

Bad Husband

About the song 

The song released from the album Revival is the ninth studio album by American rapper Eminem. The album was released on December 15, 2017, through Aftermath Entertainment, Shady Records and Interscope Records. . The album debuted at number one in Australia, Canada, Finland, the UK, and the US. In addition, it was the UK Christmas number one album of 2017 and has been certified platinum in the UK.

Basic info 

Song meaning 

We brought out the worst in each other

Someone had to make the sparring end

‘Cause I loved you but I hated that me

And I don’t wanna see that side again

The track is a heartfelt apology directed towards Kim by her former husband for spending so much of his career flaying her publicly. As a sign of his genuine remorse, Eminem sampled Hailie Jade’s voice saying “Dad” on the hook.


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FAQs: Eminem depression songs 

Is Eminem’s song Stan a true story?

Yes the song stan is based on a true story. The song itself talks about an obsessed fan whose name is Stan. He looks up to Eminem and becomes agitated when he receives no reply to his fan mail. In the song there are references to other Eminem songs, as well as his nickname Slim Shady. The storyline is powerfully written, at the end Stan kills himself and his girlfriend, homage to the violent nature of songs like Kim, written by Eminem as well.

What is the saddest song ever recorded?

R.E.M. – ‘Everybody Hurts’
Harry Chapin – ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ .
Nirvana – ‘Something in the Way’ .
George Jones – ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’ .
Pearl Jam – ‘Black’ 
John Prine – ‘Sam Stone’
Alice in Chains – ‘Nutshell’ 
Hank Williams – ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ 

What is Eminem’s #1 song?

Lose Yourself

What songs will make you cry?

“When She Loved Me” — Sarah McLachlan. 
“Wish You Were Here” — Pink Floyd.
“Living Years” — Mike and The Mechanics.
“Hurt” — Johnny Cash.
“Julia” — The Beatles.
“Friend, Please” — Twenty One Pilots.
“Supermarket Flowers” — Ed Sheeran.

What is the most touching song ever?

Heal the World – Michael Jackson. There’s A Place In. 
Fix You – Coldplay.
The Winner Takes It All – ABBA.
Hurt – Johnny Cash. 
This Used to Be My Playground – Madonna
Chiquitita – ABBA.
Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin. 
Day After Day – Badfinger.

Who is the world’s fastest rapper?

Twista’s current record is based on his ability to rap 598 syllables in just 55 seconds.

What is a better word for sadly?

sorrowfully, grievously, dejectedly, gloomily, unhappily, dismally, cheerlessly, in sorrow, deplorably, lamentably and morosely.

How fast can Eminem rap per minute?

According to Guinness, “Rap God” by Eminem (USA) packs 1,560 words into a fast and furious 6 min 4 sec – that’s a tongue-twisting average of 4.28 words per second!

Who are the 10 fastest rappers?

 R.A. the Rugged Man
 Daveed Diggs.
 Bone Thugs-N-Harmon
Tech N9ne.
 Busta Rhymes. 

What songs to listen to when you’re heartbroken?

“Call Out My Name,” The Weeknd.
“Chelsea Hotel #2,” Leonard Cohen
“Stay,” Rihanna feat
“Love Yourself,” Justin Bieber.
“Skinny Love,” Bon Iver.
“Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright,” Bob Dylan.
“Someone Like You,” Adele.
“Back to Black,” Amy Winehouse.


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