Embarrassing bodies mental health


In this guide, we will discuss how mental health can be related to the perception a person can have about its image and how their behaviour.

Embarrassing bodies mental health

Embarrassing bodies mental health

Many of us know that mental health is as important as physical health, so it is vital to take care of our mind.

We must learn to manage our emotions healthily and to work in situations that can destabilize our mind.

Human beings are not perfect. We have virtues and defects, which make us unique and unrepeatable.

Some things can be very positive in us and others not so much.

In the case of suffering from any disease, it does not matter if it is physical or mental, we suffer and many times we cannot deal with it.

When a person is affected by a physical illness, it feels very afraid of what may happen since it does not know how things will turn out, but it often has people who are there to encourage and give support to make that person feel like the situation will turn out in the best way.

In the case of suffering from a mental illness, support is often not as much as someone who has a physical condition.

The good thing is that every day, various organizations focus on doing a good job to raise awareness of how important mental health is.

When a person suffers from a situation that affects their mental health, the symptoms can be reflected physically.

According to what it manifests and the possible diagnosis it receives, the person can behave in various ways.

In this case, the approach goes to the bodily perception that a person can have and how it relates to their mental health.

A person who has healthy self-esteem recognizes how it is. It accepts and does not let social pressure affect both its body and its mind.

It is someone who enjoys good mental health.

On the other hand, when a person worries as another person can physically perceive them, there are indications that they do not enjoy good mental health.

We want to look good, that’s why we have become addicted to the gym and eat healthily.

While it is true that a healthy lifestyle only brings good benefits, it is important with the awareness with which it is made.

When a person focuses on achieving their goals based on what they want and not what others perceive, they are happy and a positive goal.

When we talk about embarrassing bodies mental health, this can mean different meanings.

You can focus on how mental illness can interfere with a person’s physical perception of their body, and how the symptoms of mental illness affect a person physically and the feeling of shame they feel.

Here we will address both steps by step.

The ultimate purpose of all this is to know the relationship between the body and the mind.

How a healthy mind interferes with healthy behaviours and how an unbalanced mind full of negative things also affects our body.

All care must start from the mind because it is the one that I told the body what to do and what not to do, and sometimes we think that this is very different.

Embarrassing bodies mental health

Mental health and body perception

The way you see yourself is the image that you will always carry in your head.

There may be times when you stand in front of the mirror and feel phenomenal.

You love everything about yourself and there is no one to say otherwise.

Other times you may want or look in the mirror, you do not feel comfortable with what you see and prefer not even leave home.

The above is something that usually happens daily. We are imperfect human beings in search of perfection.

There are no surgeries or treatments that make us perfect. You can aim for improvement, but never perfection.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change some aspects of your body (you don’t have to criticize plastic surgery) but a person who is going to undergo a physical change must first start with a mental change.

It is normal for a person who is going to have a surgical procedure for aesthetic purposes to go through some therapy sessions.

The person must understand that there is no cosmetic surgery that changes their mind because it is a process that the same person must perform.

Mental disease and how affects the body

A person suffering from a mental illness can manifest symptoms that affect their body.

In many cases, the person can ignore that he suffers a mental illness but the behaviours are present.

An example would be of someone suffering from anxiety.

One of the symptoms is that it has difficulty concentrating and remembering certain things since its attention is focused on the stimulus that causes it anxiety.

This person when it sees that it forgets certain things that are basic such as taking a bath, brushing or some simple activity, can become embarrassed and in turn, strengthen the symptoms of anxiety.

A person with a mental illness, depending on which one, may show symptoms of neglect of their body image.

A person who has depression doesn’t care about anything, nothing makes sense.

Understand that it is not worth doing most of the things a person would do so it prefers not to do them and stay away from others.

It is also the case when a person has a mental illness such as an eating disorder. The person has a negative view of itself.

It does not like what it sees and does not accept the condition of its body.

It can be seen embarrassingly and reach a point of not leaving until it reaches the point it considers “adequate.”

No matter the reasons why a person may feel ashamed of its body, what is true is that many times this starts as a perception they have of themselves.

Acceptance is key to looking at any change in a positive way.

The person must understand that the physical change should not make it feel better, it is the change to a healthy mentality that will make it feel good.

It is also when a person does not undergo surgical procedures, but in turn, tries a series of actions that can be harmful to their health.

No activity should be carried in excess since the changes can be negative for the person.

This is the case of people suffering from an eating disorder. These people look at each other and are not happy with what they see.

They may have a good weight, but their mind tells them otherwise.

You can tell a person who physically looks good, but if that person has not internalized that first, he will not believe it.

All changes start from the mind. If you have ever felt in a negative way, where you feel ashamed of your body, look in a mirror and appreciate everything you see.

Remember that human beings are more than a body.

That does not mean that you do not have to take care of yourself, but also that you do not get to the point of doing yourself possible harm.

Leaving body shame aside and working on healthy mental health

Bodywork begins with mental work.

The person who has a negative perception with its body should begin to change the thoughts that govern the behaviours it has with its body.

Many times a person’s negative image of their body is due to the thoughts that govern their mind. It is time to change them.

When the person is on the verge of not being able to do this job, it is time to seek professional help.

A mental health professional will help the person change their thoughts.

Cognitive behavioural therapy will help the person change the thoughts and behaviours they may have towards their body.

A job with self-esteem is also essential. A person who has low self-esteem is perceived as not enough for others and to do anything.

See your body in an unpleasant and ugly way.

The person should recognize their virtues and learns to see beyond their body.

If as people you are dealing with a similar situation. Learn to see your body as something positive that allows you to do many things.

Your body is fine and what others may think and negative ideas will not help you.

Every once in a while we bring out our flaws, but when these thoughts and actions come out it is time to counteract them with positive thoughts and actions.

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FAQs about embarrassing bodies mental health

Is there a disorder for body image?

Yes, it is called body dysmorphic disorder.

It is characterized by a person’s obsession with their body image. It looks distorted and disproportionately.

What is the code in DSM 5 for body dysmorphic disorder?

The code is 300.7

Can a person commit suicide because of the negative perception they may have of their body?

Yes. In several cases, a person who has a low perception of its body can become depressed and in some cases can generate thoughts and commit suicide.

Is it normal to feel anxious about the way I look?

Yes. People who worry excessively about their image tend to generate anxiety if they see that they have not managed to have the desired image.

It is normal for them to have great concern about the way they look.

Is it wrong that a person cares about its physique?

It is not bad for a person to worry about their physique, which is not correct to become overly concerned and generate behaviours that can be harmful to their image.


People may become ashamed of many things, one of them is their personal image.

The way someone perceives your body can lead to anxiety and in some cases depression.

Healthy mental health is the solution for healthy behaviours towards the body.

A person should not feel shame for its image, which is originated in most cases by negative thoughts that the person creates.

It is important to work on healthy self-esteem and thoughts and behaviours that lead the person to a better acceptance of their being.

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