Edinburgh University counselling (A guide)

In this brief article, we will be discussing Edinburgh University counselling, the issues taken care of by Edinburgh University counselling, the benefits of Edinburgh University counselling, and more information about Edinburgh University counselling.

Edinburgh University counselling services for students

The student counselling services in Edinburgh University are there to help students reach the highest forms of their development whether in academic terms or personal terms using psychological interventions.

The roles that are followed in these kinds of services are the following:

  • Giving clinical services that help students reach their academic and personal goals.
  • Teaching the University community about the psychological and developmental needs of students through consultation, training and outreach programs and activities.
  • Attending to the psychological impacts of a crisis affecting individual students and the University community.

This kind of counselling service uses a short therapy approach where the student will be able to achieve his or her desired goals in the university.

These kinds of counselling services are available in different forms whether you are more comfortable with online support services, individual counselling, and group counselling. 

These kinds of services will also be providing students with outreach activities where they can learn to reach out with other students and find the social support that is required for these kinds of students.

These students should first take a first consultation in their first appointment where they will be discussing with the counsellor about the support choices that they need to work with and treatments that they are comfortable with. 

Some students may feel like they need mental health care that might be engaged in clinical care which can be provided in these kinds of counselling services.

In this case, it might be necessary for these kinds of students to get assessed in clinical care that might not be available in these kinds of counselling services at this time. 

The following are guidelines that need to be adhered to when this kind of situation arrives.

Students who may be presenting with needs for long-term psychological intervention. 

The reasons that these kinds of students will be taking long-term psychological interventions are the following:

  • Issues which a brief therapy model of treatment will not necessarily address
  • Active eating disorders obliged for extensive medical monitoring

Students who require mental health services that aren’t accessible in these kinds of counselling services.

The reasons that are legitimate for this kind of situation are the following:

  • Intensive outpatient or inpatient psychological intervention
  • Medical detoxification and/or medical stabilization
  • Comprehensive assessments such as learning disabilities and ADHD which are carried out by the Student Disability Service
  • Specialised mental health services beyond the clinical expertise of the Student Counselling Service staff
  • Psychological assessments or evaluations for selection, performance prediction, or forensic objectives such as employment application, security assessment, litigation or legal adjudications
  • Students who are already getting ongoing therapy with another mental health professional
  • Students looking for therapy for the sole objective of getting documentation for another process such as Special Circumstances
  • Students who are unable to indulge with the Service such as repeated non-attendance at therapy sessions

One-to-one therapy as an Edinburgh University counselling service

This kind of counselling service is working on the remote path to help students and staff who are going through this kind of epidemic together.

You must make sure that you have provided the contact number for your telephone consultation from this kind of counselling service.

Counselling Service For Students And Staff Response to COVID-19

As mentioned before, this counselling service is giving its services in the course of the epidemic which you can easily access as a student or staff member.

This counselling service wants to ensure that everyone stays mentally healthy in the course of this epidemic. 

In the present, this counselling service is only having telephone consultations and not appointments for therapy.

You can learn more about the proper ways of dealing with this epidemic by buying this book on this website.

Therapies this counselling service offers

This counselling service only offers short-term therapies to help the client immediately and these are still effective.

The process 

In the course of the epidemic, you will only be accessing the telephone consultation from this service and not counselling appointments.

If you want to register for a counselling appointment, you’ll have to use the online application form in the counselling service’s website.

Edinburgh University counselling for staff

This kind of counselling service is also accessible for staff members in this kind of university.

Short-term counselling

As mentioned before, this counselling service provides you with short-term counselling.

This can help in getting your interests addressed and conquered by you with the guidance of the counselling staff.

Counselling allows the thorough investigation of all parts of an issue and finds ways to enhance one’s personal development.

You can learn more about how to develop yourself personally by buying this book on this website.

The Counsellors

The counsellors in this counselling service are very worthy of their roles in the counselling service in this university.

This is because these counsellors are all BACP members who are working toward their accreditation and can apply the ethical guidelines needed to be observed in the counselling practice.  

You can learn more about the ethical framework practised by these counsellors by checking out this website which is www.bacp.co.uk.

Edinburgh University counselling service using telephones

As mentioned before, telephone consultations will be the only ones addressed and available in this kind of epidemic.

You only need to apply on this counselling service’s website using the online application form.

Privacy Notice

You need to make sure that you have read the privacy notice before you fill out the application form.

This can help you know the information that will be stored for you and what needs to be shared.  

You can also search for more information on the website of this counselling service.

You can also search through options that are available in the self-help page on this website to help you find other ways to take care of yourself in the midst of the epidemic.

You can learn more about confidentiality in counselling practised by counsellors by buying this book on this website.

Fill the referral form

If you want to apply for counselling, you need to self-refer yourself to this counselling service.

You don’t need to have someone refer for you so that you can get access in this counselling service.

If you can’t get through the application form, you need to contact this counselling service where the contact details are found on the website.

Contact us

When you are finished with the application form, you will get an automated email that you have successfully acquired the service of this counselling service.

Telephone consultation

When the counselling service has processed your email, you will be able to discuss with the staff on when you will get the telephone consultation for you.

You will also need to make sure that you can get through them immediately and tell them if you aren’t able to receive the call at the required time.  

The email from this counselling service will be given to your email account that you’ve used often in the university.

You can learn more about how to properly address the counsellor through the phone by buying this book on this website.

Next steps

When you are done with your consultation, the counsellor will give you treatment options that you can select from.

Typically, these options are one or more of the following:

  • Suggestions and recommendations for self-help
  • a referral to another University counselling service
  • a referral to an external counselling service
  • Safe and confidential environment

Some people are hesitant about finding the right language for them to talk about their troubles to the counsellor.

This is very distressing since this may indicate that the root of the problem has become the source of other troubles or the person has gone through an experience that made expression traumatising.

You should realize that talking to a professional counsellor can give you the freedom to talk about things that are bothering you without expecting judgment. 

Self-referral form for Edinburgh University counselling services

Before you can get your telephone consultation, you need to refer yourself through your webcam when a counsellor calls you.

As mentioned before, you don’t need anyone to refer you to this kind of counselling service. 

You should recall to put your contact number in the application form.

You can also get some recommendations from your general practitioner on how you are feeling.

If you are more concerned about your academic studies, you should contact the Student Support team in this kind of university.

You can also use online apps that can give you some self-help resources that you need to take care of yourself mentally such as the Feeling Good App.

You should take note of the two parts of your form which are contact details and availability which you have to complete all contents.

You can save a draft of your application form in just 24 hours.

Part one (Your contact details and availability)

This kind of counselling service should get your contact details right which makes this kind of part obligatory for clients.

This kind of part will also be asking you about your personal tutor or supervisor. 

This kind of counselling service can only contact this resource person when you need to or it is absolutely necessary for the current circumstance.

You can remember your contact details by buying this notebook here.

Part two (Reasons for seeking support)

This kind of part will be letting you tell the counsellor on why you decided to take this kind of counselling service which will be used in your psychological assessment.

This kind of part is not mandatory if you are not comfortable with it.

Although it will be very helpful if you give the counsellor your reasons which can make you get the right psychological intervention for you.


When there are more slots that are accessible, you can easily be placed in any of those slots.

You will be emailed when there are changes needed to be done in your schedule and you can still discuss the time that you are available.  

If you have canceled an appointment for 2-3 weeks before the discussed appointment date, you can be given a new one.

To submit the application form

Once you have finished your application form, you can immediately press the button that indicates you are finished filling your form.

This will bring you an automated email to your account that you have successfully completed the form.  

If you are not prepared to submit the application form, you only need to save the application form as a draft.

You need to submit this form immediately and not make it wait for 24 hours which will be deleted after saving. 

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In this brief article, we have discussed Edinburgh University counselling, the issues taken care of by Edinburgh University counselling, the benefits of Edinburgh University counselling, and more information about Edinburgh University counselling.

If you have any questions about Edinburgh University counselling, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your questions.

What we recommend for Counselling

Professional counselling

If you are suffering from depression or any other mental disorders then ongoing professional counselling could be your ideal first point of call. Counselling will utilize theories such as Cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you live a more fulfilling life.

FAQs: edinburgh university counselling

Is the University of Edinburgh prestigious?

Yes, the University of Edinburgh is a prestigious university.

This is one of the best universities in the world for arts and humanities and even the field of computer science.

This kind of university can give students the opportunity to study in one of the oldest and amazing institutions in the city of Scotland.

Is University of Edinburgh hard to get into?

No, the University of Edinburgh is not hard to get into.

This kind of university might be one of the best institutions in the UK but it has the lowest eligibility requirements if you compare this university to other top universities.

Although this kind of university has been known to be the hardest to graduate from. 

What is the University of Edinburgh known for?

The University of Edinburgh has been known for its background in exploration, invention, and innovation from its alumni.

This is because this kind of university values the use of research in discovering new things in life.

The research in this kind of university is at the top in the country from other institutions. 

Is Edinburgh University Ivy League?

No, Edinburgh University isn’t an Ivy League school.

This kind of university is considered as a Pre-Ivy League school.

The graduates of this university are considered as high-ranking in the school board comparing to University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the University of St. Andrews and other top universities in the country.

Is Edinburgh a safe city?

Yes, Edinburgh is a safe university.

You are safe when you are walking on the streets at night but you need to be aware of where you’re going.

Some parts in this kind of city can make you get lost such as Old Town where there are winding pathways and closes and wynds. 


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