5 Easy meals for when you are depressed 

This article will explain how depression can affect your eating habits, and what are good ideas of meals that you can easily do when you are depressed to keep yourself fed and nourished.

Easy meals to prepare when you are depressed 

Food has many properties, it is not just feeding and nourishing. It can also have quite an impact on how you feel, and in your mood. So let’s discuss some meal recipes to help you get a handle on those depressive symptoms.

Meal to help you with fatigue 

Fatigue is a common symptom of depression. You can sleep a lot but still wake up tired. If you can put in your diet foods that can boost your energy level, it can help you a lot. Foods that contain vitamin B, iron, and magnesium can help you a lot.

You can get those with easy preparation. Dark green vegetables, such as spinach, are rich in those, the same goes for eggs. So some scrambled eggs with spinach are a good recipe for you to feel more energetic.

Meals to help you with your mood 

Some foods can be beneficial to your mood. Some of them can help with your serotonin levels. An example of a food that can improve your mood is dark chocolate. It has many antioxidants that can quickly improve your mood. 

If you don’t like chocolate, you can have some sweet potatoes. You can cook it, or put it in the oven and make a baked potato. They will not only improve your mood but also give you more energy.

Meal to help with brain fog 

The loss of ability to focus, or feeling overwhelmed is completely normal in depression. And to handle it, meals that are rich in Omega-3 are a good way to go. Foods that have a lot of Omega-3 are salmon and other fishes, avocado, and walnuts.

To get the Omega-3, you can do salmon with a walnut crust. But if you don’t like that, aside from those, you can also put chia seeds, or flax seeds on your preparations, such as salad, yogurt, and cookies.

Meals to help you sleep better 

When you are depressed, along with your eating pattern, your sleeping pattern can change. So if you want to improve your sleep you may want to put things in your diet that increase your melatonin level, which is the sleep hormone.

You can get those by getting some turkey meat. You can put them in tacos, pasta, or other preparations. 

Meal to help you with anxiety

Depression makes you extremely anxious. It gets you constantly thinking negative things, and like the worse is about to come. So having some foods that can improve that feeling can be a relief. 

It is said that having 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day can help soothe your mood, make you more optimistic, and as a consequence reduce your symptoms of anxiety and depression. You can make a fruit cup, or keep some salad prepared in your fridge.

But let’s understand how depression impacts your aperture.

5 Easy meals for when you are depressed 

How depression can affect your appetite? 

Depression can affect pretty much every aspect of your life, and your eating pattern is no different. Some people may feel like depression took away their appetite completely, while others may want to binge eat, especially unhealthy food.

Aside from that, depression affects your energy level, and it can make it seem impossible to go to the market, get home and prepare a whole meal. In the cases when eating can just be forgotten, you can become even less energetic, and malnourished, feeding into a cycle of declining well-being.

For that not to happen, you can organize yourself, in those periods when you are having a good day, and go to the grocery store, or have it delivered for you, and work on preparing some meals for yourself. You may leave a bunch of them in the freezer, so you can just heat them in the microwave when you don’t feel like cooking. 

You can also shop and always leave a little extra of everything in the house, so when you get a sudden rush of energy you can focus on doing some other meals. You can also think of meal preparations that have a positive effect on how you feel. That can improve your mood, fatigue, and many other symptoms of depression. 

But if that may seem to hard to do, here are some other ways you can care for what meals even when you are depressed.

Other ways to care for your eating when you are depressed 

Depression can put you through intense mood swings, and sometimes getting out of bed seems impossible. When that is the case, you can look for other alternatives. You can heat the meals you left in the freezer, or you might want to call the delivery service.

Try to have a few on your hand that makes balanced and healthy meals so you can still keep yourself nourished through this period. You may also want to get in touch with your support network. 

Call your friends and family members, let them know how you feel, and they can jump in to help. They can bring you some home-cooked meals, and even sit down to have them with you, guaranteeing you will have a good eating schedule. 

They can also go grocery shopping for you, and cook the meals in your home, leaving a bunch of them prepared so you are set for a few days until you can feel a little better. Those actions may not seem like a lot, but they will help make you somewhat better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are easy meals to fo when I am depressed? 

What is emotional eating? 

Emotional eating is when a person is eating not only to satisfy their hunger, but it is also as a way to make themselves feel better. And even though it may make you feel better right at that moment, it doesn’t fix the problems and emotions you are going through.

After you have had a moment of emotional eating, you will not only realize it hasn’t solved your problems, but you might also feel guilty about it. You can realize you are emotionally eating if you figure out you have been eating when you are stressed, or when you are not hungry, and if food has become a reward for you.

Along with that, you can feel you are emotionally eating when you eat more than what you need, and you feel stuffed. Or if you feel powerless when it comes to food. Then it might be time to look for professional help to get a better handle on this situation.

Why when I am depressed I crave sugar and carbs? 

It can happen because those foods can usually give you a rush of serotonin and because when you are depressed the levels of the neurotransmitters are usually so low. Finding them in food can give you a great sense of comfort and well-being.

How can I handle the loss of appetite? 

When you have no appetite, be it due to an illness, or some other reason, you may want to eat small amounts of food. Try to have many small healthy snacks throughout the day, as well as trying to make the food you have the smell and look good. 

Try not to have too much industrialized, fried, or greasy food. This can make you feel too full, or gassy. You should not be feeling heavy, but rather nourished. You can also make eating a social experience. This will make it easier and more pleasurable for you.

If eating has been a hard task, you may want to put your food on a larger plate. This can make it seem like you are eating a lot less than you are having, making it easier to eat everything. Also having food that is ready for whenever you want, can make it easier.

The same way as eating when you are most hungry, so prepare your biggest meal for that time. Trying a new restaurant, or a new delivery can also make it easier for you to eat, since you will be in a new scene, or trying on some new flavors. 

How can I eat if anxiety takes away my appetite? 

Anxiety can take away your appetite, and to try and maintain a healthy eating schedule you can try to discover what has been making you stressed, and if it has anything to do with eating. By knowing what is causing your anxiety your symptoms will most likely decrease. 

Figuring out an eating schedule can help your appetite to return. That is because it is only by going back to eating that your appetite can return. You may want to put in that schedule food that is tolerable to you, so you can feel some sense of pleasure while you are having it, make your food look and taste good, so it can be a positive experience.

What are the signs of not eating enough?

If you are not eating enough, it can be that you start to feel that your energy levels will go down. This can make you feel tired all of the time. It can also impact your nutrition level, which can lead to hair loss. This is because if you don’t have enough calories a day, your body will prioritize your heart, and brain, rather than your hair.

When you are not eating enough, you can feel constantly hungry. It can make you have huge cravings because your caloric restriction will make your hormones go off balance. This can happen in people who are overweight as well as people that are in their normal weight. 

It can also make it harder for you to get pregnant since it affects many of your hormone levels. As well as sleep problems, along with having an impact on your mood, causing you to feel more irritable, and anxious. Not only that, it can lead to constipation, and you feeling cold all the time. 


This article discussed how depression can change your eating patterns. But not only that, it showed what easy meal preparations you can do to keep you fed and with a good nutritional level when you are depressed. Along with that, the article explained what are some ways you can manage your eating when depressed.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the section below.