Does Zoe Wees have anxiety?

The current article discusses if Zoe Wees has anxiety. We will also be explaining the other mental health issues that the singer suffers from. Zoe Wees is a German singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Does Zoe Wees have anxiety?

Yes, Zoe Wees has anxiety. The singer-songwriter opened up about her struggles with anxiety and other mental health issues when she was growing up. The German singer uses her experience with anxiety extensively in her music and incorporates this into her lyrics.

Zoe’s signature song ‘Control’ was in fact inspired by her experiences with anxiety and even depression. The song was also released as a reflection or a mirroring of the mental and emotional sufferings faced around the world caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to her experiences with anxiety and even depression, Zoe Wees has been to therapy which has helped her cope with her mental health issues and to bring something positive out of the negative experiences.

The singer’s anxiety can be blamed on childhood traumas, mainly caused by her diagnosis with epilepsy. Due to the diagnosis of epilepsy, Zoe Wees faced a lot of fear of getting seizures at any time and at any place.

It is because of this immense fear that caused Zoe Wees to experience anxiety. This experience led her to write ‘Control’ which was actually dedicated to her inner-child. Through the song, Zoe Wees hopes to say that it is okay not to be okay at times.

Other Mental Health Issues of Zoe Wees

Apart from anxiety, Zoe Wees also suffers from other mental health issues. Aside from suffering from anxiety, Zoe also has been diagnosed with clinical depression in the past. The depression along with her anxiety further fueled her hunger to rise above her problems.

The main reason for her mental health issues, whether it is depression or anxiety, is mainly because of her diagnosis with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy when she was much younger. After this diagnosis, the singer found herself being increasingly anxious about having a seizure.

This fear further led Zoe Wees to isolate herself from others which made social relationships very difficult. She also felt very helpless as a result of her diagnosis with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy as she was helpless in controlling her body against the seizures.

It was during this time that the singer turned to songwriting to express the way she felt and the anxiety she has experienced as a result of her health condition. Through her mental health struggles, the song ‘Control’ was written, which was the Launchpad to her fame and popularity.

Other than turning to songwriting as a form of therapy, Zoe Wees has also taken to fashion to express herself and her mental state. The singer-songwriter can be seen to rock bucket-hats and flamboyant denim as a medium of communicating her feelings to the world.


The current article has discussed if Zoe Wees has anxiety. We have also explained the other mental health issues that the singer suffers from.

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