Does Yuri Katsuki have anxiety? (+3 Main causes)

In this article, we will be answering if Yuri Katsuki has anxiety. We will also be checking out the various signs and symptoms of Yuri’s anxiety along with the reasons why he may have developed it.

Does Yuri Katsuki have anxiety?

Yes, Yuri Katsuki has anxiety. In the show ‘Yuri on Ice’, the main character, Yuri Katsuki can be seen to be struggling with anxiety and other mental health issues throughout the episodes. Along with anxiety, Yuri also has very poor self-esteem.

Another mental illness that Yuri Katsuki may be suffering from is an eating disorder. He often turns to pork cutlets, which are his favorite food, whenever he goes through any stress. However, with Viktor’s help, Yuri overcomes this problem.

Yuri can also be seen to be struggling with depression in many episodes. The depression that Yuri faces mainly comes as a result of his fame. He may also suffer from impostor syndrome which further adds to his anxiety.

Signs and symptoms of Yuri Katsuki’s anxiety

In this section of the article, we have examined in detail the different signs and symptoms of Yuri Katsuki’s anxiety. Yuri’s anxiety, along with his other mental health issues, often takes the focal point of the story arc, and the series is basically about how he overcomes these problems.

Yuri Katsuki is never confident

Yuri Katsuki is definitely not the most confident figure skater. This is not only known to him, but also to others who easily perceive that this skater lacks the confidence to make it to the top. As a result, Yuri often questions himself and keeps doubting his ideas and skills.

He shows performance anxiety

As an athlete, Yuri Katsuki also seems to definitely suffer from performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is often seen as an increase in the levels of stress and anxiety before a performance, or before going out on the field to play in a competition.

Yuri can be seen to become increasingly frantic and anxious before a competition. He also becomes cold and may even lash out at others as a part of his anxiety. However, with the emergence of Viktor as his mentor and his confidant, we can see this being handled better.

He feels guilty for his family

Every professional athlete strongly needs the support of their family and friends. Yuri Katsuki is definitely lucky and fortunate in this case since his mother and his family members definitely support his dreams, even if they don’t clearly understand his motives and his aims.

However, we can also see that the extensive support that Yuri’s family gives him often has negative effects on his confidence. Yuri actually feels guilty for the support that they give him and also feels slightly embarrassed by the attention they pour on him.

This can be seen clearly in the first episode where Yuri loses at the Grand Prix. When he calls his mother, he finds out that the entire family has been gathered to watch him perform. Instead of taking in a positive light, Yuri states that they all gathered to watch him lose.

He always needs assurance

Apart from being a very unconfident figure-skater, Yuri Katsuki can also be seen to be requiring assurance and feedback at every step of the way. Even though he is a very good figure-skater, he constantly looks forward to feedback, especially from Viktor.

The assurance that Yuri needs constantly is not only in the form of words and statements, but even through physical actions and big gestures. He can also be seen to be getting fretful in the absence of such gestures.

He has a wobbly relationship with Viktor

Viktor’s emergence in Yuri’s life is a wonderful turn of events for the promising figure skater. Viktor and Yuri are definitely inseparable, and this is seen right from the start. Yuri looks up to Viktor in every way, for not only figure skating, but even for other areas in life.

What seems like a perfect mentor-protégé relationship on the outside, is not so in reality when it comes to Yuri’s perspective. Yuri has put Viktor on a high pedestal and always felt inferior to him.

He also requires Viktor to constantly motivate him and reassure him in his performances. In case he does not get the reassurance he requires from Viktor, Yuri can be seen to become increasingly frantic and anxious.

Another aspect of the relationship with Viktor that Yuri is definitely anxious about is the label. Viktor is initially his mentor but also drops many signs of being romantically interested in Yuri. As a result, Yuri is often confused about whether Viktor is his mentor or his romantic partner.

Yuri and Viktor also go on to exchange rings. While many experts on the show say that the rings are a part of an engagement or a type or promise rings, others say that these rings are just for luck. This again goes to show how anxious Yuri might be because he is confused about Viktor.

He feels that no one loves him

Yuri Katsuki often feels that no one truly loves him and appreciates him. As a result, whenever someone shows him love or tells him the same, Yuri questions it and doubts it. This includes gestures from Viktor.

It takes a long time for Yuri to understand that he is indeed a very lovable person and people genuinely like this being with him.

He turns to food for comfort

Yuri can also be seen to be struggling in his relationship with food. This particularly comes by when he is stressed or anxious. Yuri’s favorite comfort food is pork-cutlets and he turns to katsudon whenever he faces any type of challenge.

The type of eating disorder that Yuri Katsuki develops is clearly a binge eating disorder. However, he does not show any type of purging activities. With Viktor’s help as his mentor, Yuri is able to overcome this problem.

He cannot accept failure easily

Even if he is a terrific figure skater, Yuri Katsuki shows an immense aversion to failure and is not able to accept it easily. Even with the help of Viktor at his side, Yuri cannot seem to digest the fact that with sports, there are both wins and losses all the time.

Even the very thought of failing increases Yuri’s anxiety. He also talks negatively to himself whenever he thinks of losing and can be seen to get angry and frustrated with others when huge challenges are placed in front of him.

Reasons for Yuri Katsuki’s anxiety

Yuri Katsuki is definitely an anxious person and struggles with this throughout the ‘Yuri on Ice’ series. In the following points, we have discussed the main reasons as to why Yuri Katsuki may be struggling with anxiety.

  • Even though Yuri Katsuki has been figure-skating ever since he was a child, he didn’t have the proper guidance and mentorship from a young age. As a result, he was not trained to accept failures and get through challenges easily.
  • Yuri’s ego is very fragile and easily shattered, and this is a permanent part of his personality. When he is faced with a challenge or an obstacle, Yuri turns to himself and his thinking spirals out of control, making him more negative.

This creates a loop which leads to Yuri becoming more and more negative. However, Viktor guides Yuri to absorb the positive energy of others around him, rather than sponging off the negative anxiety itself which seems to help the ambitious figure skater.

  • He is also very conscious about his appearance, particularly since he is likely to gain a lot of weight after eating pork buns. This negative relationship with food is another source of guilt and anxiety for Yuri Katsuki.


In this article, we have answered if Yuri Katsuki has anxiety. We have also checked out the various signs and symptoms of Yuri’s anxiety along with the reasons why he may have developed it.

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