Does your mother trigger your anxiety?

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Does your mother trigger your anxiety?

Mothers can largely contribute to the development of anxiety in their children. This can be a product of various biological and environmental factors.

Some children tend to deal with this anxiety effectively by talking about it with their other family members or their friends while the others keep it within themselves leading to a build-up of stress and emotional pressure.

This buildup of anxiety and stress might lead to periodic anxiety attacks.

Even when the children share a cordial relationship with their parents may trigger their anxiety unintentionally.

under such circumstances, a parent must pay close attention to their choice of words and the demands that they put forward for their children.

Being mindful about their interactions with their parents might help avoid situations where the children feel anxious.


What are the major triggers of anxiety  caused by one’s mother?

A demand for perfection

It is reported that children exhibit anxiety that is usually triggered by their mother due to a demand for perfection on the mother’s side.

Children usually feel anxious when they aren’t able to keep up with the standards put forward by their mothers.

They usually have a notion that they failed their mother’s expectations and are responsible for the consequences and disappointment.

Anxiousness projected by the mother

A child may experience anxiety because they observed their mother being anxious. Behaviorists believe that anxious behavior can be learned like any other behavior through observation and imitation.

Unpredictable nature of the mother

It is seen that when children grow up in families where uncertainty prevailed, they show some sort of emotional instability.

Some mothers tend to be loving one moment and then negligent the other minute this leaves a child feeling uncertain about their importance in an individual’s life causing anxiousness.

When the child is expected to be the mom themselves

sometimes children are forced to be grown-ups. This is given a term called parentification. This requires the child to behave and act like parents, providing directions and ways to cope up with challenges and difficulties faced by the family.

It is observed that some children take up this responsibility very well however other children who lack exposure and who are not equipped enough to handle the situation experience anxiety due to the pressure caused by the demand of acting maturely.

Does your mother trigger your anxiety?


Critical comments and behaviors

another reason for children’s anxiety being triggered by their mothers could be the critical comments and behaviors that they carry out towards their children.

In some cases, these critical comments and behaviors might be unintentional and situational based while in other cases it might be intentional to give the child a hard pill.

Patents give out comments to the children thinking that it helps them to succeed and correct their mistakes however not realizing that these comments can be critical affecting a child’s mental state and further causing anxiety.

Lack of trust in the child’s judgment

It is often seen that children whose parents do not trust them completely are more vulnerable to anxiety than children who have a more neutral and cordial relationship with their parents with an abundance of trust and get between the two parties.

lack of trust on the mother’s side can be detrimental. This also affects a child’s decision-making abilities and judgments reducing their overall confidence and causing anxiety.

Lack of emotional attention

Many theories suggest a lack of cordial and strong emotional connection between the parents might lead to a strained relationship between the parent and the children.

Parental behaviors such as negligence, rejection, avoidance, and emotionally blunt behavior can stunt a child’s mental stability making them more vulnerable to anxiety.


The repeated silent treatment is given by the mother

Anxiety doesn’t need to be caused by harsh or demanding behavior on the parent’s side. It is seen that a silent treatment can also trigger a child’s anxiety.

Sure the mother tends to be unresponsive to children’s behaviors, and emotions regardless of its need for attention and acknowledgment.

this leaves the child feeling isolated making it a primary cause for triggering anxiety among the children.

What are the symptoms of anxiety that can be triggered by your mother?

The main features and symptoms of anxiety are:


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Feeling on edge,

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A sense of helplessness, 

  • ·       

Repeated negative thoughts, 

  • ·       

Muscle tension, 

  • ·       

Palpitations and 

  • ·       

Difficulty breathing

How can therapy help to reduce anxiety triggered by your mother?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps an individual to control their anxiety by using strategies like relaxation and breathing. It works on the principles of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

Group therapy


It is based on the principle that when an individual interacts with other people who are suffering from the same fears, they might not feel left alone or isolated. Group therapy usually involves a group of individuals who are experiencing similar symptoms and problems.


Anxiety can also be treated with the help of medication prescribed by a health care professional.

Though medication alone cannot help in reducing persistent anxiety it can help in restoring a sense of control and bring temporary relief.

What are the self-help strategies for anxiety triggered by one’s mother?

Take control of your breathing

It is normal for anxiety to bring about changes in your body, for instance, increased breathing. These changes often make an individual feel uncomfortable.

 One can take control of this discomfort by carrying out a few simple steps such as holding one’s breath for two seconds and slowly letting it out through their mouth.

Repeating this step several times until one feels relaxed. This is most effective when one sits down in a comfortable position with the back straight.

Carry out progressive muscle relaxation

Another effective technique to manage anxiety is progressive muscle relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation involves flexing and releasing a group of muscles in one’s body which helps to maintain their attention on the feelings of this contraction and relaxation.


Parents are the primary caregivers for many children. Parents are the first source of contact with whom the children spent most of their time.

It is natural for many children to experience anxiety that is triggered by the interaction or relationship patterns that they share with their parents.

In many families, children are seen being close to one of the two parents. this closeness leads to increased dependence on a parent for their social and personal requirements.

Even though mothers are considered to be more understanding and loving than fathers they may be the primary reason for triggering anxiety amongst their children.

Though the cause of anxiety might be unintentional many parents neglect the discomforting emotions that the children experience and complain of routing from their relationship or interaction with the mother.

The child and the mother need to realize that to avoid such discomforting emotions and thoughts they must convey their emotions, feelings, and needs with one another.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Can parents trigger anxiety?

Parents are a very important part of a child’s life. Parents can contribute to their child’s anxiety even without realizing it by the way they interact with their children.

What to do when your mom stresses you out?

It is natural for people to experience stress due to their interaction or relationship with their parents. In situations where your primary caregiver who lives in the same houses causes stress escaping a stressful and environment might get difficult.

However, some techniques that one can adopt to relax are listening to relaxing music or carrying out pleasurable activities. in addition to this one can also distance themselves from the other person who triggered the stress.

Is it okay to be afraid of your mom?

Some parents might be stricter and firmer than others. In extreme cases, they might be abusive both physically and emotionally.

Being afraid of such parents Is a natural response for many children.

Why are children scared of their parents?

Many children report being afraid of their parents because they do not wish to go against their parents or get them upset about anything they do.

Who are toxic parents?

Toxic parents are those who behave in ways that cause fear and guilt in their children. They might also yell too much or do potentially damaging things to their kids.


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