Does Yamaguchi have anxiety? (+3 Causal factors)

The current detailed article will be discussing if Yamaguchi has anxiety. We will also be checking out the signs whether or not Yamaguchi may have anxiety. In addition to this, we will be looking at the main reasons why Yamaguchi may suffer from this problem.

Does Yamaguchi have anxiety?

No, Yamaguchi does not have anxiety. However, some experts on Haikyuu disagree and say that Yamaguchi may indeed be suffering from some type of anxiety disorder. In reality, Yamaguchi is just a shy person who has been through a lot of bullying.

Yamaguchi, also known by his full name Tadashi Yamaguchi, is an important member of the well-known Karasuno volleyball team. He is built very thin and is scrawny in his structure. As a result of this, Yamaguchi undergoes a lot of bullying in the past.

However, Yamaguchi seems to be over this bullying and goes by unaffected by taunts and mockery over his freckles and his thin-built. In fact, he commonly teams up with Tsukishima to tease Kageyama and Hinata.

Mainly due to his thin-built, Yamaguchi used to doubt his volleyball skills and was not keen on joining the team in the first place. After getting Shimada as his mentor, Yamaguchi can be seen improving his volleyball skills and becomes an integral part of the team.

Signs of Yamaguchi’s anxiety

While Yamaguchi does not clearly have anxiety, he shows some signs of being stressed in public situations. Some signs of Yamaguchi’s anxiety and other mental health issues that he might have are discussed as the following points.

  • Yamaguchi clearly mentions that he does not like ‘hot-bloods’ or those who show a lot of attitude. He also avoids confrontation and tends to lurk outside the main group.
  • Yamaguchi also seems to be suffering from self-esteem issues. He feels that his abilities are not good enough for him to be included on the volleyball team.
  • Another sign of Yamaguchi’s anxiety or his self-esteem issues is that he aims to be as cool as Tsukishima and actually models his behavior around this. He does not have much confidence in his own identity and his personality.

Reasons why Yamaguchi has anxiety

Yamaguchi might be showing certain signs of anxiety at times due to several reasons. The different reasons why experts on Haikyuu say that this character suffers from anxiety have been explored in the following section.

  • The main reason or causal factor behind Yamaguchi’s anxious behavior is because of the bullying he experienced as a child. When he was a child Yamaguchi experienced bullying at the hands of others mainly due to his freckles.
  • The childhood bullying that Yamaguchi experienced damaged his self-esteem and self-worth. His poor self-esteem therefore becomes another main reason for his anxious behavior to even small triggers.
  • Yamaguchi also changes his aims and directives as a result of his poor self-esteem and his distrust of others. This distrust or paranoia of others, especially males who are aggressive and short-tempered in nature, leads him to develop anxiety as well.


The current detailed article has discussed if Yamaguchi has anxiety. We have also checked out the signs whether or not Yamaguchi may have anxiety. In addition to this, we have looked at the main reasons why Yamaguchi may suffer from this problem.

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