Does weed cause anxiety? (+5 Weed replacements)

This blogpost will be answering if weed causes anxiety. Furthermore, we will be examining the other negative effects of weed along with a few positive effects that some users have reported. Finally, we will check out some alternatives to weed that you can use for anxiety.

Does weed cause anxiety?

Yes, weed causes anxiety. However, this is not always true since in some cases, weed or marijuana is actually used to treat the symptoms of anxiety. Weed causing anxiety is often blamed on the THC concentrations, which are higher in certain strains.

Other negative effects of weed on anxiety

Other than simply causing more anxiety, weed can cause many other effects on the mental health of a person as well. In this section of the blogpost, we have explored the negative effects of weed on anxiety and the mental health of a person.

Increased frequency of anxiety attacks

If you are someone who has already been suffering from anxiety, you may experience that these episodes or attacks of anxiety may simply increase in frequency. This may interfere with your daily routine and may also make you socially reclusive and isolated.

Panic attacks

Another effect on mental health and anxiety that weed can cause is an increase in panic attacks. When you are going through a panic attack, you may feel breathless, may have palpitations and may experience increased sweating in response to a trigger or no triggers at all.

Increased psychotic symptoms

One main reason why mental health professionals recommend those who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition or anxiety to stay away from weed or marijuana is that this substance can increase psychotic symptoms.

Many research studies claim that people who use marijuana in some way or the other experience an increase in psychotic symptoms like paranoia and hallucinations. This is especially if they have already been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or a psychotic disorder.

Worsening of depression

If you have been diagnosed with depression and are using weed or marijuana, you may also experience a worsening of your symptoms. Your mental health professional may well-advise you to stay away from marijuana and other such substances as long as you are on treatment.

Suicidal ideations

In some people, weed or marijuana can also lead to suicidal ideations and suicidal thoughts. In many cases, some people have also attempted suicide as a result of their unhealthy relationship with weed or marijuana. This is again blamed on the THC present in certain strains of weed.

Social anxiety

Certain research studies have found that weed or marijuana increases the symptoms of social anxiety in people. In many cases, this is because of the paranoia that is associated with THC that is found in certain marijuana strains.

Problems in cognition

Marijuana or weed can also lead to serious problems and handicaps in cognition. Therefore, if you are consuming marijuana, you might find it hard to concentrate on work and may also experience a dip in performance.

Reduction of motor skills

Apart from your cognitive skills, weed or marijuana may also lead to a reduction of motor skills. This means that it might not be wise for you to drive a car or operate heavy machinery when you have recently used weed or marijuana.

Impulsivity and recklessness

Other than causing anxiety levels to go up, weed or marijuana can also lead to feelings of impulsivity and recklessness. Many users of weed have reported that they have taken part in dangerous experiences as a result of this substance.

Positive effects of weed on anxiety

While many users have felt that weed has negatively affected their anxiety levels, others have felt that their anxiety levels have dropped after their use of weed. Some positive effects of weed on anxiety have been described in the following points.

  • Many people who have used weed or marijuana have reported that they have felt calm
  • Other people have felt that their physical health improved as they regained appetite after using weed or marijuana
  • Still others reported that their sleep patterns have improved as a result of their use of weed or marijuana
  • Those who have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder have felt that their symptoms have reduced after they used weed or marijuana

Alternatives to weed for anxiety

If you have anxiety but don’t want to use weed, or if you have used weed and are looking for an alternative, this section of the post is for you. In the points below, we have shared a few alternatives to weed that you can use to cope with anxiety.

Medications for anxiety

If your anxiety levels are too high and your attacks have been coming very frequently, the best option for you is medication. Often, your doctor may prescribe antidepressants or beta-blockers for your anxiety.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a great form of psychotherapy and is most recommended for anxiety. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, your therapist will help you unlearn negative thinking patterns and learn new and positive ones.

Maladaptive thinking patterns are the main reason why people experience anxiety even with small triggers or no triggers. In CBT, you will also be able to become more aware of your negative thinking patterns and learn coping strategies.

Mindfulness exercises

Another technique that can help you with your anxiety is mindfulness. The most important aim of mindfulness is to help you enjoy and savor the present moment without worrying about the past or the future.

Through mindfulness, you will not only be able to improve your quality of daily life, but also reduce your anxiety levels. There are numerous mindfulness activities that you can follow, for instance, you can use mindful-breathing, mindful walking, mindful-coloring, etc.

Changes in diet

What you eat also plays a big role in your mood and affect. To prepare your body and mind to cope with trigger factors in a better manner, you can practice a healthier diet. If you are confused about the type of diet you need to follow, you can try consulting with a dietician/nutritionist.

Regular workouts

Physical exercise not only helps your body but also plays a big role in your mind. Through regular workouts, your body is used to little challenges and thereby, your mind gets acclimatized to stress. Furthermore, the happy hormones from exercise can also help in uplifting your mood.

Weed replacements

If you are very keen on using marijuana-like substances for dealing with your anxiety, former weed-users have recommended some natural alternatives. Some marijuana replacements that might be helpful for you are:

  • Chamomile: This daisy-like flower is mostly used in teas to help with anxiety and bring calmness to the person who is consuming it.
  • Tea: You can also drink tea to help in bringing down your anxiety levels. There are many teas to choose from. The L-Theanine in tea is perfect for combating your stress and anxiety levels and is great if you are trying to seek an alternative to marijuana.
  • Clove: Clove is an herb that is often used to spice up dishes and is very popular in hilly areas to uplift mood and reduce anxiety levels. Clove is also very healthy for teeth and can also be beneficial for immunity.
  • Peppermint: Apart from being used in toothpaste and chewing gum, peppermint is also another superb herb if you are seeking an alternative to marijuana. It can also be used to treat headaches and can even help in quitting addictions like smoking.
  • Valerian root: This flowering plant can also be used to cope with anxiety and stress, especially if you don’t want to use marijuana. However, this root may cause a few side-effects in some people, such as headaches and dizziness.


This blogpost has answered if weed causes anxiety. Furthermore, we have examined the other negative effects of weed along with a few positive effects that some users have reported. Finally, we have checked out some alternatives to weed that you can use for anxiety.

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