Does Vanellope have anxiety? (+3 Reasons why)

This article will be answering if Vanelloppe has anxiety. We will also be explaining the reasons why she might or might not experience this, and also look at some of the causal factors of her condition.

Does Vanellope have anxiety?

No, Vanellope does not have anxiety. However, she seems to suffer from ‘glitches’ due to problems in her coding, which gives her the nickname ‘Glitch’. As a result, she suffers from low self-esteem among other mental health issues.

However, Vanellope cannot be pushed into a certain clinical diagnosis since her symptoms do not fully match the criteria of any particular mental illness in the DSM. At the same time, many experts say that Vanellope may be living with autism.

The reason for this is that the glitches seem to follow the same pattern as stimming or flapping tendencies which are very common among those who have autism. On the other hand, other experts on the trope say that Vanellope may be living with Tourette’s syndrome.

Apart from the glitch in her code, Vanellope does not seem to suffer from any other issue and exudes optimism in those around her, especially Wreck It Ralph, with whom she shares a very close bond.

Reasons for Vanellope’s anxiety

While many experts on the movie say that Vanellope does not suffer from anxiety, there are still many others who state the opposite. A few reasons why Vanellope is discussed to be suffering from anxiety have been explained in the following section.

Due to her glitch

The main characteristic trait that is present in Vanellope is her glitch which she calls Pixlexia. While she tries her best to hide, others in her world continuously point out to her glitch as a disability and as a weakness.

Because of her self-esteem issues

Vanellope also seems to suffer from a lot of self-esteem issues. She continuously doubts her and her abilities, even if she wants to be the best racer possible. She also is easily put down by the criticisms of others.

Poor self-esteem can be caused by chronic experiences with anxiety and can reversely create anxiety in a person. This often does not go away easily and the self-esteem needs to be built up through therapy and support.

Due to her emotional trauma

Vanellope can be depicted to have gone through a lot of emotional trauma, particularly in reference to her glitch. She is constantly bullied and ostracized from the community. This leads her to empathize with Ralph and work closely with him.


This article has answered if Vanelloppe has anxiety. We have also explained the reasons why she might or might not experience this, and also looked at some of the causal factors of her condition.

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