Does tyler1 have autism? (Yes or no?)

In this very brief blog we are going to answer the question “does tyler1 have autism  “

Does tyler1 have autism?

No tyler1 doesn’t have autism or does he?

It is hard to say as he has never given to his audience a diagnosis which was issued by a medical professional but rather he took an autism test to determine if he was indeed autistic.

This was done live and you can view the 20-minute video here.

“What’s Wrong with tyler1?”

There is nothing wrong with tyler1 in particular, although there was some news a while ago that tyler1 had autism. Tyler1 hosted a video where he took the autism test on the air, and there were reports that he is in fact autistic, but this is not true. However, tyler1’s behavior on the air has often been erratic, so many say that there may be something wrong with him.

Tyler1 autism test

The autism test tyler1 took had a scale of 1 to 50. If he was below25 then he was on the autism scale.

Tyler1 scored 25 for his autism test, so you can be the judge of if he is borderline autistic or not.

Why is tyler1’s Head Deformed?

Tyler1’s head is deformed because he suffered from brain tumors when he was younger, and it changed the shape of his skull significantly. When tyler1 was 12 he suffered from tumors, for which he went through chemo, and though the cancer was eradicated the “shape” of the tumors remained, because of  problems with his DNA.

Does tyler1 have a dent?

Some people think that Tyler1’s skull changed its shape because of him wearing his headphones all the time.

However, it is not possible for one’s skull to get reshaped, even if we’d wear headphones 24/7.

Skull reshaping is actually a surgical procedure that is typically used to reshape the skull to give it a more uniform, oblong shape. 

Someone on Reddit said that the weird shape of Tyler1’s skull is because of some medical problems he had in childhood: “Those are brain tumours he developed back when he was 12 and after many sessions of chemo the cancer was eradicated but the “shape” of the tumours remained, because of a flaw in his DNA.”

So, no. Tyler1 does not have a dent, although you can find a lot of memes out there, like this one here

Does tyler1 have a girlfriend?

Yes, Tyler1 has a girlfriend. Her name is Macaiyla and he met her at TwitchCon2016.

Macaiyla’s online presence has grown since she started dating Tyler.

She has 57.4K subscribers on YouTube and 135K followers on Instagram.

In 2019, Macaiyla’s net worth was close to $200,000, which will definitely become higher in the upcoming years, assuming that she successfully continues her career.

Does tyler1 have a boyfriend?

No, Tyler 1 does not have a boyfriend.

Tyler has been dating his long-term girlfriend Macaiyla, and has been speaking about their relationship in many videos. 

You can find more about Tyler1’s girlfriend in this video she posted on her channel back in 2017. 

Does tyler1 have a brother?

Yes, Tyler1 has a brother, and he is known as Erobb221. 

Tyler’s brother is also recognized for streaming content based on games such as League of Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. 

The two brothers also made a few Youtube videos together.

Check one of them here

Does tyler1 have a sister?

The idea that Tyler1 has a sister, has come to the surface after his brother, Erobb221 posted this video. 

However, there is no additional information or mention on Tyler’s sister.

The vlogger has not mentioned her, and some fans believe that is because she is too young and has no desire to be on the internet.

If that is the case, kudos to you Tyler.

What is Tyler1’s net worth?

After seeing Tyler1 on youtube and twitch, a lot of people are generally interested to know what Tyler1’s net worth is.

Tyler1’s net worth is hard to say as he has never publicly claimed to have a net worth of any specific amount but most estimates give Tyler1’s net worth to be between $1m and $5m.

According to, Tyler1’s net worth is $4.3 Million.

Tyler1 screaming

Tyler1 is known for screaming and having what has been described as an ‘over the top’ and exaggerated behaviour when streaming.

There are even youtube videos under the title ‘Every Major Tyler1 Outbreak’ that compiles several of the times tyler1 is screaming when playing videogames.

However, many people seem to find him funny enough.

Tyler1 head shape

Tyler1 head shape has been a subject of controversy for quite some time now.

Some people believe there is something ‘seriously wrong with his head shape’ others simply say it has been photoshopped and others state how they have seen people with the same skull head shape.

Tyler1 head dent

There is a lot of speculation around Tyler1’s head dent. Some say it is really bad photoshop and how he is not ‘fooling’ anyone.

Others believe it is because of using his headset for so long while playing and others have said it is because of brain tumors that he developed when he was 12 years old but after chemo, the shape of the tumors remained.

Tyler1 dent

There are many Tyler1 dent memes all over the internet.

Where people make fun of the shape of his head attributing it to the frequent use of the headphones or even because he developed tumors at the age of 12 but when removed left the dented shape.

Where does Tyler1 live?

Tyler1 or Tyler Steinkamp currently lives in New London, Missouri with his Girlfriend.

He is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber who was a professional football player while attending Central Methodist University where he got his Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Tyler seems to be known for his toxic behavior, which led him to be banned over a couple of years.

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness or any similar mental health issue then seeking help for it may be a good option.

Mental health issues such as depression, loneliness and anxiety can affect anyone of us.

Does Tyler1 still stream?

Yes, Tyler1 still streams, and his streams can be found on his Twitch, where he goes by the username Loltyler1.

Many followers of tyler1 were concerned when he stopped streaming regularly, and then completely after a while around March-April 2020, and many were concerned that he would not come back.

But as some users pointed out, Tyler1 stopped streaming for a while because he wanted to play offstream for a while, till he could hit Master Rank.

The users were able to keep up with what rank he was at, however, because he plays the online game League of Legends, where people can check the ranks of those they know well whether they are streaming currently or not, and he did not start streaming again even when he hit the Grandmaster 146 LP level.

Tyler1 returned to streaming again around June 2020, and when he came back he also reported that he had lost about 150,000 subscribers because he had stopped streaming.

Does Tyler1 watch anime?

Yes, Tyler1 watched anime, or at least it seems that way, based on some videos he has posted of him watching some fan made anime, and he also posts reaction videos on youtube of instances where he has watched fanmade anime.

One of these reaction videos of Tyler1 watching fanmade anime can be found here.

Another instance that seems to prove that Tyler1 watches anime is because of one of his more recent videos, that was uploaded around the time of september 4th, in which after he had stopped with his usual screaming and shouting and so on, he seemed to be very sad, with a song “Sadness and Sorrow” from the anime Naruto playing in the background.

Whether tyler1 watches anime or not, it is clear that he has a knack for theatrics, which is something many people do enjoy about anime, and after that video he posted in the beginning of september many people also thought that he was putting on a show too, because after the video he looked like “someone who had just finished a gruelling shift at work.

Does Tyler1 workout?

Yes, Tyler1 works out, which is evident in his healthy and muscular physique one might see on most of his videos, and he has also made youtube videos where he talks about his diet and workout regimen, if anyone is interested.

One might find the video here, if they are interested to hear him talk about his fitness, workouts and diet, and what he likes to do to maintain a healthy body.

There is also some mention of Tyler1’s girlfriend in this video too because he is fighting with her about having given money to someone he doesn’t approve of, and Tyler1 talks about other things also in the video apart from the workout routine and diet.

According to Tyler1, his workout consists of 10 exercises per workout, with 4 sets and 10 reps (Repetitions) per exercise, which is something many people who want to bulk up with workouts do.

Here is a breakdown of what muscle groups tyler1 works out:

  • Monday: Chest
  • Tuesday: Legs
  • Wednesday: Rest 
  • Thursday: Chest 
  • Friday: Full body

He also says that this is just the basic workout and that there are obviously nuances to it, and one should also bear in mind that this may not fit their body type because there is more focus on chest workout than other parts of the body.

In addition to workouts, tyler1 does not mention much about what he eats and drinks, so one needs to create their own healthy meal plans when they are working out.

Does Tyler1 have a stutter?

Yes, Tyler1 has a stutter, but he has mostly overcome it at this point and it is not always obvious; however, there are times when his stutter gets worse and becomes apparent, especially when he is being passionate or emotionally upset about something.

Like in the face of many people who have stutters, Tyler1’s stutter tends to get worse with emotion involved, but for the most part it seems to be okay, which is evident in how much talking he has to do.

There are also videos on youtube that are simply compilations of Tyler1’s stuttering, likely because it is a significant thing that surprises people in someone who chooses to talk to others and yell or scream on video, and these videos may be found here, and here.

While there are videos of compilations of Tyler1 stuttering, it is not very nice to dwell on this or even come out and tease or bully someone about a stutter, because it is one of the most private and delicate things people experience, and making them feel conscious of it is a cruel thing to do.

Does Tyler1 have a job?

No tyler1 does not have a job, apart from streaming his video game playing and making money off of that, because it is a time intensive job and usually takes up much of a person’s time.

Tyler1 has gone on record to say that people who whine or complain about streaming for a job are being too touchy and that they should not be complaining about this ideal job situation. 

While many gamers who stream often say that the long hours and need to engage the audience while also playing a game successfully is something that is incredibly hard to do, and can sometimes even be taxing, Tyler1 does not agree, and mocks those who think that this job isn’t perfect, and he says:

“My life blows dude,” said tyler1. “I have to play video games five days a week man. Then, people give me money, and I have to read the message they give with the money. I hate my life!”

This makes it quite evident that Tyler1 loves his job of streaming and playing video games for a living.

Does Tyler1 own SKT T1?

NO, Tyler1 does not own SKT T1, instead, SKT T1 has actually signed on Tyler1 as a content creator, and this happened sometime around October 2020.

SKT T1 stands for SK telecom T1, and this company has effectively employed Tyler1, and to those who don’t know what T1 is, it is the name of a sports organization.

Last year, T1, which is the same company that was formerly known as SKT, sent Tyler1 a care package to open on his stream as well, and this package contained SKT apparel in addition to a figurine featuring both Tyler1 and legendary League of Legends pro Faker.

FAQ about Tyler Steinkamp

How tall is tyler 1?

Tyler 1 is 5 foot 6 inches tall. This is 1.68m tall.

Is Tyler 1’s height normal?

Yes, Tyler 1 height is normal, he is 1.68m tall. The average height for an American male is 5 feet, 10 inches, or 177.8 centimeters. 

The youtuber measured his height in a (highly requested) video, which you can access here.

How old is tyler 1?

In 2020, Tyler 1 age is 25 years old. Tyler 1 was born on 7th March 1995. 

What is Tyler 1 twitch username?

Tyler 1 username on twitch is loltyler1.

He is a season 6 challenger and has over, 3,508,902 followers on twitch

Is there a Tyler 1 store?

Tyler1’ store sells personalized t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, muggs and even a Tyler1 mini figurine!

If you are a fan of Tyler1’s, you should definitely check out his store. 

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