Does Twice have bipolar? (+7 Signs of issues)

This detailed article will be explaining if Twice has bipolar. We will also be taking a look at the various signs of Twice’s mental health issues as depicted in the anime series, My Hero Academia, while additionally discussing some of the causal factors of these.

Does Twice have bipolar?

No, Twice does not have bipolar. In the My Hero Academia series, Twice or Jin Bubaigawara does not show many of the diagnostic features of bipolar disorder, such as the characteristic highs and lows.

However, it is known that Twice actually suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. The disorder came as a result of Twice’s quirk which is basically creating clones or body doubles of himself and of others.

In an incident, Twice created a clone and this led to an attack on himself. He constantly doubts if he is the original or if he is the clone that killed the original. This constant overthinking led him to develop Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The character also struggled with a lot of stress and anxiety as a result of this disorder. His Dissociative Identity Disorder further inhibited the proper use of his quirk in various situations in the series.

These symptoms continued even after he confirmed that he is actually the original and not exactly the clone. As a result of his Dissociative Identity Disorder, Twice also feels the need to keep his mask on at all times.

Signs of Twice’s mental health issues

In the series, My Hero Academia Twice is definitely one of the most loved villains. Twice is actually his villain name and his real name is Jin Bubaigawara. Twice suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder which was actually caused by his quirk, which is creating clones.

Some of the signs of Dissociative Identity Disorder, as well as other mental health issues that Twice depicts in the series, My Hero Academia, have been discussed in detail in the following points.

He does not have principles of his own

In the My Hero Academia series, it can be seen that Twice definitely does not have any principles of his own. He clings on to those of others in the League of Villains and at times is too gullible.

While this may not be a clear sign of any mental illness, it can point to poor self-esteem and inability to make decisions, which in turn point to the presence of some disorder or the other. Twice is a definite definition of poor self-esteem and identity gone wrong.

His feelings towards Toga are inappropriate

Twice does not seem to harbor any romantic relationships with any character but can be seen overly affectionate with Toga. He seems to realize that there is a huge age-gap between him and Toga but this still does not stop him from flirting with the character very often.

Knowing Twice’s backstory and his history, it may seem like he is trying to make up for the lonely void in his life with his relationship with Toga. However, it can also point to how desperation for companionship can lead to some inappropriate choices.

He finds it hard to create clones

Twice’s quirk in the My Hero Academia series is creating clones. However, Twice only creates clones of others and refrains from creating clones of himself. This comes as a result of his past negative experiences when he created clones of himself.

This fear actually causes a lot of stress and anxiety for Twice and actually leads to his Dissociative Identity Disorder. However, he can be seen overcoming this fear much later on and is able to finally create clones.

He has no control over his clones

When Twice creates clones of himself or of other people, it can be seen that he has absolutely no control over them. The clones practically think for themselves and make their own decisions and can even make their own clones.

When we look at these clones in terms of a mental illness, they can represent separate identities as seen in Dissociative Identity Disorder. When the identities or personalities have their own voices and powers, the disorder can be seen as very severe and intensive.

He keeps his face covered at all times

Twice keeps his face covered at all times during the My Hero Academia series, even when he is with those he trusts and likes. He does this as a result of his fear of his quirk of creating clones since he was permanently scarred by a terrible experience from his past.

Keeping his face covered not only depicts his fear, but can even point to his poor self-esteem. He feels that by hiding behind his mask and wearing a costume, he can prevent his split personalities from clashing with each other.

He is too loyal to the League

Twice is one of the best villains in the My Hero Academia series and is very loyal to the League of Villains. But, it can also be seen that he is actually too loyal to the League, so much so that he does not carry his own principles and rules with him and follows the group blindly.

He feels this loyalty to the League since it immediately accepted him and other people who were shunned by society for their unique quirks and their superpowers. Harboring a herd mentality to any group is definitely detrimental to mental health and can even be the sign of mental issues.

He trusts people too easily

Twice is by far one of the most gullible villains in the My Hero Academia universe. For example, he was easily duped by Tomura which ultimately led to the death of Magne. However, he still does not learn his lesson and continues to easily trust others and their stories.

Causes of Twice’s mental health issues

Twice is a very interesting character in the My Hero Academia series and definitely stole the screen every time he was presented. His mental health issues, especially his Dissociative Identity Disorder, can be blamed on several causes, such as,

His lonely background

Twice has not had a rosy childhood since his parents were killed when he was in middle school. In order to fend for himself, he turns to work which was going swimmingly for some time.

As a result of an accident, he found himself suddenly unemployed and very lonely. As a result of this, he used his quirk to create a clone of himself for company. This sad story of Twice is definitely the main root cause of his mental health issues.

His quirk of cloning

The one specific incident which actually led to his Dissociative Identity Disorder is when he created clones of himself and each clone specified that it was the original. This led a confused Twice who forever doubted his identity, until it was proven wrong much later in the series.

His need to belong

Twice has a desperate need to belong. It is so unfortunate that he found the League of Villains before any other group as he immediately started showing a lot of loyalty and obedience to the leaders of the League.

His need to belong and his fear of being lonely actually make him a villain and also push him into very dangerous circumstances. Loneliness is actually the root cause of many mental illnesses and emotional struggles in people today.


This detailed article has explained if Twice has bipolar. We have also taken a look at the various signs of Twice’s mental health issues as depicted in the anime series, My Hero Academia, while additionally discussing some of the causal factors of these.

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