Does Toko Fukawa have anxiety? (+5 Other mental problems)

In this post, we will be explaining if Toko Fukawa has anxiety. We will also be checking out the other mental health issues that Toko Fukawa might have. In addition to this, we will be discussing the mental health issues of other Danganronpa characters.

Does Toko Fukawa have anxiety?

Yes, Toko Fukawa has anxiety. More specifically, Toko is shown to have social anxiety since she seems to be unaware of social norms and rules that groups are expected to follow. Furthermore, she also finds it hard to trust others and can also be very rude to others.

The main reason for Toko’s strange behavior in groups is because she has originally never learnt to practice her social skills. She is pretty aware of this but this still bothers her when she is in social situations.

She also seems to lack a filter and therefore throws truth bombs about others and her opinions about them genuinely and frequently without fearing the consequences. She further doubts others and their intentions towards her.

Mental health issues of Toko Fukawa

Other than anxiety, Toko Fukawa also seems to suffer from numerous other mental health issues as detected by experts on the show, Danganronpa.


The main personality trait that Toko Fukawa is normally associated with is paranoia. The character is shown to be very doubtful and paranoid of the actions of others, and their intentions towards her, especially in the case of men.

Phobia of darkness

Toko Fukawa further expresses a fear or a phobia of the dark. This is mainly due to the different emotional traumas that she has experienced before. In addition to being afraid of the dark, Toko is also shown to have an extreme fear of blood, despite being a serial killer herself.

Apart from being fearful of the dark and blood, the character also has an aversion to bathing, to the point of it being a phobia for her. She also has a fear of ghosts, especially after she understands that Komaru is able to communicate with them.


Toko Fukawa also shows many signs of masochism, especially when it comes to men. All in all, the character does not have a healthy attitude or a relationship with the men around, and suspects that they are interacting with her for some selfish reason.

Toko can be seen stalking and following Byakura Togami and she calls him the ‘ideal boyfriend’. But she takes this to another extreme by calling Byakura ‘master’ and shows a lot of submissiveness towards him.

She also can be seen to depict strange sexual fantasies and perversions, all centering on Byakuya. Apart from being masochistic in nature towards Byakuya, Toko also shows a sadistic side to her devotion towards him.

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Looking at the depictions of her character, it can be seen that Toko Fukawa indeed suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder or Split Personality Disorder. While one aspect of her personality is kind and caring, the other aspect of her personality is a serial killer.

Toko also does not show awareness of an ‘alter’ personality and therefore demonstrates a lot of forgetfulness about her whereabouts and her activities. Upon a closer look, there is no information about her ‘alter’ personality.

While not being aware of her ‘alter’ personality and not being aware that she is suffering from a disorder like this, it can also be observed that Toko has undergone some trauma in the past. The trigger factors for her split to the ‘alter’ personality are also not known clearly.

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Toko Fukawa, furthermore, demonstrates and depicts many signs and symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder. She does not easily empathize with the feelings of others and does not show a sympathetic attitude.

In addition to this, the character can also be destructive in nature, and can wreak a lot of havoc in social situations. She can also be seen to constantly blurt out accusations and insults at others without considering their feelings.

Mental health issues in Danganronpa

Apart from Toko Fukawa, many other characters in Danganronpa can also be seen to be suffering from mental health issues. In this section of the post, we have discussed the various mental health issues in other characters in Danganronpa.

Mondo and PTSD

Mondo from Danganronpa, definitely seems to suffer from PTSD. The character seems to be struggling with a lot of emotional baggage, especially in relation to his brother. He also can be seen to struggle with anxiety and anger outburst.

Mondo is pretty open about his emotional struggles, especially as he feels very weak to not be there for his brother. Other experts on Danganronpa state that Mondo cannot suffer from PTSD since his symptoms are not seen on a regular basis.

Celeste and APD

Celeste is a character on Danganronpa who can be seen to be struggling with Antisocial Personality Disorder. While this is not exactly confirmed by the creators of the character, based on Celeste’s actions and behaviors, this can be pretty neatly confirmed.

At the same time, other experts on Danganronpa say that Celeste does not have Antisocial Personality Disorder since her anger outbursts are not that frequent. Furthermore, her gambling behavior is not considered risky when placed in Danganronpa’s context.

Chiaki and Autism

Chiaki from Danganronpa is definitely autistic according to many experts on Danganronpa. Apart from Chiaki, Jataro also seems to suffer from autism. Both of these characters have trouble communicating and socializing positively with others.

Himiko and Depression

Danganronpa fans and experts have also mentioned that Himiko might be suffering from Depression. The main reason for this is that Himiko can be rarely seen to express any type of emotion.

Himiko also seems to be pretty fatigued and slow-moving throughout the day, which further confirms her diagnosis of depression. Some experts on the show say that Himiko is not clinically depressed but is just going through a phase.

Mikan and PTSD

Mikan is another character from Danganronpa who seems to be portraying signs and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD can definitely explain Mikan’s issues with socialization.

At the same time, some experts on Danganronpa think that Mikan may have social anxiety and not PTSD exactly. Still others think that the character may be portraying symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Miu and Histrionic PD

Some experts on the show Danganronpa explain that Miu may have Histrionic Personality Disorder. This is mainly due to the fact that this character does not seem to be stable in terms of her emotions and her mental state.

She also can be seen acting in such a way so that others will notice her. However, there is much debate about this, with some experts on the show saying that she does not actively do things to get attention, but attention comes naturally to her.

Gundham and Autism

Gundham, from Danganronpa, can be seen to be demonstrating signs and symptoms of Autism. More specifically, the character seems to be living with high-functioning autism and thus is able to mask his social problems very well.


In this post, we have explained if Toko Fukawa has anxiety. We have also checked out the other mental health issues that Toko Fukawa might have. In addition to this, we have discussed the mental health issues of other Danganronpa characters.

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