Does Todoroki have bipolar? (+5 Signs of issues)

This detailed article will be answering if Todoroki has bipolar. We will also be listing the various signs and symptoms of mental health issues that Shoto Todoroki displays in the manga series, My Hero Academia, while looking at the factors which could have led to these problems.

Does Todoroki have bipolar?

No, Todoroki does not have bipolar. Shoto Todoroki is not confirmed to have bipolar in the manga series My Hero Academia. Many fans of the series who have studied the character very closely, however feel that he definitely does suffer from some mental health issues.

Shoto Todoroki actually is the youngest son of Endeavor who is training to become a Pro Hero and is enrolled at the U.A. High School. The often quiet Todoroki easily comes across as very aloof and is even called arrogant.

Mental health experts and fans who have closely studied the series and the character have come up with numerous theories as to the exact mental illness that Todoroki is suffering from. A few theories that have been tossed out concerning Todoroki’s mental diagnosis are:

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder: Many fans of the show feel that Shoto Todoroki suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Not only his actions, but even Todoroki’s appearance shows a distinction between two personalities, especially with his white and red hair.

However, this is not confirmed by the show. The theory might have actually come as a result of Todoroki’s quirk, which causes him to produce flames from the left side of his body and ice from the right side of his body.

Often, this has also been interpreted to be a sign of bipolar disorder, since the two sides can represent two distinct moods. At the same time, neither of these diagnoses are favorable since a majority of the signs and symptoms are actually missing.

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Another mental health issue that Todoroki might be suffering from according to fans who have studied the character is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Todoroki often shows a lot of anxiety in the series.

He also has faced abuse in the past which gives him a lot of anger to deal with, which affects his abilities as a hero. He however, overcomes this anger later and comes to terms with his past emotional traumas.

  • Depression: Some other fans also feel that Shoto Todoroki might be suffering from depression. The manga series really portrays Todoroki as being silent and aloof for the majority of the episodes with him rarely socializing with others.

Signs of Todoroki’s mental health issues

In the manga series, My Hero Academia, Shoto Todoroki is not confirmed to have any particular mental illness. However, that he is suffering from some undiagnosed condition is definite. A few signs of Todoroki’s mental health issues have been discussed in the following section.

He is mostly always alone

When it comes to Shoto Todoroki, he can mostly be seen to be alone and aloof from others. The other members of his group also know this well. Social withdrawal and isolation are indicators of some deep mental health issues, like depression and anxiety.

In Todoroki’s case, he actually learns to overcome his emotional struggles and can be seen to socialize and interact with others in later parts of the anime series. His story arc is filled with positive actions and behaviors to let go of abuse and trauma from the past.

He rarely socializes

Shoto can also be seen lacking in social skills. He hardly communicates with anyone else and does not have many meaningful conversations. His self-talk is also very much negative and filled with pain.

His quirk

Another indicator or sign of Todoroki’s mental health issues is his quirk itself. His quirk is the ability to generate fire from one side and ice from the other. While this is a beautiful superpower, he is unable to regulate his energy levels.

The split in his powers and also his appearances have led many fans to speculate that Todoroki might be indeed suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder or Bipolar Disorder. This split could have also led to more emotional struggles in Todoroki as he continuously needs balance.

He cannot his powers properly

While his quirk is indeed an amazing superpower, Todoroki is unable to use it properly. In the beginnings of his appearances, Todoroki can be seen favoring ice over flames and thereby, uses only one side of his body.

This favoring is not a deliberate tactic. It actually comes up because Todoroki hates and rejects his father and his ideals. This subconscious thought is so strong in Shoto Todoroki that he finds it difficult to use both his sides equally and produce flames and ice together.

The overuse of one power over the other also leads to many physical issues in Todoroki. Fortunately, he is able to overcome his anger towards his father and focus on using his strengths in a better balanced manner.

The series beautifully portrays how Todoroki was able to regulate his powers and use them wisely. He sits in a barrel of water and keeps alternating between flames and ice to control the temperature of the water.

In later days, Todoroki develops an extensive control over his quirk and is even able to consciously move his hot and cold blood around his body so that he is immune to damage from heat.

He has issues with his father and mother

Shoto Todoroki, like many other characters from the ‘My Hero Academia’ series suffers from some childhood trauma and rejection from his parents. He does not have great relationships with his parents, especially his father.

Being brought up in a dysfunctional family is one thing, but worsening the relationships by choosing to ignore and not face the music can also be a sign of poor self-esteem and emotional immaturity.

However, Todoroki later makes peace with the way his father treated him as a child and also meets his mother. This shows how mature the character has developed over the years at the U.A. High School.

Cause of Todoroki’s mental health issues

Todoroki’s many mental health issues and emotional struggles can be mainly blamed on his childhood abuse. Todoroki did not exactly have a happy and care-free childhood and actually went through a lot of trauma and abuse.

Todoroki regularly went through abuse from his father who wanted him to be the perfect son who would develop the perfect quirks. His father also never allowed him to mingle with his other siblings who were considered failures.

The relationship between Todoroki’s father and mother was also not exactly healthy, with his father choosing his mother mainly for her powerful quirk. Todoroki’s abuse from his father also leads to a mental breakdown in his mother.

In one of her mental breakdowns, Shoto Todoroki’s mother pours boiling water over his left side, as she was reminded of his father. This leads to his scar. Such emotional and physical abuse as a child would have definitely led to deep and untreatable emotional scars in Shoto Todoroki.


This detailed article has answered if Todoroki has bipolar. We have also listed the various signs and symptoms of mental health issues that Shoto Todoroki displays in the manga series, My Hero Academia, while looking at the factors which could have led to these problems.

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