Does Tamaki Amajiki have anxiety? (+7 MHA mental conditions)

In this blogpost, we will be discussing if Tamaki Amajiki has anxiety. In addition to this, we will also be taking a look at the various mental issues which are shown in the show, My Hero Academia, in which Tamaki Amajiki appears.

Does Tamaki Amajiki have anxiety?

Yes, Tamaki Amajiki has anxiety. According to experts on the show My Hero Academia, Tamaki has been suffering from anxiety ever since he was a child. The character can not only be seen struggling with anxiety a lot, but often points out to it.

Tamaki Amajiki, also called Suneater, is shown to gradually learn to cope with his anxiety throughout the episodes and find inner strength with the help of his trusted friends. He also learns to be more confident in his abilities and grow as a student.

More specifically, Tamaki can be seen to be suffering from social anxiety which is the reason why this character stays away from others and is often seen to be isolated and alone. He has also been shown to overcome these symptoms one by one throughout the episodes.

When Tamaki is struggling with anxiety, he often leans into a wall and hides his face so that he does not have to talk to anyone else. Apart from using this technique to hide him, Tamaki also leans into a wall whenever he is feeling particularly stressed.

The main reason why Tamaki Amajiki has anxiety is because of his emphasis on being perfect all the time. This causes him to constantly doubt his superpowers, which further troubles his performance.

Despite his optimistic friend Fat Gum, Tamaki can be seen to be throwing pessimism at everything and often shies away from challenges and competition. At the same time, the audience is shown signs of Tamaki’s courage in flashes here and there.

One such instance where Tamaki shows a lot of courage is during the Yakuza raid where he is motivated by the actions of Mirio. Mirroring Mirio’s brave acts, Tamaki shrugs off his social anxiety and takes on the villains to help the mission.

Mental issues shown in My Hero Academia

Apart from Tamaki’s anxiety, the show, My Hero Academia shows many other mental health issues, traumas and mental illnesses. Thus, the show is often proclaimed to be very effective for mental health awareness and has become a popular hit.

Some instances and depictions of mental issues and illnesses in the show, My Hero Academia, have been discussed in the following points.

Jin Bubaigawara and Dissociative Identity Disorder

Jin Bubaigawarai, also called ‘Twice’, is a villain who features in the My Hero Academia world. His quirk is ‘doubling’ which means that this character can create many copies of him which can be his biggest strength and his biggest weakness as well.

Often, he is depicted to have dissociative amnesia about his different characters, which depicts his Dissociative Identity Disorder. The villain also demonstrates physical symptoms of anxiety like full-blown panic attacks and even headaches.

Bakugo and Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Bakugo, also called ‘Kacchan’ is known to be a very impulsive character in the My Hero Academia world. Many experts of the show proclaim that Bakugo seems to suffer from Intermittent Explosive Disorder due to this uncontrollable explosiveness.

As a result, Bakugo keeps getting into fights and arguments with others. This nature of Bakugo has mostly been blamed on his poor self-esteem but also due to his quirk which gets him into trouble most of the time.

Tenya Iida and OCD

Tenya Iida, also called ‘Ingenium’, is known for her stubbornness and adamancy. Based on the character’s actions and reactions towards others, it can be seen that she might have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Tenya can be seen paying attention to the littlest details in anything she does. In one episode of My Hero Academia, Tenya’s room is shown, which is clean and highly organized, which is another symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Himiko Toga and OCD

Himiko Toga is another character in My Hero Academia who is shown to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This can be seen in her obsession with Izuku Midoriya and her impersonation of Ochaco Uraraka.

Apart from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Toga can also be seen to be suffering from Paraphilic Disorder. The quirk of Toga is ‘transformation’ which she does by consuming someone else’s blood.

While consuming blood is necessary for the quirk to manifest in Himiko Toga, the character goes the extra mile to say that she definitely loves drinking blood. She therefore shows high levels of being obsessed with a certain character enough to keep consuming blood.

Kai Chisaki and Psychopathy

Kai Chisaki, also known as ‘Overhaul’, is another main character in My Hero Academia. Kai can be overtly seen to be immensely lacking in terms of empathy and sympathy and clearly overrides the feelings of others.

He also tends to use others and their resources in order to gain control over them and demonstrate his power. As a result, Kai Chisaki has been discussed in My Hero Academia frusm to have psychopathic tendencies.

Other than showing signs and symptoms of psychopathy, Kai can also be seen to be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This can be seen in the way Kai avoids germs and dirt from others and from the environment.

Kai can be constantly seen cleaning himself when he touches someone else. Furthermore, he also wears gloves to avoid touching others as he fears getting contaminated. Apart from the gloves, Kai also wears a mask to avoid breathing in the germs of others.

Tamura Shigaraki and Schizophrenia

The My Hero Academia world is filled with many strange characters and Tamura Shigaraki is definitely one of them. Tamura is often studied to be suffering from schizophrenia. This character has shown a lot of difficulty in controlling his emotions and his power.

This character’s story arc is pretty sad with him undergoing a lot of problems in his childhood as a result of his father’s actions. The constant trauma the Shigaraki faces leads him to eventually kill his entire family as a result of him being unable to control his energy.

Apart from schizophrenia, Shigaraki can also be seen to show psychopathic tendencies as a result of which he acts out of line in the presence of others. He also can be seen to be demonstrating signs of dementia.

Some experts of the My Hero Academia world have also speculated that Tamura Shigaraki might have Histrionic Personality Disorder. This is because the character can be seen to be wavering in his emotions a lot.

Shouto Todoroki and Depression

Shouto Todoroki is one of those mysterious characters in My Hero Academia whom everyone will fall in love with over a period of time. Shouto is shown to undergo a lot of problems and hardships during his childhood, which has shaped his personality as such.

The character is often shown to be suffering from sleeplessness and fatigue. He can also be seen to be acting highly nervous and irritable in stressful situations. However, he does not explain much about his situation.

The main reason for Shouto’s depression is because of his father and the enormous responsibility handed over to him at a very early age. His mother has also been admitted to a psychiatric ward for her mental issues, mainly caused by Shouto’s father.


In this blogpost, we will be discussing if Tamaki Amajiki has anxiety. In addition to this, we will also be taking a look at the various mental issues which are shown in the show, My Hero Academia, in which Tamaki Amajiki appears.


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