Does Talkspace take Tricare? (+7 pros)

In this blogpost, we will discuss if Talkspace takes Tricare. We shall also be discussing the various advantages and limitations of Talkspace that users have experienced while utilizing this platform for their therapy needs. Online therapy platforms like Talkspace are gaining popularity and thus more and more insurance companies are covering their plans.

Does Talkspace take Tricare?

Absolutely No! Talkspace does not take Tricare. Tricare is one of the best insurance providers that cover all sorts of mental health plans. While it obviously covers in-person therapy costs, it also definitely covers online therapy as well. This is particularly if the client is using the Tricare Select, Prime or Prime-remote plans and is only applicable for the Tricare East and Tricare West regions.

Insurance coverage is important for any type of psychotherapy since the cost factor is the biggest reason why many users do not consult therapists even when they need it the most. It is also the reason for many dropouts in mental health programs. Online therapy platforms like Talkspace definitely do their bit by providing low-cost services that may also be covered by insurance.

Advantages of Talkspace

There are many online therapy platforms in the market today that can take care of a wide variety of mental health issues and illnesses. While all of these can definitely be advantageous, the benefits of Talkspace absolutely outnumber the advantages provided by other platforms. Let’s look at some of the advantages that Talkspace can provide for its users in this section:

It makes therapy easy

While therapy is important and necessary for many, seeking therapy can be a tedious process. Individuals will need to find the right kind of therapy they need, the right therapist and also check if they can afford this. All these steps and more can be covered by a single platform, Talkspace, which makes therapy a practical cakewalk.

It makes therapy convenient

Therapy can also be accessed quickly and easily through Talkspace and it does not matter where you are residing and what time it may be. This high level of convenience is one of the reasons why online therapy platforms like Talkspace and Betterhelp are quite popular today. Thus, even those who have extremely busy schedules can easily access therapy.

It has Teen therapy

The platform also provides Teen therapy for those youngsters between the ages of 13 to 18 years. This feature is great since many mental illnesses start showing symptoms around this time. Also, these age groups are greatly impressionable and filled with stresses and high emotions that can definitely be distressing for anyone.


It has couples counseling

Couples who are looking for a way to rebuild their relationships or simply grow and develop together can use the couples counseling features which are available in Talkspace. Couples counseling is important since it can prevent families from breaking apart and can also enrich the quality of the relationship being shared between the pair.

It has an insomnia program

There is an excellent insomnia program in Talkspace that uses behavioral therapy for those who are struggling with sleep and rest issues. Sleep issues may seem harmless enough at first, but then can bring great harm, both mentally as well as physically. Those dealing with sleep issues will definitely find this 8-week program quite useful.

It has other resources

There are also a variety of resources other than therapy that are offered in Talkspace for the users. This becomes necessary as therapy alone cannot cover mental health alone. Mental health depends on many factors such as physical status, financial status, work-life balance and many more for which Talkspace provides guides, blogs and other resources.

It has a wide variety of plans

There are also a wide variety of plans that are available in Talkspace. While the primary premise of the platform is all about messaging therapy, Talkspace also offers live sessions like live chats and live video for its users. The users of the platform can also message their therapists using different modes such as texting, audio as well as video forms of messaging.

It brings a great client-therapist fit

Everyone who has been to therapy knows the importance and essentiality of the client-therapist fit and relationship. If there is no good rapport between the client and the therapist, there can be additional stress and distress in the client. Talkspace ensures this does not happen by linking personal preferences to therapists and also making switching therapists an easy process.

Limitations of Talkspace

While the platform brings a lot of benefits, there are also many limitations that Talkspace has. Some of these are:

  • Users may feel like there is a lack of personal connection with their therapists since they can’t see them in real life
  • The Plus plan of Talkspace does not offer any live sessions which might be a letdown for the users
  • The prices of the plans are not disclosed until after the sign-up process of the user is over, and thus users might feel forced or coerced to purchase a plan
  • The platform does not offer group therapy, unlike its counterpart Betterhelp, which might discourage users


In this blogpost, we have discussed if Talkspace takes Tricare. We have also discussed the various advantages and limitations of Talkspace that users have experienced while utilizing this platform for their therapy needs.

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