Does Talkspace take Tricare insurance? (+9 Pros)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This blogpost will discuss if Talkspace takes Tricare insurance. We shall also be perusing the various advantages as well as disadvantages of using Talkspace for online therapy. More and more people are switching to online therapy, since it is highly convenient in nature and is also quite cost-effective.

Does Talkspace take Tricare insurance?

Yes, absolutely! Talkspace takes Tricare insurance. This insurance provider has gone to great lengths to ensure that all its members have easy accessibility and affordability of therapy, both in-person as well as online. This is necessary as many users back out of the therapy at the last minute due to the high costs these services and interventions can bring.


Advantages of Talkspace

Talkspace brings a wide range of advantages and benefits for its population of users. Some of these advantages that make Talkspace uniquely popular among other online therapy giants have been discussed in the section below:


Talkspace provides a variety of plans

This online therapy platform has a variety of therapy plans that users can choose from. If the user only requires messaging as a means of therapy, they can easily choose the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan of Talkspace. If they require live sessions in addition to unlimited messaging, they can easily go for the Premium or Ultimate plans of Talkspace.

It only employs licensed therapists

There are also many licensed therapists who are on board Talkspace. In order to provide the utmost quality of therapy for its users, the platform only takes on licensed and well-qualified therapists who undergo a strict background check and verification process. Thus, the users can rest assured that they are in the right hands.


Talkspace provides high security features

The platform also has strong security measures and features that can help secure and safeguard the information that users might share with their therapists. Talkspace is fully HIPAA compliant and thus the data of the users and the information about the sessions is secured in the platform to prevent data leaks and thefts.


The platform provides therapy for teens

Talkspace also provides therapy for teens from the ages of 13 to 18 years, which can be highly useful for these age groups. Teenagers are often plagued with great deals of stress and anxiety and many of them even suffer from diagnosed mental illnesses. The Teens therapy feature of Talkspace can be extensively useful for these adolescents.

It also provides family therapy

Talkspace additionally offers couples therapy and family therapy for those who are undergoing rough patches in their relationships. Couples therapy is not only for those who are having problems in their relationships, but also for those who are simply seeking to understand each other better and help each other grow.

The plans are quite cost-effective

While in-person therapy can be quite expensive, online therapy platforms like Talkspace and Betterhelp certainly offer cost-effective programs for their users. This can make mental health care a lot more accessible to a wide range of individuals. Talkspace even has insurance coverage for all of its plans, further bringing down the costs of therapy.

Users can communicate through various modes

Users in Talkspace can also choose to communicate with their providers through various and multiple modes. The users here have the choice of communicating and interacting through text messaging, audio messaging and even through video messaging. Furthermore, they can also schedule live sessions with their providers for real-time communication.

Talkspace can be accessed from anywhere

The best part about Talkspace is that it can be accessed from literally anywhere, as long as the user has a stable data connection. Access and convenience allows users to engage in therapy from the comfort of their own homes and even from work or while traveling. Thus, the effectiveness of therapy itself increases.

It makes therapy easy

Seeking therapy has never been easier with the help of online therapy platforms like Talkspace. All the user needs to do is to provide their details and sign up while the platform takes care of everything else. It also provides a wide range of therapists to choose from for the user, bringing more ease and convenience for them.

Does Talkspace take Tricare insurance? (+9 Pros)

Disadvantages of Talkspace

Talkspace certainly has some disadvantages or limitations that users have experienced. Some of these disadvantages are:

  • The plans that Talkspace provides can still be expensive for many. While they are most definitely quite cost-effective as compared to in-person therapy, online therapy can also be costly. If the user does not have insurance, the costs of Talkspace can be heavily dented on their budgets.
  • Not all the plans of Talkspace have live sessions that are included in the features and this can be discouraging for many users of the platform.
  • The platform also does not offer group therapy sessions for its users, which many actually rely on for social support and motivation.
  •  Talkspace cannot be used in times of urgency and crises, as the therapists are not guaranteed to immediately respond to users, unless it is a live session.
  • Talkspace uses AI which browses through the information of the programs that the user is involved in. While this is done completely anonymously, many users still will not be comfortable with this.


This blogpost has discussed if Talkspace takes Tricare insurance. We have also perused the various advantages as well as disadvantages of using Talkspace for online therapy.

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