Does Talkspace take Aetna? (+3 great features)

This article will answer if Talkspace takes Aetna for insurance. We shall also look at the importance of therapy and why everyone should go to therapy at least once in their lives. Lastly, we shall look at the features of Talkspace that make it so appealing and popular. Online therapy platforms like Talkspace have been instrumental in bringing awareness to mental health.


Does Talkspace take Aetna?

If you want to know if your Talkspace plans are covered by Aetna, you will need to contact your insurance provider. Aetna usually covers video therapy sessions and thus all the plans of Talkspace might not be covered here. In addition, the platform has tied up with insurance providers like Optum, Cigna and Humana to bring down the costs of mental health care.

Importance of therapy

Therapy can be quite beneficial and is being sought after by even those who are not mentally ill or have been diagnosed with a mental illness. It can bring a wide range of benefits that can make you a better person and also bring more enrichment to life. Some of the reasons why therapy is considered so important have been described as follows:

It can be useful in times of crisis

Anyone can experience crisis or trauma at some point in their lives. And having extra help and assistance at these times can be great for recovery and healing. However, this may not always be feasible and family and friends may not always provide the right advice. In these times, therapy can be great for those who have undergone or undergoing trauma for quicker and effective recovery.

It can be great for depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are the most common mental illnesses out there today. In fact, due to terrible work-life balances, increase of Instagram culture and more focus on digital rather than physical, these illnesses are becoming even more prominent. Though there are meds and drugs for these, therapy can be great for healing and management of symptoms.

It can promote self-awareness

Self-awareness is essential for everyone and is a mandatory requirement for growth and development. However, not many have self-awareness and can go through the wrong means and methods to develop this. Therapy can be great for anyone who is trying to gain better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and thus develop self-awareness.


It can inspire growth

Growth and development are necessary for the betterment of the quality of life. However, this is not always easy as change requires us to get out of our comfort zones. It also helps us to gain a better understanding of the ways through which we can grow and develop. Therapy can be a great addition for anyone who is seeking to grow and change positively and constructively.

It can help relationships

Relationships can always go through rough patches and thus couples counseling and family therapy are also gaining popularity. In fact, Talkspace was created by a couple who underwent therapy for their familial issues. Many couples are also seeking therapy as a way to help each other grow and better themselves.


It can help manage addictions

Anyone can experience any type of addiction. This mental condition can take many forms and can slowly creep up before it becomes a full-blown problem. While treatment and recovery may seem difficult, therapy can make it quite easy and also very effective. Therapy can treat all sorts  of addictions, from alcohol, to sex, to gambling, to smoking and even drug addictions.

It can assist with transitions

Life may have many major changes and transitions. Change is never easy and can be quite difficult for many to encounter. This is especially difficult with those who are undergoing big changes such as gender transitions. Therapy can be instrumental in providing the right mental assistance, guidance and external perspectives while undergoing changes and life transitions.

Features of Talkspace

There are many online therapy platforms such as Talkspace that provide a wide range of features and elements that can be beneficial for those who are looking for cost-effective mental healthcare. Some of the great features that Talkspace specifically provides for its users have been explained in this section:


It can be quite easy to access

In-person therapy can be quite difficult to access and cannot be used all the time. Online therapy platforms like Talkspace and Betterhelp ensure that users can seek therapy and assistance at any time from practically anywhere. This makes it even more useful for those living in remote areas with no easy access to qualified and certified therapists.

It can be covered by insurance

While online therapy is significantly cheaper than in-person therapy, the costs still can be plenty for many. And thus, Talkspace plans can be easily covered by insurance, especially if your provider is Cigna, Optum or Humana.

It provides Teen therapy

The platform also provides Teen therapy for those kids in the age group of 13-18 years of age. This is necessary as many mental illnesses have their roots in these ages and thus can be managed and treated right from the start. This program can also help with poor self-esteem and self-confidence that is common among teenagers.


This article has answered if Talkspace takes Aetna for insurance. We have also looked at the importance of therapy and why everyone should go to therapy at least once in their lives. Lastly, we have taken a gander at the features of Talkspace that make it so appealing and popular.

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