Does Talkspace sell your data? (+6 advantages)

This article will explain if Talkspace indeed sells your data. We shall also discuss some of the things that you will need to look for while choosing a therapist for your mental health needs and requirements. Furthermore, we will be checking out some of the pros and advantages that Talksapce can bring for those who are looking for online therapy.

Does Talkspace sell your data?

No, Talkspace does not sell your data. The platform is highly stringent about the privacy and confidentiality of its users and is fully HIPAA compliant. This top notch confidentiality is necessary to not only protect the identity of the users, but to also safeguard the sensitive information that is often shared during therapy sessions.


How to choose a therapist?

Choosing a therapist may not always be easy. There is a large number of therapists and other mental health professionals out there, coming from various schools of thought. And thus, selecting someone who can help you in your journey to good mental health can be a tough choice. Here are some points that you might want to consider while choosing your therapist:

Understand your purpose

The first thing that you will want to do while looking for a therapist is clearly understand what your purpose is. If you are not aware of what is troubling you or why you need to go to therapy, then the intervention will definitely not be helpful. If you are having trouble with this, don’t worry you can always talk to the therapist about this in the initial session.

Be aware of various therapies

There are a wide variety of therapies out there that have originated from different philosophies and schools of thought in psychology. Different therapies can bring different kinds of effects for various illnesses and mental issues. Being aware of these therapies and interventions can help you in your search for the right therapist.

Think about the age factor

Not all therapists are bearded sages who are well into their years. Therapists range from those who are very young to those who are pretty aged. Choose someone with whom you can connect on a deeper level. While some individuals prefer to seek therapy from someone who is young, others may want a much more mature person as their therapist.

Consider the gender

Gender can also play a significant role in the client-therapist fit. Some individuals may want to get therapy from a therapist of the same gender as them. Others may want someone of the opposite gender and yet others may want someone who is bi. Understand the gender with which you are more comfortable with while choosing a therapist for your mental health needs.

Take religion into consideration

Religious beliefs and faith can also be an important factor to consider while seeking a therapist. While no therapist should impose their faith or religious beliefs on their clients, there are many clients who look for someone who can mix faith and spirituality with their therapeutic interventions.

Remember licensing

Licensing is another necessary and important factor that one needs to keep in mind while choosing a therapist. It is not only sufficient for a therapist to possess a degree or a diploma in psychology or psychotherapy. They also need to be licensed and certified to practice in their regions or localities.

Find someone who listens

The most important part of being a therapist is listening with patience and understanding the problems of the client. However, many therapists lack this basic skill and even more may be distracted by other things. Find a therapist who patiently listens to you and gives you their utmost attention in the time period that they have committed to you.

Find someone who has enough time

There are many therapists who have jam-packed schedules and are busy throughout the week. While this may seem like a good sign that the therapist is doing a fantastic job, it also means that they will find it difficult to accommodate you and you might need to wait longer in between sessions. Try to find someone who can accommodate you easily and thus help you better.

Advantages of Talkspace

Online therapy platforms like Talkspace  bring plenty of advantages and pros for its users. There are also many other therapy platforms, which are just as recommended like Betterhelp. However, in this section, we shall be specifically looking at the pros of Talkspace.

  • The plans in Talkspace can be easily covered by insurance and are also pretty cost-effective
  • Users can choose from various modes through which they can communicate with their providers. The platform allows users to interact through text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging, that users can choose according to their convenience
  • There are also live sessions that are provided by the platform and thus users can also communicate in real-time with their providers
  • Talkspace additionally has features for Teens therapy and even couples counseling which can help adolescents and families respectively
  • The platform is also well-secure and thus protects the data and information of users quite well through strong firewalls and encrypted data
  • Talkspace also has a sleep program for a period of eight weeks, which can greatly benefit those who are struggling


This article has explained if Talkspace indeed sells your data. We have also discussed some of the things that you will need to look for while choosing a therapist for your mental health needs and requirements. Furthermore, we have checked out some of the pros and advantages that Talksapce can bring for those who are looking for online therapy.

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