Does Talkspace prescribe medication? (+9 features)

In this post, we will discuss if Talkspace prescribed medication. We will also be exploring the other important features of Talkspace. In addition to this, we will be taking a look at some of the limitations of online therapy. Despite its limitations, online therapy has become the go-to form of therapy in recent times.

Does Talkspace prescribe medication?

Definitely yes! This is in fact one of the hallmarks of Talkspace, that it can prescribe medication for those who require it to manage the symptoms of their mental illnesses. The psychiatry services of Talkspace can be easily used to get a prescription for medications and drugs, other than controlled substances like Xanax or Valium.


Important features of Talkspace

Talkspace has many important features other than psychiatry services. The large collection of advantages that the platform brings to its users is the main reason for its success in the field of online therapy. Some of the important features of Talkspace have been discussed in this section:

It can be covered by insurance

One of the main reasons why many people avoid therapy is due to the high costs. Online therapy platforms, including Talkspace, definitely provide cost-effective plans for its users. In addition to this, Talkspace can also be covered by insurance, thereby significantly lowering the cost of therapy.

It has plenty of tools

The platform also offers its users many tools and exercises through which they can gain better understanding of their own mental statuses. These exercises can additionally be used for relaxation, mindfulness, increasing focus, etc. The tools can also be used to track the progress of the user throughout their interventions.

It can be accessed from anywhere

Talkspace aims to make mental health care accessible as well as affordable for its users. And thus the platform can be accessed through any type of web browser. It can also be downloaded and installed as an app on the user’s smart device, thus bringing therapy to those who cannot access qualified therapists in their localities.

It has a variety of plans

The platform has a variety of plans from which the user can choose according to their needs and preferences. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan of Talkspace, allows the user to send a limitless number of messages to their provider. The Premium and Ultimate plans in the platform have this feature in addition to live sessions which can be conducted from 30-50 minutes each.

It has multiple modes of communication

There are also several modes of communication available in the platform, from which the user can choose from. These bring a high level of flexibility and individualization to the user, which thus increases its attractiveness. Users can communicate with their providers through text messages, audio messages, video messages, live chat sessions or even live video sessions.

Teen therapy feature

The platform also has a feature that offers therapy and counseling for adolescents from the ages of 13-18 years. This feature becomes important as these are formative and impressionable years, in which teenagers undergo a great deal of stress. The support and guidance that these teens may lack in real life can be sought out through Talkspace.

Couples therapy feature

Couples therapy is also becoming a necessity as families are becoming more complicated and the stresses of daily life are finding their way into even the most loving and doting of couples. Couples therapy can also be extremely helpful for those duos who are trying to understand each other better. Effective couples therapy and family therapy are being provided by Talkspace.

It also has a sleep program

The platform provides a sleep program for a period of eight weeks that can be great for those who are struggling to get some solid sack time. This not only targets those who are having trouble in falling asleep, but also for those who keep getting awakened at night and thus end up fatigued and tired.


It has great security measures

Security and safety of the user information is a must in any type of online therapy platform. This becomes necessary here as users might often share sensitive and confidential information with their providers, which can cause a great deal of damage if leaked. Thus, Talkspace has been fitted with strong security measures such as firewalls and end to end encryptions.

Limitations of online therapy

While numerous online therapy platforms, such as Talkspace, Betterhelp and Calmerry make mental health care accessible and affordable for all, online therapy itself has several limitations. These are:

  • Online therapy requires stable data connection which might not be available or feasible in all areas
  • While online therapy is definitely a lot cheaper while compared to in-person therapy, this can still be expensive for many users
  • Users of online therapy may feel a person disconnect from their therapist or provider, and thus rapport might be difficult to establish
  • Online therapy requires the user to have a quiet and peaceful area at home or someplace where they can undergo the session. Not everyone might have access to this, especially for those who are living in crowded households


In this post, we have discussed if Talkspace prescribed medication. We have also explored the other important features of Talkspace. In addition to this, we have taken a look at some of the limitations of online therapy.

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