Does Talkspace have group sessions? (+types of group therapy)

This blogpost will explain if Talkspace has group sessions. We will also be looking at the various types of group therapy and the different benefits that such a therapy can bring to the individuals taking part in it. Lastly, we shall also be looking at a great alternative for group therapy that can be great for those who are looking for a social experience in therapy.

Does Talkspace have group sessions?

No, Talkspace unfortunately does not have group sessions. However, the platform offers a wide range of individual therapy plans through messaging and live sessions. It also has other services like Teens therapy, Couples therapy and even a Sleep program. All these programs are priced at low costs, making mental health care easily affordable for everyone.


Types of group therapy

Group therapy allows one therapist to work with several individuals at once. Many mental health conditions and illnesses find a lot of advantages in group therapy. However, before getting into group therapy, it is necessary for us to understand the different types of group therapy that exist. The most important types of group therapy have been described as follows:


Support groups

Support groups are widely common, due to their common representation in Hollywood. These groups consist of individuals who share a common trauma. For example, survivors of sexual assault, those who have lost a loved one, those going through divorce, etc. The main reason for this kind of group therapy is to bring comfort and support to the individuals in the group.

Psychoeducational groups

While many those who are experiencing mental illness may know their symptoms and modes of treatment, it is necessary for them to be more aware of their conditions. For individuals like these, psychoeducational groups can be greatly useful as they educate the members as well as their family members about various mental health conditions and their management.

Interpersonal process groups

These groups have their base in the psychoanalytic school of thought in psychology. The whole point of these groups is to drive the focus away from the individual and instead focus on their relationships with others. The individuals involved in this type of group therapy can bring about in each other, awareness of interpersonal relationships and also their effects on mental health.

Cognitive behavioral groups

CBT is a common type of psychological intervention that can be great for a variety of mental illnesses. The entire crux of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is to change the wrong type of thinking patterns and create new positive ways of thought. Groups based on CBT, tend to help each other bring about constructive thought patterns and challenge destructive ones.

Benefits of group therapy

Group therapy can bring about many benefits and advantages for individuals. Some of these benefits have been discussed in this section:

  •  It brings the individual who is suffering a lot of comfort and solace since they know they are not the only ones who are facing this situation
  • Group therapy can be a great learning experience for those suffering from mental illnesses, and even for their caretakers or families as they understanding the various coping methods and strategies that other individuals follow
  • Group therapy also provides a larger network for assistance and outside help that can be useful for the individuals
  • This type of therapy brings about a feeling of social motivation, and thus those who are trying to implement changes can do so since they are motivated by the behavior of others in the group
  • Working in a group can also lead to more accountability and responsibility from the individual, since their actions are displayed in front of others
  • Group therapy is of course not only about receiving help and support from others, but also requires the individual to give a lending hand to other individuals in the group. This can lead to more empowerment and an increased sense of self-worth for the individuals.
  • Furthermore, group therapy can also help the participants in developing or sharpening their communication and social skills, that can be negatively affected due to their mental illnesses
  • Last but not least, group therapy can be a cheaper alternative than in-person or individual therapy that not everyone can afford on a regular basis.

Best alternative for group therapy

The best alternative for group therapy is of course, none other than Betterhelp. This platform offers many other features like messaging therapy, live chat sessions and even live video sessions for its users. It also has services for teenagers and couples to receive counseling and therapy.

The group therapy sessions of Betterhelp are actually free of charge, which can be great news for the users on board the platform. These groups are also conducted online and are led by therapists. The platform offers more than 20 live group sessions in a week, from which users can choose from according to their needs and requirements.


This blogpost has explained if Talkspace has group sessions. We have also looked at the various types of group therapy and the different benefits that such a therapy can bring to the individuals taking part in it. Lastly, we have also looked at a great alternative for group therapy that can be great for those who are looking for a social experience in therapy.

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