Does Talkspace go on medical record? (+5 pros)

In this post, we shall explain if Talkspace goes on medical records. We will also be looking at the importance of history for effective therapy. Additionally, we will be discussing some of the best advantages that users can experience on Talkspace for their therapy needs. Online therapy is increasingly becoming a replacement of in-person therapy due its ease of use and convenience.


Does Talkspace go on medical record?

In order to bring more effectiveness and quality to the interventions being provided, Talkspace does record all the information being shared by the user with their providers. The platform also safely stores the medical or psychiatric history of the user, which relates to their demographic details and also the history of their past treatments and therapies.


Importance of history for therapy

Those who have gone to therapy most certainly know about the importance that therapists place on the histories of their clients. They regularly poke and prod into your past, asking many questions and seeking more information. This can definitely seem confusing, especially if your past holds a great deal of stress. The reasons why history is important for therapy are:

It can show the root cause of the problem

Through history taking, many psychologists can help the client find the root cause of their problems. Many mental issues have their foundation in the early formative and impressionable years. Those psychologists belonging to the psychoanalyst school of thought will tell you how important early history is for mental health itself.

It can give information about the personality

Many psychologists perform personality tests in order to get to know their clients better. These tests can also help these clients become more self-aware. Another way of getting to know the personality of the client is through history taking. Psychologists and psychotherapists can figure out more about the client, their likes and dislikes through history.

It can talk about relationships

Relationships are a major issue which is often discussed in the therapist’s office. However, it becomes difficult for the therapist to see examples of this right in front of them. A good way to understand the client and their relationships with others is by going through their history and taking a closer gander at these areas.

It can give information about various treatments

Many clients also may have undergone various treatments and therapies in the past. It is important for the therapist to be aware of the different treatments that the client might have undergone in order to ensure that their present treatment or intervention becomes a lot more effective.


It can show their perspectives to treatments

History taking can also give the therapist a quick look and analysis of the perspectives of the client to treatments and therapy. Some of the clients may not be trusting of certain types of treatment and this information may come up in the history. The history of the client can also give more information for the therapist to come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

It can bring up other problems and issues

While clients may usually come to the therapist for a particular issue, there may also be many other issues and problems that may be required to be worked on. There are also chances of the client not being aware of problematic issues from their past. These issues can come up while taking the history of the client and may bring more information for the therapist.

It can give information about suicidal behaviors

Suicidal tendencies and self-harming behaviors show signs that the mental health problem is much worse and is high risk. However, these behaviors are often well-hidden and may not be easily visible. But it is important for the therapist to be aware of these, for which history taking can prove quite resourceful.

It can also talk more about the client’s life goals

A client is far more than his/her mental health issues. Each client is a person who has the capacity to grow and develop in their own way and create a mark in this world. It becomes difficult for the client to sometimes look past their mental illness and find their life goals. For this particular aspect, history can be an amazing source of information.

Advantages of using Talkspace

Online therapy platforms like Talkspace and Betterhelp are certainly becoming increasingly attractive to different types of populations. Some of the advantages of using Talkspace in particular have been described below:

  •  It can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere
  • The user can access their provider at any time of the day, for which the provider gives a guaranteed response five days in a week
  • There are also live sessions provided in the platform, which the user can schedule in advance
  • The user enjoys the freedom of choosing text messaging, audio messaging and even vide messaging their provider
  • The plans of Talkspace can be easily covered by insurance since the platform has tied up with many insurance providers in the US such as Cigna and Optum
  • Talkspace also has other facilities such as Teens therapy, couples therapy and even a useful sleep program


In this post, we have explained if Talkspace goes on medical records. We have also looked at the importance of history for effective therapy. Additionally, we have discussed some of the best advantages that users can experience on Talkspace for their therapy needs.

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