Does Talkspace do family therapy? (+7 benefits)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This article will answer if Talkspace does family therapy. We shall also look at the benefits that family therapy can bring. Additionally, we shall also look at some of the other features that Talkspace provides. Talkspace is an online therapy platform that provides a wide range of mental health services that can be beneficial to individuals from all walks of life.

Does Talkspace do family therapy?

Of course! Talkspace is one of the few online therapy platforms that extensively provide couples and family therapy for its users. Through this platform, couples can understand each other much better, communicate openly and honestly and also grow and develop alongside each other. The platform offers both couples counseling and family therapy as well.

Benefits of family therapy

Family therapy is a sect of psychotherapy that deals specifically with families. Family does not only mean those who you share a blood relation with, like your parents or siblings. It can also mean those who you share a legal connection with, such as your spouse. As families are becoming broader and more loosely defined, family therapy plays a very important role.

Family therapy can solve marital issues

Marriage is not a smooth road and many couples step into this long-lasting relationship hardly prepared to face any type of struggle together. Marital issues are plenty and can actually traumatize the partners and others in the family if not resolved in the right manner. Family therapy can be greatly beneficial for this.

It can bring better understanding

As mentioned earlier, many of us step into marriage hardly prepared and many of us do not even understand our partners very well. Understanding another person takes time and effort and it needs to be done in the right way for it to be effective. Through therapy, couples can get to know each other on a deeper level and thus increase their appreciation of the other.


It can help in opening up communication

Communication is very important in any type of relationship, and especially a lot more in romantic or marital relationships. Many marriages break down for the simple lack of open and honest communication. Family therapy can help couples communicate openly with each other and also be honest and forthright in their conversations, increasing the quality of the marriage.

It can help those who are mentally ill

Mental illness can not only affect the person suffering from it, but also those who are living with them. This is especially in relation to marriage. Being married to someone who has a mental illness is not exactly easy and can bring a great deal of stress to the spouse. Through family therapy, the relationship can be improved and there is greater satisfaction in the marriage itself.


It can help in financial problems

Financial problems can affect anyone and can also bring a great deal of distress to the family. This is specifically when the problems have been created due to reckless spending, gambling or other reckless behaviors which family therapy can greatly help with. If therapy might seem expensive, online therapy platforms like Betterhelp provide financial assistance for their plans.

Does Talkspace do family therapy? (+7 benefits)


It can help in growth and development

Families are units and the unit needs to grow and develop together. Many times the individuals in the relationship might give a lot of importance to their own growth, while ignoring that of their relationship which might negatively affect it. Family therapists can pinpoint the areas that need to be changed and help the family grow and develop together.

It can help in parenting

Not everyone can be a great parent, and it does not come easy. All children are different and some need to be handled in a different or unique manner. For those parents who are finding it difficult to manage their kids, family therapy can be a great part of the solution. These therapists are trained to bring out new coping mechanisms to deal with all sorts of parenting problems.

It can also assist in grief

Loss of loved ones can be difficult to handle for anyone, especially if there was a close relationship with the person who has passed away. Many families unitedly grieve and are traumatized with the loss of someone special to them, for which family therapy can be a safe space for them to vent and disclose pent up feelings and emotions.

Features of Talkspace

In addition to family and couples counseling, Talkspace also has many other features that the readers might be interested in. Some of these features are discussed as follows:

  • It offers an insomnia program that can be greatly helpful for those who are dealing with sleep and rest issues. The program is for a period of eight weeks and has many behavioral techniques that can be amazing for insomniacs
  • The platform also offers teens therapy for those aged from 13-18 years and brings better self-esteem and self-confidence to them
  • Talkspace has messaging therapies as well as live sessions which can be conducted through texting, audio and also video
  • The platform has plans that can be easily covered through insurance, thus bringing mental health care to those who cannot easily afford therapy


This article has answered if Talkspace does family therapy. We have also looked at the benefits that family therapy can bring. Additionally, we have also looked at some of the other features that Talkspace provides.

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