Does Talkspace do couples therapy? (+7 pros)

This article will answer if Talkspace provides couples therapy. We shall also look at the importance of couples therapy and some of the best online couples therapy platforms other than Talkspace which can be useful for this cause. Online therapy platforms like Talkspace have a wide range of therapies like couples therapy, teen therapy, group therapy and many more.

Does Talkspace do couples therapy?

100% yes! Talkspace was in fact founded by Roni and Orin Frank who had issues in their marriage for which they consulted a couples therapist. This sparked their interest in the field of psychotherapy and they have created Talkspace as a mental health platform to bring therapy to those who cannot easily access it.

In the couples therapy section of Talkspace, all the user needs to do is to complete a small assessment that the platform provides in order to understand them and their problems better. They will be then provided with a list of therapists from which they can choose one and then start their therapy.

Couples therapy can be great for not only resolving disputes and problems between couples but can also help them grow and develop as people. Through therapy, many divorces and separations have been avoided. Many couples have also rebuilt and rediscovered their long lost love for each other through the interventions used in couples therapy.


Importance of couples therapy

While individual therapy is highly important, couples therapy can be additionally useful for those who are involved in a relationship. The reasons why couples therapy is important are plenty but can bring a wide range of advantages such as the ones which have been mentioned here.

It can improve communication

Communication is, of course, the key to any effective relationship. This goes on beyond romantic relationships or marriages. However, communication needs to be open and clear in order to be effective. However, there can be many instances in a relationship where the communication is simply not clear between the two parties and therapy can help with this.

It can improve the understanding

Many of us fall in love with our partners without knowing them fully well. It can be quite difficult and next to impossible to fully understand a person, but this can be attempted through interventions like couples therapy. When the partners understand each other in a better manner, there is more empathy and effective communication between the two.

It can bring back love

Love can be overrated and wrongly represented in movies and romcoms that we usually get our ideas of love from. Love actually requires work and effort to be put in on a regular basis for the relationship to work. Those couples who might have forgotten what it is like to love each other can greatly benefit from couples therapy.

It can mend broken marriages

Marriages and relationships can often break. It becomes even more traumatic or distressing when families are broken apart due to a failing marriage. Many couples who are on the brink of divorce can gain from couples therapy as they find ways to cope with family stressor and earn new techniques in order to communicate constructively with each other.

It can benefit the individuals

The individual partners in the couple can also greatly benefit from couples therapy. The interventions in the therapy don’t target the pair together all the time. In fact, there is plenty of time and room for individual therapy, which is the crux of mental health platforms like Talkspace and Betterhelp.


It can help couples grow together

Growth and development is a necessary part of life and everyone needs to grow in order to bring more enrichment and quality to their personal lives. However, a relationship is also a being which needs to grow. Couples need to grow together, for which couples therapy can provide great assistance and guidance so that the right change happens bringing positive results.

It can improve sexual satisfaction

Sex is an important part of any romantic relationship and many couples face issues in this area. While some face issues with sexual satisfaction, decreased libido, erectile dysfunctions and more, others face problems related to sex addictions. Couples therapy brings many benefits that can also improve the sex lives of the couple.

Other couples therapy platforms

Some of the other couples therapy platforms that readers might be interested in are:

  • Betterhelp: This platform offers both individual as well as couples therapy and also provides financial assistance for those who are finding the plans expensive
  • Calmerry: Calmerry also provides relationship counseling for those couples who are going through rough patches and can also help partners grow closer together in their relationship
  • ReGain: This app is another mental health platform which is widely popular just for couples therapy. Here, the licensed counselors and therapists work closely with couples so that they communicate better and more effectively
  • Couples Therapy Inc.: This platform has a small but dedicated team of relationship counselors who practice in different states of the US and also four countries altogether. They also have more resources for dealing with infidelity and sexuality problems.


This article has answered if Talkspace provides couples therapy. We have also looked at the importance of couples therapy and some of the best online couples therapy platforms other than Talkspace which can be useful for this cause.

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