Does Talkspace automatically charge? (+3 alternatives)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This article will answer if Talkspace automatically charges you. We shall also be looking at the reasons why online therapy platforms like Talkspace are highly popular nowadays. In addition to this, we will also be looking at some of the other alternatives to Talkspace that readers might be interested in.

Does Talkspace automatically charge you?

Yes, Talkspace will automatically charge you, but only on the date of the renewal of your plans. This is to ensure that your mental health programs are not suddenly interrupted and thus brings more effectiveness to the interventions. If you want to see your next billing date in Talkspace, simply go to the ‘Payment and plan’ section where you will have more details about this.

Why are online therapy platforms so popular?

There is a multitude of platforms that provide online therapy, such as Talkspace and Betterhelp. These platforms are only increasing in number as the percentage of individuals seeking online therapy is also gradually rising. Some of the reasons why online therapy platforms are becoming so popular are:

These platforms can be used from anywhere

The most amazing thing about these online therapy platforms is that they can be accessed and used from anywhere. This makes it super convenient for those who are in remote locations, or even in developing nations where quality mental health care might not be easily available or even accessible.


Online therapy is just as effective

When compared to in-person therapy, online therapy can be just as effective in improving the mental health of its users. While in-person therapy requires the individual to go to the therapist’s office, online therapy does not require this. And thus, online therapy actually brings a lot more benefits that in-person therapy does not.

Online therapy can be very convenient

There is a lot of convenience that online therapy cannot bring to its users which is another reason for its mass appeal. Since platforms like Talkspace, literally bring therapy to the homes of its users, this can be fantastic for those who cannot leave their houses often, such as those who are physically disabled or those who are involved in infant care.


These platforms are very secure

Safety and security is another important factor that users look forward to while interacting with any type of provider. They would like their information to be safely stored with their providers. They would also like a space where they are physically and mentally safe from harm and violation. Online therapy platforms provide both of these in great measure.


They provide a lot of anonymity

Mental health still has a lot of stigma around it and many societies still consider it taboo to openly talk about such subjects. And thus, many individuals would prefer a high level of anonymity while seeking therapy. Online therapy platforms like Talkspace and Betterhelp are completely digital, and thus can bring users a lot of anonymity and security of their identities.

Does Talkspace automatically charge? (+3 alternatives)

There is a large network of therapists

These platforms also have a large network of licensed and certified therapists who work with them. There are also a variety of therapists stemming from various schools of thought in psychology and thus have different types of interventions. Due to this, users of these platforms have access to many different therapies which they can choose from based on their needs.

There is a better client-therapist fit

Client-therapist fit or relationship needs to be strong and effective right from the start, in order for the therapy to be valuable for the user. While in-person therapy requires the user to go from therapist to therapist while searching for the right fit, online therapy platforms use algorithms and AI to bring about better client-therapist relationships for their users.

They bring additional resources

Platforms like Talkspace and Betterhelp that provide online therapy also have a collection of many other resources that can be advantageous for their users. Mental health itself is quite intersectional and thus depends on several factors at once, and thus these platforms are equipped with financial advice, legal advice and even career advice to help their users.

Alternatives to Talkspace

Some alternatives to Talkspace that may have similar or even better features for mental health needs and requirements are discussed below:

  • Betterhelp: This is by far the best alternative to Talkspace. While it shares many similar features with Talkspace, Betterhelp also has group therapy sessions which can attract many users. The plans of this platform cannot be covered by insurance, but users can apply for the financial assistance available here.
  •  Calmerry: Calmerry is another useful alternative to Talkspace that also primarily provides messaging therapy services for its users. The users of this platform have access to a large number of well-qualified therapists, who can provide mental assistance and therapy at any hour.
  • ReGain: This platform also provides individual therapy but is more importantly known for couples therapy and family therapy. This can be useful for not only marital disputes and problems, but can also be great for those couples who want to understand each other better and also grow together as a unit.


This article has answered if Talkspace automatically charges you. We have also looked at the reasons why online therapy platforms like Talkspace are highly popular nowadays. In addition to this, we have looked at some of the other alternatives to Talkspace that readers might be interested in.

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