Does Talkspace accept Medicaid? (+7 features of Talkspace)

In this blogpost, we will explain if Talkspace accepts Medicaid. We will also be describing some of the great features of the Talkspace app. Finally, we will be taking a brief look at the limitations of using Talkspace for your therapy needs and requirements. Talkspace is an online therapy platform that primarily uses messaging as a form of therapy delivery.

Does Talkspace accept Medicaid?

As of now, Talkspace does not accept Medicaid and neither does it accept Medicare. However, you can easily avail the services through Employee Assistance Programs if these are available in your organization. You can further use your FSA dollars or HSA to lower the costs of your therapy plans.

Features of the Talkspace app

Talkspace has created a unique name for itself in the world of online therapy. Though there are many such platforms, like Betterhelp, Calmerry. Regain, 7 Cups, etc. Talkspace is still the go-to therapy platform for many individuals. Some of the features of Talkspace that make it so unique and versatile have been discussed in this section:

The platform can be accessed from anywhere

The best thing about online therapy platforms like Talkspace, is that these can be accessed and used from just about anywhere and also at any time. Talkspace goes the extra mile by being available through apps that the user can download and install on their smart devices. Due to this factor, mental health becomes available for even those who are in remote locations

Therapy becomes easy

Seeking therapy is not always an easy chore. There is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health, due to which those who need it may not feel comfortable in openly asking for mental health assistance. Since Talkspace is completely online, it provides a lot of anonymity, which can be convenient for its users.

Talkspace has a variety of plans

The platform also has a variety of plans that users can opt from according to their needs and preferences. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan offers its users limitless messaging between them and their providers. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium plan and the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate plan additionally have live sessions for 30 – 50 minutes.

There are multiple modes of therapy

There are also several modes of therapy available in Talkspace. Users can contact their providers through text messages, audio messages and even video messages. Furthermore, they can also schedule live chats and live video sessions with their providers, so that they can converse in real-time. This brings a lot of flexibility and control to the user, increasing its appeal.

It provides Teens therapy

Talkspace also has a facility for Teens therapy, which is available for teenagers from the ages of 13 – 18 years. This facility is highly necessary as these are formative and impressionable years, and also those filled with significant amounts of stress and anxiety. Teenagers experiencing distress can easily reach out to their providers, who can help them maneuver tough times.

It has couples counseling

The platform also provides couples counseling and family therapy. These services are no longer only meant for those families who are going through rough patches in their relationships. Many couples are turning to couples therapy as an avenue for more growth and development, and also as a way to bring the individuals closer to each other.

It also has a sleep program

Sleep and rest are necessary for our bodies and our minds to recover from everyday stress. It also is necessary for ultimate productivity and performance. However, many of us struggle with sleep and thus Talkspace has come up with an eight week sleep program that uses behavioral therapy and cognitive strategies to help users get the rest they deserve.

It can be easily covered through insurance

In-person or traditional therapy can be quite a plum that many of us cannot easily afford. While online therapy is definitely a cheaper option, this also can still burn a hole in our pockets. And thus, Talkspace has tied up with many of the top insurance providers in the US, such as Optum and Cigna, in order to further lower the costs of mental health care.

Limitations of Talkspace

This platform is definitely a great choice for those who are looking for online therapy. However, Talkspace does have its share of limitations and disadvantages, such as:

  • The platform does not provide group therapy services, which is something that many users look for while browsing online therapy platforms. If you are looking for a platform that does provide group therapy, Betterhelp is a great cost-effective alternative.
  • Not all the plans of Talkspace have live sessions provided in it, and this can be a discouraging factor for many users.
  • The pricing of the plans are not openly mentioned until the last stage of the sign-up process and thus many users have felt that they are being coerced into buying a subscription on Talkspace.
  • There are still many qualms or reservations about the effectiveness of online therapy, as opposed to in-person therapy. However, studies and reviews have shown that online therapy can be just as effective, with many additional benefits.


In this blogpost, we have explained if Talkspace accepts Medicaid. We have also described some of the great features of the Talkspace app. Finally, we have taken a brief look at the limitations of using Talkspace for your therapy needs and requirements.

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