Does Stiles have anxiety? (+5 Mental health issues)

The current article will be answering if Stiles has anxiety. We will also be checking out the depictions of anxiety that Stiles portrays in the show, Teen Wolf. Furthermore, we will also be listing the mental illnesses portrayed by other characters in Teen Wolf.

Does Stiles have anxiety?

Yes, Stiles has anxiety. Stiles, also called Stilinski, suffers from anxiety and this is shown in the show Teen Wolf which features him as the main character. In the show, Stilinski can be seen to have frequent panic attacks as a result of an anxiety disorder.

Apart from General anxiety Disorder, it can also be agreed that Stiles suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The character can be seen going breathless and confused whenever he gets a panic attack.

Depictions of anxiety in Stiles

Stiles portrays anxiety and even many other mental health issues in the show. The main depictions of anxiety that Stiles shows in the show, Teen Wolf, are:

  • Breathlessness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Social isolation
  • Confusion

Apart from these symptoms of anxiety, Stiles also portrays many other mental health issues throughout the show. The other mental health issues that Stiles experiences in Teen Wolf have been discussed in the following points.


Stiles definitely finds it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep for the entirety of the night. He thus demonstrates fatigue throughout the day which makes it hard for him to cope with daily activities.

Frequent nightmares

In Season 3 of Teen Wolf, Stiles is shown to be going through nightmares which feel like they are definitely real. The presence of these nightmares further increase the frequency of anxiety attacks in Stilinski.

Fear of possession

In the same season, Stiles fears that he is possessed by an evil spirit called Nogitsune which is a trickster spirit. He feels that his anxiety attacks and general panicky feeling are coming as a result of him being possessed by this evil spirit.


In the period of being ‘possessed’ by this evil spirit called Nogitsune, Stiles goes through many hallucinations. For example, he hallucinates that he is locked-up in a room which is being gradually filled with snow and has many ninjas in it.

Inability to read

Season 3 of Teen Wolf also shows Stiles being unable to read things on the blackboard. He, however, blames this on the Nogitsune spirit thinking that it is responsible for this psychosomatic issue that he is having.

Mental illnesses in Teen Wolf

Apart from Stiles’ anxiety disorder which is most often talked about, there are numerous other mental illnesses which are shown in the show. Some mental illnesses and mental issues which have been discussed in Teen Wolf are explained below.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Other than anxiety, Stiles is also shown to be living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. He can even be seen taking Adderall for the treatment of his ADHD symptoms.

ADHD is one of the reasons why the Stiles character is shown to be constantly on the move and very curious in nature. Furthermore, his sleeplessness and constant fatigue can also be affected by the presence of ADHD.


Considering that Teen Wolf is a show that covers the most emotionally vulnerable age-group, it is no surprise that many of the characters suffer from depression. While none of the main characters of the show can be seen undergoing diagnostics, they definitely are showing signs.

One particular character from Teen Wolf who can be clearly seen to be battling depression is Derek Hale. However, the signs are subtle and can be easily missed. The story arc of Hale is also detailed and shows an extensive timeline into his depression.

Derek Hale is supposedly carrying the guilt after the loss of his family and is definitely going through grief in the show. While he may be socially active when he needs to be, he is often seen to be alone and isolated from others.


Paranoia and the anxiety that comes along with it, is also shown in Teen Wolf. This can be particularly seen in Nolan who is a pretty new character who was introduced in Teen Wolf Season 6B.

Nolan can be seen to be suffering from many mental health issues, which include paranoia which makes him suspicious of those around him. He is also demonstrating signs of depression, mania and even insomnia.


The current article has answered if Stiles has anxiety. We have also checked out the depictions of anxiety that Stiles portrays in the show, Teen Wolf. Furthermore, we have also listed the mental illnesses portrayed by other characters in Teen Wolf.

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