Does Stacey Slater have bipolar? (+7 Signs of bipolar)

The current blogpost will be discussing in detail if Stacey Slater has bipolar. We will also be looking at the different signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder that Stacey Slater portrays in the soap opera, ‘EastEnders’.

Does Stacey Slater have bipolar?

Yes, Stacey Slater has bipolar. In the British soap opera ‘EastEnders’ Stacey Slater, who is played by Lacey Turner, is confirmed to have bipolar disorder. This is actually accurately portrayed after the death of her friend Danielle Jones.

The soap opera was actually praised by critics and fans for its very clear and accurate portrayal of the various signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder. The creators of the show also mentioned that they extensively worked with mental health organizations to learn more about the disorder.

In the series, Stacey Slater is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and also goes through a relapse much later after the initial mode of treatment. Later on, after giving birth to a son, Arthur, she even experiences postpartum psychosis, which was also very clearly portrayed.

During her psychosis, she can be seen going to the top of Queen Vic and seeing hallucinations of her uncle Charlie who died. Luckily, the hallucination led Stacey Slater to return to a safe place and actually saved her life.

The development of post-partum psychosis in Stacey Slater can also be partly blamed on her diagnosis with bipolar disorder. Though postpartum psychosis can affect a person without a history of mental illness, it is more likely to be present in someone with bipolar disorder.

Signs and symptoms of Stacey Slater’s bipolar

The British soap opera, ‘EastEnders’ was pretty highly praised for portraying bipolar disorder in a very accurate manner. Stacey Slater, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depicts a number of signs and symptoms, a few of which have been discussed as follows.

She shows hyper-sexuality

One of the main signs of bipolar disorder which is seen in Stacey Slater is her tendency to go through multiple sexual partners at once. This was seen during her first manic phase, and even comes up many times later.

The manic phase of bipolar disorder can cause a person to show an increased sex drive. At this time, they may have multiple flings and may even cheat on their partner. This may even cause many relationship problems and can even lead to a breakup.

She abuses alcohol

She can also be seen to be drinking too much alcohol during her manic phase. Substance abuse is pretty common in the manic phases of bipolar disorder. But, it can also be seen in the depressive phase of the disorder when the person is feeling too low.

She can be seen stealing money

Stacey Slater also steals money from Ruby Allen in order to make purchases that she definitely does not need. In one incident, Stacey buys a ruby necklace, even though she feels that rubies are actually ‘tacky’.

Not only is the stealing part a sign of the impulsivity and recklessness that is brought about by bipolar disorder, but the overspending also points to the same thing. Over-spending money, especially money that you don’t have, is characteristic of manic phases in bipolar disorder.

She experiences hallucinations

While hallucinations are not often mentioned along with bipolar disorder, these can be experienced in certain cases. In Stacey Slater’s cases, she goes through hallucinations during her first manic phase shown in the soap opera.

These hallucinations also come later when Stacey Slater is suffering from postpartum psychosis. This psychosis, clubbed with her bipolar disorder, causes Stacey to see hallucinations of her dead uncle, Charlie.

She becomes paranoid

Paranoia is another psychotic symptom that is felt along with hallucinations in certain cases of bipolar disorder. This can also be seen in Stacey Slater during her first manic episode in the series.

She becomes increasingly paranoid and entirely convinced that Archie Mitchell is going to kill her. She also goes on to stab Archie with a piece of glass. It is after this incident that Stacey Slater is committed for the first time.

She does not have healthy relationships

Stacey Slater is one of the characters in the soap opera to go through many relationships. She can also be seen jumping head-first into relationships without concrete evidence that the other person indeed is serious. This can also be seen as a delusion of love which is common in manic phases.

She is not hesitant to kill

Stacey Slater is also not hesitant to kill. Physical violence and rage are definitely seen in manic episodes of bipolar disorder, but not in everyone. This rage can also fuel attacks on others which can lead to murder attempts.

In the soap opera ‘EastEnders’ Stacey Slater kills Archie Mitchell after it is revealed to her that he is the one who raped her. She kills him by hitting him on his head with the cast of Queen Victoria.


The current blogpost has discussed in detail if Stacey Slater has bipolar. We have also looked at the different signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder that Stacey Slater portrays in the soap opera, ‘EastEnders’.

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