Does Sarah Cameron have bipolar? (+5 Signs of issues)

This info-rich article will be answering if Sarah Cameron has bipolar. We will also be discussing the different signs and symptoms of Sarah Cameron’s mental health issues as portrayed in the series, ‘Outer Banks’.

Does Sarah Cameron have bipolar?

No, Sarah Cameron does not have bipolar. Sarah Cameron, who appears in the drama series ‘Outer Banks’ does not portray many signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder. She is also not confirmed to have this mental illness by the series.

At the same time, in one episode, Sarah Cameron’s father, Ward Cameron, who is the main antagonist in the series, confirms that she has bipolar disorder to an FBI detective. This is mostly a lie due to Ward Cameron’s tendency to make up stories for his benefit.

However, due to her antics and her toxic behavior, many viewers and fans of the show feel that the character is indeed suffering from bipolar disorder. Sarah Cameron is also one of the characters in the series who has a very variety-filled story arc.

While Sarah Cameron definitely does not have bipolar disorder in the series, ‘Outer Banks’, many fans feel that she indeed suffers from some mental health issues. Two arm-chair diagnoses of the mental health issues in Sarah Cameron are:

  • Depression: Some fans feel that Sarah Cameron from ‘Outer Banks’ actually suffers from depression. While this is not exactly confirmed by the show, many fans assume so since she shows many depressive qualities and behaviors.
  • Eating disorder: Other fans and viewers who have strongly followed the character arc of Sarah Cameron right from her first appearance have felt that she might be actually suffering from some type of Eating Disorder.

This has also not been confirmed. But, the actress who played Sarah Cameron, Madelyn Cline, discussed that she actually suffered from an Eating Disorder in the past. The 25-year-old found herself struggling with the disorder especially after she got the part of Sarah Cameron.

Signs of Sarah Cameron’s mental health issues

In the American drama series ‘Outer Banks’ Sarah Cameron is not actually confirmed to have bipolar disorder. While her father, Ward Cameron admits to an FBI officer that Sarah has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, this is mostly a lie and not an exact diagnosis.

However, in looking closely at her different antics and behaviors, Sarah Cameron portrays many signs of some deep emotional issues which could have led to mental health issues. A few signs of Sarah Cameron’s mental health issues from the series ‘Outer Banks’ are listed as follows.

She does not have opinions of her own

One sign of the mental health issues and emotional struggles that Sarah Cameron is suffering from is that she does not seem to have any opinions of her own. She is therefore easily manipulated and molded by what others have to say to her.

While this is not exactly a sign of any mental illness, it can actually point to poor self-esteem. Poor self-esteem, on the other hand, can be caused by numerous mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, which can also be a diagnostic sign of certain illnesses.

She shows impulsive behavior

Sarah Cameron also shows many impulsive behaviors and attitudes throughout the series. Her impulsive behavior can be seen when she runs off with John B. Their whirlwind romance has been touted as a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ type of relationship.

At the same time, their relationship is not exactly a stable one and it seems like Sarah is living in a dream-world of her own. Jumping impulsively into romantic relationships and even attempting to run away can also point to a lack of self-esteem and may even be a sign of a mood disorder.

She is constantly engaged in something

Throughout the series, Sarah Cameron can be seen constantly engaged in some activity or another. She is often involved in the planning of some social function and even can be seen highly involved in some romantic relationship or the other.

She also does not hold down any job since her family is wealthy enough to pay for any and all of her expenses. It also seems like she is keeping herself so busy that she is never alone and by herself with her thoughts.

This is also seen in people who are struggling with poor self-confidence and need to constantly get approval from others in order to feel validated. Sarah Cameron easily fits this and comes across as a person with very poor identity issues.

She is scared to let her guard down

Sarah Cameron can also be rarely seen being vulnerable with her emotions and feelings throughout the show. She says that, “When people get close to me, I feel trapped. And I bail and I blame them for it.”

Expressing your short-comings and being open about your feelings about something or someone is a sign of strength. Sarah Cameron might look very strong and confident on the outside, but is trembling to come to conclusions with her feelings on the inside.

She has a poor relationship with her father

Another interesting arc which is covered in the series ‘Outer Banks’ is Sarah Cameron’s relationship with her own father, Ward Cameron. Ward Cameron is a very narcissistic and manipulative ‘kook’ who is not afraid to kill others.

He also puts extreme amounts of pressure on his daughter, Sarah Cameron, expecting her to be perfect all the time. This unhealthy relationship that he shares with his daughter further adds to her emotional health struggles.

While Sarah’s poor relationship with her father might not be an exact sign of her mental health issues and her struggles, it could definitely have been a major causal factor and could have worsened her other signs and symptoms.

Causes of Sarah Cameron’s mental health issues

Sarah Cameron goes through a long and diverse story arc in the series ‘Outer Banks’. While her mental health issues cannot be classified into a single and proper diagnosis, there is no doubt that this character has some subconscious conflicts to resolve.

Some of the stressors and causal factors which could have led to Sarah Cameron’s various mental health issues and toxic behaviors are:

  • Ward Cameron: The main reason for Sarah Cameron’s mental health issues and the impulsive way that she carries herself is easily the toxic relationship that she shared with her father, Ward Cameron.

Throughout the series, it can be seen that Ward Cameron is hell-bent on grooming Sarah to be the perfect Kook in the family. This places a lot of pressure on Sarah, which could have led to her rebelling and moving away from the family later.

  • Her identity as a Kook: The series ‘Outer Banks’ is essentially about the conflicts between Kooks and Pogues in a town, and Sarah Cameron is caught in the middle of this. While she was born as a Kook, she relates more to Pogues.

This conflict actually molds a lot of her actions and behaviors. It can also be seen in her romantic relationships, especially with that of John B. These constant conflicts of identities could have also contributed to Sarah’s mental health issues.


This info-rich article has answered if Sarah Cameron has bipolar. We have also discussed the different signs and symptoms of Sarah Cameron’s mental health issues as portrayed in the series, ‘Outer Banks’.

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