Does Sally Field have bipolar? (+5 Stress factors)

This blogpost will be answering if Sally Field has bipolar. We will also be looking at the different stress factors which could have contributed to Sally Field’s struggles with mental health throughout her life.

Does Sally Field have bipolar?

No, Sally Field does not have bipolar. The Oscar-winning actress actually suffered from depression when she was doing one of her most popular sitcoms, ‘The Flying Nun’. The actress discussed her struggles with mental health in her memoir ‘In Pieces’.

The memoir was released a few years back and was an eye-opener for many fans and critics who were curious about the usually quiet Hollywood star. In this memoir, Sally Field opened up about her struggles with depression when she was just 19 years old.

However, due to the many taboos in old-time Hollywood back then, the actress was not able to speak up about her struggles and her issues. Throughout the filming of the series, the actress was very conflicted about her appearances and her role.

She also put on 10 pounds in two days, which left her struggling with even more body-image and self-esteem issues. These only worsened Sally Field’s struggles with her mental health and her depression.

The actress very openly discussed this in a talk show, ‘Actors on Actors’ where she was in an interview with Hailee Steinfeld. Luckily for her, Sally Field was able to find her strength and cope with her depressive symptoms, especially through the Actors Studio.

Causes of Sally Field’s mental health issues

Sally Field experienced an array of emotional struggles and mental health issues throughout her long career in Hollywood. Some of the causal factors which have strongly affected her mental health according to the actress herself are:

  • Her abusive step-father: Sally Field’s mother married a stuntman named Jock Mahoney. The stepfather was not exactly a good person and would often call Sally into his room alone and abuse her.

This childhood abuse left a long-lasting scar on Sally Field’s psyche, especially since she felt so powerless. As a child, Sally Field did not tell her mother about this abuse and was only able to open up about it as an adult.

  • Her abusive auditions: When she started growing as a young starlet in Hollywood, Sally Field experienced even more abuse which happened during her auditions. In one traumatic recollection, she mentioned how director Bob Rafelson asked her for a kiss.

Being in an industry which has not been exactly the safest and most comfortable for women, Sally Field recounted many other abusive instances. She also pointed out Jimmy Webb for his abuse of her when the musician was stoned.

  • The Flying Nun: Sally Field is definitely well remembered for her part in the sitcom ‘The Flying Nun’. While this could have been a dream come true for many young starlets, the dream soon faded away from young Sally Field.

Sally Field constantly berated herself for taking the part, confessing that she never saw herself playing the role of a nun for such a long time. She also felt she was being type-cast and feared being pushed into a certain public image, for which she was not at all ready.

  • Her unstable career: Sally Field also had a very unstable career, which could have definitely contributed to more of her mental health issues. She found herself unemployed numerous times, which she mainly blamed on her role in ‘The Flying Nun’.
  • Her body-image: Just like many other actresses in Hollywood, Sally Field also struggled with body-image issues. In one instance, the actress mentioned that she gained 10 pounds in a matter of two days when she was going through a depressive slump.

This weight gain made her feel very unattractive and unwanted by directors and even other romantic partners. However, in her golden years, Sally Field has been proving herself instrumental in helping others with their body image and overall physical health.


This blogpost has answered if Sally Field has bipolar. We have also looked at the different stress factors which could have contributed to Sally Field’s struggles with mental health throughout her life.

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