Does Rocky from Below Deck have bipolar? (+5 Signs of issues)

The following post will be answering if Rocky from Below Deck has bipolar. We will also be checking out the various signs of problematic behavior that Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota has shown in the series, Below Deck, which may have aroused suspicions of some mental illness.

Does Rocky from Below Deck have bipolar?

No, Rocky from Below Deck does not have bipolar. In the reality series, Below Deck, which follows a set of crew-mates, Rocky does not portray the signs and symptoms which form the diagnostic criteria of bipolar disorder.

Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota, often called Rocky, however portrays numerous odd and problematic behaviors. This has allowed many fans and viewers of the series to assume that she suffers from bipolar disorder or even some other mental illness.

While many reasons have been thrown about as to the causes of her behavior, many viewers who have studied the character closely feel that her behavior can be blamed on ‘Middle Child Syndrome’.

 Even though Rocky may have caused a lot of trouble and drama in the series, there is no doubt that she was definitely one of the most interesting characters. For many, she was the reason to watch the series as it unraveled layer after layer in odd behaviors and drama from the yachter.

Signs of Rocky from Below Deck’s issues

Below Deck is a fun reality series which follows the lives of crew members who work on a superyacht. Since the yacht basically confines the members to a very organized and closeted life, the series often shows interesting conflicts between people and a lot of juicy drama.

Rocky, or Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota was definitely one of the most interesting characters in Below Deck. However, many fan forums of the show reveal that viewers have been genuinely concerned for her mental health. A few signs of Rocky’s odd behaviors and issues are:

She strips  to get fired

In one of the episodes, Rocky can be seen trying her best to get fired and kicked off the boat. In order to convince others to do this, Rocky shockingly strips down to her underwear. This act can be termed impulsive and very erratic.

Impulsivity is a sign of mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and even Borderline Personality Disorder. However, in seeing her other behaviors and actions, these diagnoses cannot be clubbed with Rocky.

She jumps off the boat randomly

Still trying to get kicked off the boat since she cannot handle the pressure, she even jumps off the boat to go to another boat. She tries to make friends with the people from the other boat, but unfortunately they send her back to her own boat.

This incident highlights many negative behaviors from Rocky. For example, it clearly highlights her impulsivity and recklessness. On the other hand, it also shows how desperate she is for people to be around her all the time, which can also show some emotional struggles.

She dated her ‘bosun’

In one of the most controversial story-arcs of Below Deck, Rocky can be seen having an affair with her ‘bosun’, Eddie. This seemed like a purely physical relationship, but was bombarded with a lot of drama that kept viewers glued to their seats.

A lot of the relationship between Rocky and Eddie was kept hidden and it came to light when they were caught together in the laundry room. Even though the relationship was supposed to be casual and superficial, it was seen that Eddie was already having many effects on Rocky.

Viewers who have studied the character very closely mention how gas-lighting and toxic Eddie was throughout his ‘relationship’ with Rocky. Rocky went on to encourage this behavior, which also points to her struggles with mental health.

She has frequent meltdowns

Rocky is definitely one of the whiniest people in the Below Deck series and hardly goes without crying. She has frequent meltdowns triggered by her duties and even her ‘relationship’ with Eddie. Frequent meltdowns are also signs of some undiagnosed mental health issue.

She loves to be the center of attention

Many of Rocky’s antics and tantrums seem to come into light only when there is a camera around. Therefore, fans of the show have been left to wonder if Rocky is actually doing all of this for pure attention.

Attention seeking behaviors are also common in personality disorders like Histrionic Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Most of the attention Rocky gets turns out to be negative and non-supportive from others.


The following post has answered if Rocky from Below Deck has bipolar. We have also checked out the various signs of problematic behavior that Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota has shown in the series, Below Deck, which may have aroused suspicions of some mental illness.

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