Does Reiner have bipolar? (+3 Causal factors)

The following blogpost will be examining if Reiner has bipolar. We will also be looking at the various signs of mental health issues that Reiner portrays in the anime series, ‘Attack on Titan’. Finally, we will check out a few factors which could have contributed to these issues.

Does Reiner have bipolar?

No, Reiner does not have bipolar. In the anime series, ‘Attack on Titan’, Reiner Braun does not portray any signs or symptoms of bipolar disorder. However, it is clear that Reiner Braun definitely suffers from some mental health issues.

While it is not exactly confirmed by the show, looking at his behaviors and actions, it can be assumed that Reiner actually suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Dissociative Identity Disorder is characterized by two or more distinct personality states.

In Reiner, it can be witnessed through his two alter-personalities, ‘Soldier’ and ‘Warrior’. These identities have two different sets of behaviors and actions and are used by Reiner to save himself when he is in a sticky situation.

The first time Reiner’s disorder is seen is in the second season of ‘Attack of Titans’. This comes after Reiner has broken the wall in the first season of the manga series. The ‘Soldier’ personality of Reiner sides with the Survey Corps.

On the other hand, his personality of ‘Warrior’ is for Marley to whom Reiner is very loyal to. These two personalities come in handy for Reiner at various times, but are actually contrasting in their characteristics.

While Reiner’s Dissociative Identity Disorder is pretty much confirmed by his behaviors and actions, some fans of the show feel that there are several other mental health conditions associated with this character. These are:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: This arm-chair diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is not only applied to Reiner Braun, but practically all the characters of the anime series, ‘Attack on Titan’.

The series is definitely dark and contains many triggering scenes and the story itself is traumatic for the characters, including Reiner Braun. Reiner’s PTSD can also be the main contributing factor to his Dissociative Identity Disorder.

  • Depression: Depression is another alternate diagnosis that has been thrown at Reiner Braun. This diagnosis also definitely sticks since the character is perpetually sad and frustrated and constantly goes through many low states.

At the same time, he shows tremendous energy which is not characteristic in Depression. Reiner goes through constant sadness and is hardly seen to be smiling. He has also behaved in a suicidal manner which adds weight to this diagnosis.

Signs of Reiner’s mental health issues

Reiner Braun is one of the most interesting characters in the anime series, ‘Attack on Titan’. He seems to mostly portray signs and symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder but also can be seen struggling with many other mental health issues.

A few signs of the mental health issues that Reiner Braun portrays in the series have been explained in detail in the following points.

He has two separate personalities

In the anime series, ‘Attack on Titan’, Reiner Braun clearly has two separate personalities, ‘Warrior’ and ‘Soldier’ who each play a different role. These two personalities came up as a coping mechanism to certain traumas in his life.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is often caused by a very traumatic incident. In Reiner’s case, he is actually a Warrior, but turns into a Soldier to make up for his guilt for the many lives he has taken down in his path.

He has lapses in his memory

Another sign of his struggles with mental health is that Reiner can be constantly seen to have major lapses in his memory. He often struggles to remember whether he is a Warrior or a Soldier and frequently forgets what he is here to do.

Lapses in memory are actually pretty common in several mental illnesses, but are seen more commonly in Dissociative Identity Disorder. It can also be seen in schizophrenia, but Reiner does not fit the diagnostic criteria for this disorder.

He is clearly distressed

Reiner shows a lot of conflicts throughout the series and this causes a great deal of stress and anxiety to him. He kills many Paradisians but then ends up making friends with a few and then realizes his mistake.

This causes him a lot of guilt. While this may actually show Reiner to have a sympathetic side, this is not seen for the majority of the series and is only noticed towards the end. This conflict of interests and principles is another main reason for Reiner’s mental health issues.

He lacks empathy

For the majority of the series, Reiner is shown to have no empathy or sympathy towards others. As a result, he does not hesitate in killing others without even understanding why they are presumed to be the enemy.

Empathy and sympathy are purely human qualities. In many mental illnesses and even personality disorders, these qualities are lost. For example, PDs like Narcissistic Personality Disorder can lead to a lack of empathy in a person.

He is manipulative in nature

Reiner Braun is definitely very manipulative in nature. He makes friends with Eren and many others and uses them for his own selfish means. This can be seen in his treatment of Annie and even Ymir.

He has suicidal ideations

Furthermore, Reiner Braun certainly goes through several suicidal ideations and thoughts in the anime series. These thoughts are absent in most of the series. But, when Reiner understands the truth about the false propaganda that was fed to him, he develops these thoughts.

He originally pleads with Eren to kill him since he feels so guilty about the crimes that he has committed against the Paradisians. He also can be seen attempting suicide at another point in the series, by sticking a loaded rifle in his mouth.

Causes of Reiner’s mental health issues

Reiner Braun’s various mental health issues are beautifully portrayed through a lot of attention to detail in the anime series ‘Attack on Titan’. Some of the causal factors which could have contributed to Reiner’s Dissociative Identity Disorder and other mental health issues are:

  • His father’s absence: Reiner basically grew up without a father, even though he knew who the father was. This was because his mother was Eldian, while his father was a Marleyan. These two groups were forbidden to interact with each other.

In order to reunite with his father, Reiner and his mother decide that he would become a ‘Warrior’ so that they can both become honorary Marleyans and finally live together as a family. This father-absence could have also led to emotional traumas and scars in Reiner.

  • His different roles: Reiner is sent as a ‘Soldier’ after breaking the wall to learn the ways of the Paradisians. However, these two roles of ‘Warrior’ and ‘Soldier’ are very conflicting and this also plays a negative role in Reiner’s mind.
  • Witnessing Marco be eaten: While Reiner was already going through conflicts in his head, his actual meltdown and further change came when he saw Marco being eaten. This would have actually been caused by Reiner.

To prevent Marco from escaping, Reiner takes his gear. However, Marco still escapes and has nothing to protect himself with and is therefore eaten. Reiner witnesses this, and basically his symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder manifest shortly afterwards.


The following blogpost has examined if Reiner has bipolar. We have also looked at the various signs of mental health issues that Reiner portrays in the anime series, ‘Attack on Titan’. Finally, we will check out a few factors which could have contributed to these issues.

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